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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the CasinoBestAu.com website. We will introduce you to the terms and conditions of CasinoBestAu.com. Also, we’ll provide a full and comprehensive explanation of the list of rules for all the guests on our website. In case of using any of the services and the resources found on CasinoBestAu.com you automatically agree with the terms and accept our conditions. Below you can find the essential information which is important to keep in mind. If you don’t agree with something or don’t want to take part in certain actions and obey the rules, we strongly recommend that you depart from the website and stop utilizing CasinoBestAu.com resources.

The website and services using

We claim everything you see on CasinoBestAu.com website including casino reviews, news, informative posts, games, the FAQ section and other materials as being at our discretion. Therefore, it is our right to make changes or modify the website or its parts at any time with no notification. You are allowed to gamble on this website only in case you are 18 or older. If you are underaged it is necessary for you to leave CasinoBestAu.com and not to use the information from this source. The CasinoBestAu.com activity is about gambling so the website is an owner of all the articles included.

Content and service

On this website you can find information regarding online casinos and everything about gambling. All the information presented and all the services that you see here are free of charge and given with the purpose of educating. CasinoBestAu.com is not an owner of any online gambling platform. Every piece of content provided on this site meets the Terms and Conditions and doesn’t require fees which means it is free.

Intellectual property rights

All the content on CasinoBestAu.com including the texts, images, media files and other kinds of material is the property of this website. The intellectual property right law applies to every single piece of content on CasinoBestAu.com. For that reason spreading any material from this website without consent becomes a criminal act.

Third-party content

On this website you can find hyperlinks that lead to different websites, services or products. CasinoBestAu.com is not responsible for the materials on other sites directed through the hyperlinks. When using the hyperlinks keep in mind that we don’t encourage the third-party content.

Gaming services

As we mentioned before, the materials provided on the website solely for educating and entertaining purposes. The content may concern virtual gambling and related services. The information on the games is for the users of age only and under applicable jurisdictions. Through using the Gaming Services you accept agreement with the following points:

  • The jurisdiction of the country where you are located allows Gaming Services.
  • You are 18 or older.
  • As a possible outcome of usage of the information on this site you may lose your money due to further gambling.
  • Mind that you take your own risk in case of using the gaming services.

CasinoBestAu.com doesn’t insist that you participate in any casino activities. It is a personal decision of every website visitor.

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