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The Greatest Poker Tournaments in the World

A sensible question occurs in the evenings from time to time – how to brighten up your leisure time? To be fair, there are loads of options to choose from. On the one hand, one may have lots of fun playing board games with a family or closest friends. On the other hand, some people who feel being alone suits them most can enjoy reading an engaging novel or scoring goals in computer football simulators. Nevertheless, we haven’t mentioned one area that hooks a lot of people. Entertainment, exhilaration and risk – these are major emotions players experience while playing such games. Have you already guessed what we are talking about? 

Casinos have been closely interconnected with our routine lives for quite a long time. Since the introduction of the first land-based gambling platforms, thousands of tourists have visited remote casino venues to relish brilliant slot machines, fascinating table games and other interesting game projects. And when Internet online casinos appeared in the middle 90s, the gambling audience has only amplified. 

Nowadays an ordinary online casino player may select a captivating game from thousands of headings. Basically, it all starts with slot machines, where you don’t have to work out playing strategies. But in case you have a craving for table games, every reputable online gambling platform offers a punter a comprehensive array of blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker projects. The latter is going to be the topic of today’s review. 

Poker Origins

 It speaks volumes that the poker game represents one of the most renowned casino projects across the globe. Millions of both newbie punters and casino aficionados play this type of game not only online but live as well. Away from traditional poker rooms in brick-and-mortar gambling venues and their corresponding online versions, special poker courses help improve players’ level of skills. 

Poker’s financial success has become apparent only in the past 15-20 years. Thanks to Internet technologies, poker has turned into a global casino game with more than $1 billion generated in a form of income each year. 

The majority of gamblers are well aware of the recent history of poker, but what about its past origins? 

Poker and As-Nas

Today’s variation of poker was impacted by a great number of ancient games. Various scientists and historians argue what pastime was the closest version of the bluffing game. 

There is enough research information in regards to the Persian game called As-Nas that originated in the 16th century. It is one of the earliest forms of poker ever existed. Of course, one can find out there were several predecessors to As-Nas, for example, the Ganjifa game. But this was only the initial card and deck offering.  

Other Versions of Poker 

Nonetheless, some researches suggest As-Nas wasn’t the one and only poker ancestor. A theory features the old French game under the name ‘Poque’. The modern poker game we enjoy playing today could have probably originated from this French variation, especially when we turn our attention to the name’s similarity. Besides, the French title originated from the word ‘pochen’, which implies a bluffing action in German. 

Away from that, such games as brelan, brag and primero could have impacted poker as the kernel of all these games lied in bluffing. Although ancient variations of poker listed above may have had something in common, the game of poker is based on certain wagering mechanisms. That is why the United States of America represents the country where it all started. 

Poker and the US

There is little dispute about the fact that the poker game we know and play today evolved in the US several centuries ago. It spread across the Mississippi region during the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Even at that time, punters used to play various forms of poker. For example, when only several players gathered around the table, a 52-card deck was used. In the case of only 2 participants, there was no need to play all 52 cards, 20 cards were enough. So, the playing process wasn’t limited to one poker form only.

During the gold rush times in the US, the 52-card deck poker became the universal playing variant. More than that, straight and flush combinations appeared in poker. In the 19th century, poker players came up with the general game rules. Later, in 1925, to be precise, Texas Hold’Em came onto the gambling scene. 


So, now we are familiar with the possible poker origins. Let’s proceed to what can amaze a poker player – famous world poker tournaments. 

Acclaimed Poker Tournaments 

What is a big poker tournament for you? Do you rely on the number of participants when analysing a competition? Or do you pay attention to prizes awarded? Well, there isn’t a universal way to gauge the tournament size.

To be honest, we should take into account all aspects. Poker tournaments with a big pool of prizes allure plenty of punters throughout the world. You wouldn’t select a poker competition with small prizes and entry numbers. 

Apart from that, it is the hype that adds to the overall poker tournament perception. In other words, the more gamblers talk about the exact tournament, the more hype it generates. So, it is high time we delve into learning the greatest poker tournaments on the planet. Firstly, let’s briefly enumerate these events:

  • World Series of Poker
  • Triton Poker 
  • World Championship of Online Poker
  • The World Poker Tour.

World Series of Poker 

It goes without saying that the World Series of Poker is by far the greatest casino tournament on planet Earth. It has been the ultimate leader in the gambling market for more than 45 years. The influence of the tournament is constantly growing. There is the Main WSOP Event that attracts thousands and thousands of gamblers. It is regarded as the most famous poker tournament as of today. 

Being a successful franchise, the WSOP has such branches as WSOP Europe and WSOP Circuit. These events are held in different land-based casinos around the United States and Europe. Millions of punters watch live broadcasts from these tournaments. 

Triton Poker 

The Triton Poker represents another franchise as the WSOP. Various Triton tournaments take place around the world. Basically, the size and other requirements vary according to a particular event. Nevertheless, there are well enough popular tournaments to watch. 

On the one hand, Triton doesn’t have as much popularity as the WSOP. On the other hand, loads of professional gamblers take part in Triton competitions because of huge prize pools. Regretfully, some players can’t afford to get access to Triton due to high admission fees, for example, £50,000. As a result, self-sufficient gamblers put thousands of dollars at stake, and this is pretty exhilarating to watch. 


The abbreviation means the World Championship of Online Poker. WCOOP tournaments are available in multiple countries. The Poker Stars company is the leading sponsor of WCOOP. It implies players’ expectations, tastes and whims can be easily fulfilled. In other words, WCOOP represents the WSOP online variation.  

Apart from impeccable events, punters could give multiple poker formats a shot:

  • Pot-Limit Texas Hold’Em
  • Seven Card Stud
  • 5-Card Draw
  • PLO High and more.

Due to the fact WCOOP tournaments are held online, this is a great opportunity for gamblers across the world to take part and experience fabulous poker emotions. 


The World Poker Tour is of the identical format as WSOPC. The tournament has different hosting venues around the globe in various popular brick-and-mortar casinos. Each tournament culminates in a main event with buy-ins varying from $3,500 to $25,000.

The striking peculiarity of the WPT lies in the fact that it has been broadcast since 2002. That is why the World Poker Tour has plenty of fans around the world. The most famous poker players can potentially earn enormous sums exceeding millions of dollars. 

In Conclusion 

Summarising, you have learned the poker origins and famous poker tournaments in the world. Once you get interested in one of those tournaments, feel free to enter their websites and check out the terms and conditions. May the luckiest player win!

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