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Weird Online Casino Games

The world of casino games is abundant with various nutty projects that we haven’t even thought about. Of course, traditional gambling games like slots, blackjack and baccarat have their armies of followers, but what about unconventional projects to brighten your casino experience? 

Nowadays a comprehensive array of software providers devise and power absorbing casino games for different operators. Some gambling platforms specialise solely on slot machines, whereas others combine all known casino genres from common 3-reel slot games to specialties. The most unusual Internet gaming titles we are about to review don’t necessarily fit into the ‘specialty’ category. These games exist in their own right. 

So, it is high time we delve into learning what the weirdest online casino games are in the gambling industry.


Can you remember your mother or father yelling out the word ‘Yahtzee’ while playing the game of dice during a family lunch? Luckily, now people could even make some real money on the table game on the net. If a punter excelled in Yahtzee as a child, then there is a great chance of boosting their bankroll by playing this online game. All rules of the traditional board game remain identical. Besides, you won’t find an opponent cheating by hiding a playing roll. 

Game Rules 

The kernel of the game lies in scoring the highest point after throwing dice in the amount of 5. There are 13 rounds in the game and in 13 categories a player is ought to write down a score. Various sets of rules determine each score. Every category can be used only once. After a certain category has been scored, you cannot change it.  Once a player fills all the categories, the game comes to an end. 

As you have already guessed, Yahtzee begins with throwing the dice. Following the initial attempt, you may make another throw or write down the score straight away. 3 time is the maximum number of throwing attempts. Finally, a player should opt for a suitable category to capture the overall figure. Score the dice at any given moment, it mustn’t be following the last throw. 

Scoring Points

As has been already said, there are 13 various playing combinations in the game. You may even write down a zero score once no category matches the dice. For example, a player can score the 1-3-4-5-5 into the Twos section and receive 0 points. 

All categories are split into 2 major zones: the Upper and Lower sections. Let’s kick things off with the former section:

  • Ones. Only dice with the number 1 on them count. Each player claims a point for every 1 rolled
  • Twos. The same principle applies here. Get ready to receive 2 credits for each 2 on the dice
  • Threes. Logically, you need to score 3s to get points. Having each 3 rolled, get 3 points for that 
  • Fours. Identically, feel free to be rewarded with 4 credits once each 4 is rolled
  • Fives. A player need to roll 5s to get 5 points 
  • Sixes. After having 6s rolled, take advantage of 6 points to boost the overall score.

As a result, every player aims at scoring more than 63 points in total by the culmination of Yahtzee. There is a 35-point perk should you reach the goal. 

Lower Section 

We proceed to more complex combinations in the game. Once 3 identical dice appear on the playing table represents the ‘Three of a Kind’ combo. In that stance, receive as many points as all the dice show. For example, if a player rolls three 3s, a 4 and a 6, he would have a total of 19. 

Four of a Kind comes into force following a 4-dice throwing attempt. You add all the results and that is your final score. After that, you claim 25 points for Full House and 30 credits for Small Straight if you are lucky to land 3+2 and 4 consecutive dice numbers respectively. The ‘Large Straight’ combo triggers when a person has all 5 consecutive numbers. This category makes a player 40 points richer. In conclusion, Five of a Kind, or simply Yahtzee, grants 50 credits for having the same numbers on all the dice. Besides, the ‘Chance’ category adds up all numbers and any combination is applicable.

So, it could occur that a player has several options to score. For instance, a 4-4-4-5-5 roll can be interpreted as Fours or Fives of the Upper Section, Full House, Three-of-a-Kind and Chance of the Lower Section. Go ahead and write down the score in any of the aforementioned zones for as long as you haven’t used them already. 

Roulette Pinball 

It goes without saying that almost everyone has played the pinball game. Nonetheless, we have more than enough roulette lovers. The issue is that there were no places in the past where a punter could discover these games combined. Luckily, nowadays online casinos can boast of having a gambling roulette pinball game to entertain thousands of punters from all over the world. A pinch of lady luck together with some skills and you are the greatest winner of all time. And don’t forget about the astonishing emotions you get along the way.

Analyzing the Game 

There are traditional rules of European roulette when we talk about Roulette Pinball. Also, the playing field looks quite identical. But rather than spinning the devil’s wheel, the ball bounces off various hurdles and obstacles to forming a winning combination. 

Once you enter an online casino version of the game, you will be presented with a classic betting table and the same symbols as in the European roulette variation. Choose between both outside and inside bets, then make a bet and hit the ground running. 

Now is the time things get a little bit interesting. The game doesn’t exploit a common roulette wheel. Instead, you will have a pinball field and a bouncing ball. After multiple collisions with bumpers, the ball lands on numbers and determines a combination. 

There is another striking feature in Roulette Pinball. Each punter has a choice: to end the game following a win or gamble earned funds on a different pinball field. Speaking of bumpers, they constitute multipliers. Therefore, you will get a multiplier once the ball hits a bumper. If the playing ball falls in the right or left sections of the layout, the bet is lost. 


In a nutshell, the peculiarities of Roulette Pinball go as follows:

  • Firstly, it is a chance game, so luck is what matters
  • Secondly, the pinball game features loads of bonus features like gambling on another pinball and multiplier bumpers
  • Thirdly, it is a variation of the classic Pinball game, which is quite popular among players
  • Finally, if you have a craving for Roulette Pinball, you will find the game at many reputable online casinos.


Although the target audience of the uno game is mature, it has successfully been transferred to the virtual world. Being normally a board game for families and friends, expect no indulgences from rivals here. Millions of people across the globe enjoy playing Uno every day. Since the day the game was introduced, one can discover plenty of Uno variations, but we are going to focus on the original kind. 

Rules of Original Uno

Speaking of the board game, children from the age of 7 can take part in Uno. You can play either with one opponent or gather a company of 8-9 people to have a fabulous gaming atmosphere. Each player is given 7 cards face down. There is also the ‘Discard Pile’ section, which players should designate. The game starts once the first card is put in this section.

Normally, the player sitting to the left side of the dealer is the one to kick things off, you may select the youngest person to begin the game – it is up to you to decide. Punters try to match the Discard Pile card in a clockwise direction. Here the task is to have either a colour, number or action match. For example, if you see a yellow card with a 7, you should land either a corresponding colour card or a card with a 7. There is also a way of placing the Wild card that alters colours. Situations may take place when a player has no dedicated cards to match. In that case, take one card from the Draw pile and try matching one more time. If the same situation appears and you can’t place a card in Discard, the move goes to another player. 

The Climax 

The classic Uno game goes right to the moment when a player has only one card in their possession. More than just that, that player must yell the word ‘Uno’. If you don’t do that action and another player catches you in that moment, you must take 2 more cards as a punishment procedure. Every time a player has one card, they must call out the same word. 

The game finishes once you get rid of the playing cards, each player counts a final score and the game starts right from the beginning. The goal is to achieve the 500-point bar.


A question arises when you look at this board game – are they presented on online gambling platforms? The answer is positive, so rest assured. More than that, there is an online slot machine dedicated to Jenga. Being a board game, now it is more about luck. Nevertheless, your skills do matter too. It is beneficial to find out the essence of this board game. 


The major aim of Jenga lies in carefully removing one of the tower’s wooden blocks and placing it on the peak. A player that has placed a block without a tower being crashed wins the game. Of course, Jenga gets more complicated when there are loads of towers aiming for the sky. 

To be honest, Jenga has become a renowned game not only at family or friends gatherings but in bars and recreation venues too. The roots of the game go back to a British inventor Leslie Jones and her family that used to take away blocks from a constructed tower. 


When we talk about the traditional Jenga game, we refer to a 54-block game. It all starts with a player that puts the first block. All blocks should be placed next to each other with a combination of three. The following rules also apply:

  • You may use either your right or your left hand, but one hand only. Choose a tower level (except that is right below an unfinished level) and then remove one block from it
  • After that, land that block on the top
  • If a player crashes the tower, the game finishes. 

To be fair, you may find a lot of Jenga variations. For example, you may try Jenga with dice or the Truth or Dare game variation for mature gamers. 


Honestly, Jenga is a complicated game. To have more winning chances, think of a playing strategy. Each tower differs, so there are many ways of winning and losing. You may even swap your hands if you wish. Remember – it is a game of fun. 

In Conclusion

Summarizing, you have learnt various board games that you can get acquainted with in the virtual world. So, once you are a fan of Jenga or Yahtzee, find a dedicated game at an online casino and try to boost your bankroll by winning some real money. 

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