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Tips How to Play Casino Penny Slots

What is the first thing that springs to your minds when you imagine penny slots, be it machines on online gambling platforms or at land-based casinos? It is no hardship to work out that such games demand just a single cent to immerse into the fascinating world of slots. That is why casinos hook players in by introducing seductive promotions to start gambling in an instant. Nevertheless, penny slots have pitfalls along the way, and players can’t get away with that. But let’s kick things off with a little bit of history.

History Remark

It goes without saying that thousands and thousands of both newbies and avid gamblers are attracted by colorful and simple slot machines. You just take a seat in front of a slot or a computer and start spinning those reels! There is nothing complicated about it, isn’t it? Of course, you would stumble upon passionate blackjack or baccarat lovers, but there is something exhilarating about rapidly spinning reels that make players select slots over and over again, to be fair.

One the one hand, there are people who are willing to take a little rest and play slots after a busy working day. On the other hand, some players opt for slots because of its immersive gameplay and brilliant design. At this moment, no limits could prevent gamblers from enjoying their favorite games for as long as the Internet connection is strong enough. 

The history of slot games emergence goes back to the times of the late 80s of the 19th century. The company under the name Sittman and Pitt invented the initial precursor of the game, but it still wasn’t that traditional machine we play today. Pitt’s breakthrough comprised 50 playing cards and 5 drums, and it wasn’t a surprise the slot gained huge popularity in restaurants and pubs although the system of payouts was not fully elaborated.

Charles Fey and The Liberty Bell

Charles Fey, an American inventor and engineer, is the genuine creator of the original slot machine that we find similar to current slots. He gave birth to the slot called The Liberty Bell somewhere in the region from 1887 to 1995. The gaming mechanisms became much more manageable and effective. There were only three reels and five symbols in total: card suits (spades, hearts and diamonds), horseshoes and the Liberty Bell itself. The latter item represents freedom in the United States. 

The invention was a tremendous success at that time. Plenty of other slot developers followed the pattern of the Liberty Bell slot. Nearly 70 years after the aforementioned events, the very first electromechanical machine was crafted. It was much easier to introduce such slots into land-based casinos, and soon it conquered armies of followers. Finally, the 1990s showed the breakthrough in computer technologies, and online casinos hit the ground running. It was a revolution in the industry of casino slots, astonishing rewards of which we reap today.

Modern Slots

Due to advanced technologies in the online casino industry, developer’s imagination is the only limitation. Nowadays online slot games are packed with enticing features from enthralling visuals to tempting bonuses like free spins or a guess game. The aim of promotions is to boost winnings of a player. In addition to that, the gameplay progress doesn’t stand still. Players could experience the wide variety of 5-reel and even 7-reel video slots with much more paylines. 

Finally, slot machines have come a long way of evolution. No one would argue online slots are the fastest way of having fun and feeling a sense of risk. You don’t have to puzzle over intricate tactics while playing slot games. 

Penny Slots 

Penny slots appeared on the gambling scene in the late 60s, it was Bally Manufacturing that developed the initial penny slot machine. However, nickel slots became the favourite game during those years. The only difference between the nickel ones and the penny ones lies in higher payouts that nickel games offer. 

Players were allowed to wager up to 5 coins in original penny slots. And although these machines required more coins on each spin, casinos started to equip their rooms with penny slots.

Today online slots enable players to play with just 1 cent and still win decent funds. Not all gamblers are eager to risk it all and bet huge sums of cash. That is why penny slots are a remedy for low stake players. More than that, newcomers have a chance of gaining gambling momentum without taking banknotes or a credit card from a wallet.

Don’t Make This Mistake

Since penny slots are a very convenient way of playing, many players don’t pay great attention to their funds, and that can potentially shoot in the foot. Keep in mind that even losing a cent, the overall losses could ramp up drastically.

Let’s give a clear example. Everybody is well aware of the fact that slots consist of low payout and high payout games. The logic goes as follows: if you bet often and wager large amounts of money, casinos pay back more funds. The opposite situation is with low percentage payouts. For instance, according to Las Vegas casino regulations, gambling platforms must have at least a 75% percentage of payouts. Higher payouts stand at the 93% ratio on average or more.

So, we will evaluate the issue using the dollar language. Imagine that a certain player makes 500 spins every hour. So, it is $5 for an hour of spins or $500 if every wager is $1. The payback percentage, or the Return-to-Player ratio, explains how much money casinos give back over a period of time. A 75% percentage game rewards you with $3.75, and a casino earns $1.25 from the overall sum per hour. A dollar bet in a high payout slot game (let’s take 93%) takes $40 and pays back $460. 

Masks Off

The unpalatable truth is that you can’t just bet a cent and spin. Players usually place maximum bets, for example, 5 cents per line, and the game may consist of 9 paying lines. Now every spin action costs 45 cents. Remember the number of spins we took in the previous paragraph? Multiply two components and you will have $225 wagered every single hour. And now calculate the RTP percentage. A player is going to lose $56.25 each hour in lower stake slots. It is not that difficult to work out and emphasize that players tend to spend and lose more money on penny slots than in higher payout games. 

In Conclusion

We strongly recommend players not to rush and to formulate a comprehensive plan of actions before entering online slots. Figure out how much money you can afford yourself to lose and for how long you are going to play slots. Keep in mind that penny casinos have lower percentages of payouts and standard platforms offer no less than 85% of payouts. The world is your oyster!

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