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Where Luxury is Taking Over: Exquisite Casino Poker Rooms

It can sometimes occur that ordinary casino players consider poker rooms smoky places with unhealthy reputation, where ingenious players try hard to outplay their opponents. This state of things probably prevailed some time ago, but this isn’t the case now. From the 19th century right up to current times, card games have evolved to serve as a glamorous pastime activity both for newcomers and avid players. The latter ones may attempt making money for a living out of this gambling activity.

The quintessence of online casino advancement revolves around opulent and luxurious casino venues and poker rooms one could fascinatingly observe with mouths widely open. Current technologies together with the increase in consumer spending capacity end up presenting a circuit of renowned and popular venues for the richest high rollers ever lived. And don’t forget about impeccable casino surroundings that match the same luxury as casino rooms themselves. 

List of the World’s Leading Casino Rooms 

It speaks volumes the WSOP festival represents the pinnacle for casino aficionados and gambling rookies. WSOP stands for the World Series of Poker. The Rio Casino located in the splendid city of Las Vegas is the host of the series of immersive tournaments of professional poker players. Any punter has a great chance of walking away with a basket of real money winnings. Nevertheless, one may visit loads of other brilliant ventures in various territories across the world. With sizable prize pots to give away and brainy opponents sitting across the playing table, the following casino places are worth your time and resources:

  • Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. An opulent brick-and-mortar casino for bloated wallets
  • The Bellagio casino. Located in Las Vegas (we will display multiple Las Vegas-based venues in the article), it is indisputably an iconic casino for already established rich people and starlets
  • The Wynn casino, Macau. One of the most prominent casino venues outside the former Portuguese colony
  • Crown Casino, Melbourne. This Australian land-based casino allures plenty of tourists from various parts of the world each year. No surprise their income escalates each playing season
  • Enjoy in Punta Del Este. An exotic and exceptional casino straight from Latin America.
  • The Venetian casino in Macau. Looking for an intimate gambling atmosphere? You are welcome at The Venetian for sure. 
  • Wynn, Las Vegas. There is no place like home – this phrase is a perfect fit for the Wynn casino.

With no time waste, we delve into outlining the essential peculiarities of each casino venue straight away. 

Caesars Palace 

The Caesars Palace casino can certainly spark our minds having the biggest set of poker rooms in the whole city of Las Vegas. Away from that, once you have more than enough money to purchase an airplane ticket to relish luxury, a large spa together with loads of shopping centres forming a maze of corridors and several swimming pools are perks guests can embrace. The way in the casino begins with a tremendous set of Roman-cultured fountains and historical sculptures. The lobby features a marvelous statue as well. Magnificent columns made of marble together with spectacular paintings are something visitors could observe on their way to poker rooms. There was even a momentous event closely connected with the history of the casino. More than 50 years ago, a famous performer of stunts Evel Knievel tried to jump over some fountains at the casino using a motorcycle. Regretfully, he broke multiple bones following an unsuccessful jump attempt, but luckily for his family and fans, he kept up performing stunts. 

Caesars was constructed in 1966, being the frontrunner of Strip’s casino-hotels. Nowadays, renowned stars in music and other domains attract and pack in large audiences at the casino. However, there is a fly in the ointment. Basically, their traditional poker rooms are smaller and pretty standard. For example, Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand casinos comprise massive rooms. Nevertheless, Caesars is still a hallmark of Las Vegas. 

The Bellagio 

Multiple casino punters think the Bellagio casino represents the ultimate gambling entertainment in Las Vegas. You may vaguely remember some striking scenes with Matt Damon and George Clooney from the iconic Oceans’ 11, don’t you? What surely breaks all hesitations about the casino is that it undoubtedly fits in the A-list of places worth visiting. 

There are no less than 40 captivating poker rooms totalling over 7,000 square feet for both inexperienced punters and avid gamblers. The casino is also famously known for its traditional 2pm tournament, making it the most famous competition in the whole of Vegas. Another perk for players is Bobby’s Room, where poker bet limits are almost limitless. 


Once you move over to the other part of the planet, you may explore the lavishness of the Wynn casino. By the way, it has an eponymous cousin in good old Las Vegas. More than that, Wynn is an acclaimed gambling venue being the most prominent in the whole Portuguese colony of Macau, former colony, to be precise. Whilst other Macau casinos mainly propose just variations of the Texas Hold’Em game, this venue hosts several Omaha games with certain pot limits. 

It goes without saying the casino allures not only average players and newcomers but some greatest names in the poker world as well. For example, such iconic names as Andrew Robl and Phil Ivey were seen making high stakes while they were in the city. 

Crown Casino 

The Crown casino is located overlooking the Yarra river in Melbourne. It represents one of the most significant land-based ventures in Asia and the Pacific basin. The casino captivates thousands of punters from different parts of the world to gather and give the Aussie Millions competition a shot. This famous card tournament has been hosted by Melbourne for more than 7 years from now, since 2013, to be precise. 

2 years ago, Toby Lewis claimed a whopping casino prize of nearly $1.5 million of Australian dollars. That is certainly a ground-breaking achievement and stellar performance. Additionally, he got a custom-made golden bracelet as a gift. Besides, the casino serves as home for such competition as the Asia-Pacific World Poker Series. Since you are predominantly a digital slot fan, discover the ideal slot out of 3,500 slot machines. Australians call them ‘pokies’, by the way. So, don’t mess it with classic poker games. 


The ultimate point we are about to land in is located in Latin America. Uruguay, hola, here we come! The full name of the casino is Enjoy Punta Del Este Casino and Resort. Probably, you haven’t heard about this gambling venue before. Finally, we have served the casino table with another fully-fledged establishment. The casino overlooks the Bikini Beach located nearby and also hosts one of Latin American poker tours. 

There is one eye-catching fact regarding the history of the venue. Jose Barbero, or ‘Nacho’, was victorious two times at this casino. Moreover, he comes back from time to time to take part in real money games and major tournaments. 

The Venetian 

There is another instance of making the city of Macau look Vegas-like. Mainly consisting of gondolas and canals being chief attractions, the casino offers an astonishing poker experience inside its astounding poker rooms. The casino is so exclusive among high rollers and ordinary punters that one couldn’t find themselves on the long waiting list of visitors of 9 playing tables for Texas Hold’Em. 

You might not be geared up for playing at major competitions, but spending time contemplating what is going around you – attentive staff tackling customers’ issues, pretty relaxed atmosphere – is what really matters in the first place. Spend several hours by the playing table and immerse yourself into this astonishing ambience of gambling feast. This isn’t a waste of time for sure!

Wynn, Las Vegas

A Michelin restaurant, flawless and exquisite hotel, loads of beverages and casino games around – tell us what else punters seek to soak in the stunning atmosphere of the Wynn casino, which is located in Las Vegas. You will fall from cloud nine with both the impeccable service and a rich assortment of games at the casino. 

To be fair, this venue isn’t as colossal as its famous counterparts in other places around Vegas – one could try out only 26 playing tables. But it is stunning views and incredible vibes for which visitors come here. Every player will surely discover a casino game according to their budgets and interests. You would find plenty of action at The Wynn casino.

In Conclusion 

All things considered, you may rub your hands in impatient anticipation once taking a look at these marvelous and opulent brick-and-mortar casinos. And don’t be so harsh about it – we all dream about being at such gorgeous places and winning whopping prizes. So sweet our nights are! 

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