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Tremendous Online Casino Jackpots and Lucky Winners

It goes without saying that online casinos set the tone for the gambling industry. Every day Internet gaming venues hook millions of punters from all over the world into playing different casino games. It is far more convenient than searching for a land-based venue. And with the covid outbreak, brick-and-mortar venues close their doors to gamblers en masse. You would definitely agree with the fact that playing absorbing online casino games from the comfort of your homes is a more appealing pastime activity. 

To be fair, playing at Internet gambling venues isn’t solely about fun and entertainment. Yes, thanks to colourful slot machines designed using sophisticated visuals players can have an empowering and memorable gambling experience. Nevertheless, it is true that online casinos offer tempting opportunities of winning real money along the way. 

Betting and winning real funds represents the main selling point of online gaming venues. Sometimes while studying various reviews on Internet casino platforms a user could stumble upon surreal facts about players who managed to grab astronomical money prizes measured in millions of dollars or euros. Some people would consider this information fake, some will be so overwhelmed by such great examples that they will definitely hit the ground running and start playing games straight away. But without luck, these winnings would evaporate in the blink of an eye. 

So, we have conducted a list of the most colossal jackpot wins at online casinos. Don’t pull out of playing on Internet gambling platforms if you experience failures. Every dog has its day!

The Biggest Casino Winners 

Playing at online casinos is in full swing nowadays. Especially when it comes to gambling games with a progressive jackpot system. It doesn’t really matter if these words apply to slot machines or table games or video poker projects. There are enough players that are so fortunate they have managed to change their lives forever. Such astonishing moments are real. 

Imagine how much excitement a player experiences when hitting a tremendous progressive jackpot slot combination. To make things clearer, it is online slots that have the majority of progressive jackpots. But you have to be the luckiest person on planet Earth to receive such a colossal prize.

Well, let’s not drag out the review any further. It is time we present the greatest online casino jackpot wins of all time. 

Mega Moolah and Zodiac Casino

This history stems back to the year 2016 when an unknown person with the initials D.P. managed to claim a whopping $8.82 million on the Mega Moolah progressive slot game. It all happened at the end of August. There is no information accessible concerning the age or personality of the player. All we know is that the jackpot was won on the Mega Moolah game on iPad. More than that, the casino operator said that the punter had a special promotion called 80 Chance to Become a Millionaire. The terms required only a €1 deposit to begin playing for real money. Well, the player was extremely lucky to make such a fruitful investment. 

Jackpot City Casino 

And again, the Mega Moolah slot game is on the scene. A person won the $12 jackpot at Jackpot City last spring. The casino paid a lump sum of €10.74 million to that punter. Even the chief executive of the Microgaming software company congratulated the bettor and declared that online slots needed more progressive jackpots. 

Away from the traditional Moolah slot machine, Internet casino players could count on alluring awards from the Microgaming software provider. Give a shot to these slot games of Microgaming:

  • Forunium Gold
  • Atlantean Treasures 
  • African Legends
  • Sisters of Oz.

One Finn and $21 million of Happiness 

How do you define luck? Is it about wagering as few as $1 to claim a multimillion-dollar prize? The same thing happened to a lucky bettor from Finland, who won $21 million on the Mega Fortune slot game from the NetEntertainment software provider. The man made a 25-cent wager on the slot game at PAF casino, which caters for Scandinavian players. Although this occurred more than 7 years ago, the amount of the prize is still enormous. 

Of course, the win was a surprise for the Fin player. Now you know that apart from Microgaming, NetEnt also offers alluring progressive jackpot games to the playing audience. 

The Biggest Mobile Jackpot Holder 

It speaks volumes that the Mega Moolah slot machine still remains one of the most famous game titles in the casino market. The game holds a reputation as the most rewarding machine, that is why millions of punters tend to opt for this slot rather than its rivals. Do you need proof?

April of 2017 was marked by the greatest ever slot victory on mobile devices. A Tipico online casino punter claimed a jackpot prize of more than $9 million. This move beat the record of the previous year. 

Unfortunately to many players around the world, the winner wished to be unknown. All we know is the amount of real money wagered per spin. A $7.2 spin bet led to an exquisite victory. 

Another Mega Fortune Jackpot Win 

The Mega Fortune slot machine has got plenty of historical wins over the past years. One of the largest wins was recorded at the Folkeautomaten casino. A Swedish gambler who was 30 years of age at the time managed to claim a $9.57 million prize. The winner said he was speechless when he found out about the prize. Alexander (yes, we know his name) also admitted he would buy a brand new car and have a wonderful holiday abroad. The chief executive of the NetEnt software company highlighted the company had to pay out more than €13 million in prizes within a 2-week period. 

A Norwegian with $13 million

On one of the sleepless nights, a Norwegian gambler decided to set some reels in motion at the Betsson online casino. The night on the 24 of September 2011 was marked by a $13.47 victory. That was the Guinness World Record at that time. Thanks to lady luck and the Mega Fortune casino slot game, the gambling platform changed the players’ life. The Norwegian punter confessed he had to calm down a bit after such a tremendous sum of money had appeared on the screen. Similarly, the head of the casino was shocked by the prize. 

Lucky Casino and Lucky Gambler 

Almost a year ago the Microgaming software company recorded one more astonishing jackpot victory on the Mega Moolah slot. This time, a jackpot exceeded $16 million. Firstly, the incident took place at Lucky Casino. Secondly, it became the largest-ever prize paid for that casino. Unfortunately, the casino didn’t reveal the name of the winner. Sometimes jackpot holders take such a step so as to remain safe and not be attacked by burglars. 

Several days before that event, the Microgaming company concluded their jackpot network was more than a billion euros. Also, the CEO at Microgaming declared it paid more than €110 to their punters during that year. 

$17 million and a UK player

As you already know, the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is the most rewarding slot game in the market. To feel its generosity on your skin, you should be Jonathon Heywood from the United Kingdom. The player successfully landed $17.2 million of prize money. The gambler (and he was also a soldier) played with only 25p per spin. It all became surreal for Jonathan on that day in 2015. Heywood said he would spend a large chunk of that money to treat his father. One of Betway representatives expressed his words of recognition after the tremendous win. The previous Microgaming payout was only $5.76 million. 

Beating All Mega Moolah Records 

In September 2013, one player outstripped the record of 2013 on Mega Moolah. On that day, the game swished the Guinness World Record for the highest-ever paid jackpot. One of the Grand Mondial casino players got a gargantuan sum of almost €19 million on the famous slot game.

Similarly, any information in regards to the age, name and gender of the winner is nonexistent. One thing we can tell for certain is that the gambler now holds the Guinness World Record for this achievement. Let’s hope we will eventually know the name of that lucky person. 

You may conclude this is the largest win in the history of online casino games. But you are wrong. Let’s present another example of crazy luck. 

The $23.6 million Madness

To be honest, the previous and current years aren’t that prolific in terms of income. Nevertheless, one player has become the largest-ever jackpot casino holder. During the spring of 2021, a lucky punter managed to make a profit exceeding $23 million. It is more than €19 million in the Euro equivalent. 

It all happened on the Napoleon casino platform during an Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah playing session. A Belgian gambler was lucky enough to claim an 8-digit sum of prize money. More than that, the game creator said that this jackpot win outplayed the previous holder.

The Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah game was created by the Triple Edge Studios software company. The Mega Moolah reputation helped devise the brand new slot game. 

In Conclusion 

On balance, let’s congratulate the jackpot winners and say that it is all possible only with lady luck. You might not win such a tremendous prize, but playing online casino games is a fascinating process. 

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