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Video Games or Video slots?

The entertainment industry has room for many markets to co-exist. There are many businesses who offer similar products to the vast pool of consumers. In some cases, there could be some sort of competition and comparison between two businesses who might be targeting the same audience. As an example, the sports industry has several sports competing for more audience. While everyone has a favorite sport, many people like more than just one sport. In such cases, there could be times when a basketball match you want to watch might be scheduled at the same time as a football match you also want to watch. This means one of the sports will end up taking the audience from the other. In a similar scenario we can find the competition between video games and online casinos. Video games and online casinos have many similarities but some differences as well.


The online casinos and video games have many similarities. They were both a result of technology and have developed throughout the years based on more technology changes. Some of the main similarities and differences can be easily pointed out:

  • Technology
  • Price
  • Reward
  • Skill
  • Luck
  • Age of Players


Both video games and online casinos were born from technology. Video games began as consoles that connected to your tv allowed you to play games. Your objective was to beat the machine. Now however, the internet revolutionized video games. Most video games now have online game modes where you can play with players from all over the world. Online casinos have also changed due to technology. As a matter of fact, online casinos come from the internet itself. It was the internet that allowed people to be able to play traditional casino games from the comfort of their homes. The same way the market was born from technology it has also evolved with it. Online casino games are every time more advanced and entertaining due to new technologies like 3d graphics and virtual reality.


It is necessary to spend money in order to play video games and also online casino games. We can say an initial investment is required for both. You need to have a device to play both of them. Since some video games are available for computers, buying a computer would allow you to play both. However, the most popular video games are played on gaming consoles. A Playstation 5 or an Xbox can cost above $500. And that is only the initial investment. It is also required to purchase the games you want to play which can have a price of $60 and above (when the games are new releases). For online casinos you spend the amount that you want to bet. For the most part the $500 would last you a pretty long time depending on the game you play and how much you bet.


We can say that the reward for playing video games and online casino games are not the same. Playing video games for the most part will only reward you with entertainment and a sense of pride when you actually win. Unless you become a professional on a specific game then you could actually make some money. But the average player only plays for entertainment. On the other hand, online casinos offer real money rewards. There are many people winning life changing amounts every day on different casinos. There are so many online casino sites and so many games to play that the chances of winning are always there.

Skill vs Luck

The main goal of both online casinos and video games is to win. However, there difference is on how you win in each of them. Video games require you to learn how to play the games and actually get good at them. A certain level of skill is required to be able to go up in the levels of a game. Moreover, on video games that are played online against other players, it is necessary to have better skills than other players to be able to win. On online casinos for the most part you need luck in order to win. Playing lots is all about random results that at some point could take you to hitting the jackpot. However, some games do require skills on your part like poker or blackjack. In such games you do need to know how to play the game and have better skills than the dealer. But still luck plays its part as the hand of cards that you get comes in at random and could have a great game or an awful one.

Age of Players

In the classic stereotype of both markets one could say that they target a different age group of consumers. Video games are stereotyped for being for little kids. At the end as a kid, one of us didn’t want to get all the new video games like Wii, Playstation (1,2,3,4,5). On the other hand, casinos are usually related to old people. When thinking of a casino it comes to mind the image of retired people spending their free time and retirement money in front of a pokie. But regardless of those stereotypes both markets have many consumers in the middle of those extreme stereotypes. While many of us began playing video games when we were small, as we grow up we keep playing. There are many games and not all of them are for little kids. As a matter of fact some video games have age restrictions due to violent content. As for online casinos, while retired people could have more time on their hands, people of legal age to play are eager to earn some money too.

In Conclusion

Video games and online casino games have their similarities. They are both a product of technology and they both have the target of entertaining people. Since they are businesses it is obvious they are also in it to win money. You need to pay a price to play both of them. At some point they target similar players. However, they also have many differences. Video games offer only the return of pride and entertainment. Online casino games on the other hand offer real money prizes. It is your choice on which of the two you decide to spend your time and money. Maybe you can do a little bit of both and no one will be mad about it (unless you are married and stop paying attention to the wife).

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