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Striking Casino Gaming Technologies

The gambling world casino players live in is abundant with wonders. Nowadays the role of gaming technological advancements is amplifying. We can’t imagine our lives without fully-fledged desktops that support astonishing visuals, you may even play casino games with sophisticated graphics on mobile devices. Technologies are constantly developing, and there is no place for those who are stuck in time. 

Since the establishment of the initial online casino platforms, the playing audience has moved on from traditional land-based gambling venues to fabulous Internet casino websites with a comprehensive variety of absorbing slots, table games, video poker. etc. Brand new opportunities and advantages appear so frequently that punters can’t keep up with them. Mobile and watch gambling, 4K visuals – these are aspects that move the gambling industry forward.

But one is highly interested in what modern casino technologies are available for players? Here is the list of the major enhancements the casino market can possibly implement in the near future. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality 

From science-fiction films to modern games, the virtual reality technology has already made a significant impact not only on the gambling domain but on the entertainment sphere as well. Now VR is rewriting the history of Internet casino platforms. Thanks to the latest casino technological advancements, online gaming platforms can provide punters with an immersive gambling process, being almost a real brick-and-mortar venue. 

Well, it is only time that separates us from the full VR casino experience. There are still some alterations left to introduce. With special virtual reality headsets, one can taste what the real online casino playing process looks like. Relish playing your beloved casino games in real-time with real punters. 

Although online casinos that offer virtual reality experiences are still developing their software, players can already try some new brilliant features:

  • 3D slot machines with realistic design
  • Three-dimensional baccarat, blackjack and other table games
  • Players are able to communicate with other gamblers via in-game chats
  • Take a walk through colourful game rooms in 3D 
  • Lifelike casino sounds.

VR Casino Future

Regretfully, there aren’t well enough virtual reality online casinos at the moment. Nevertheless, the more people buy VR software and headsets, the more the VR gambling industry will blossom. It was estimated that the casino market income will boost dramatically in the next 5-10 years. 

As technological progress makes huge steps towards perfection, casinos will transform the gaming experience. For example, you may even take part in a VR casino tournament on other planets. Isn’t that amazing?

Speaking of land-based casino venues, they have already launched the process of investing in VR technologies. In years to come, it is feasible brick-and-mortar casinos will massively set up their own virtual reality games. And bear in mind mobile gaming too. Enhanced phone headsets will develop as well. 

Augmented Reality Casinos 

To be honest, both augmented and virtual realities are quite identical when it comes to our perception of the environment. On the other hand, these technologies differ in software and the scale of surroundings they modify. 

Augmented reality imposes virtual objects over physical ones. For instance, this technology adds digital effects to a room where you stand in. A prime example of AR are Pokemons appearing on the streets.  

Basically, augmented reality doesn’t need sophisticated hardware, just take a smartphone device with a running app. Sometimes advanced eyewear is required, but for experienced AR users. 

Some words should be said about the history of the AR technology. This breakthrough wasn’t that used until 1999. The initial software was created by a Japanese specialist Hirokazu Kato in the same year. The ArtToolKit program offered its users a virtual object experience combined with real activities. And thanks to Bruce Thomas, the first augmented reality mobile game was invented. 9 years later, in 2008, the first Android and iOS AR apps appeared in the market. As of today, the online gaming domain is full of fascinating projects. 

The Recognition of Voice 

With the introduction of smart speakers, various experts were sceptical about the future of such devices. But as time has passed by, the voice control technology has proved that it has already established itself in our everyday routine lives. 

Although voice recognition isn’t that a broad feature at online casinos, this tendency is changing. What useful tools are being implemented in gambling venues? Let’s find this out.

Logging In to a Casino Website

By far the most straightforward use of voice control. A player can easily access an online casino website and provide a login and a password without clicking mouse buttons. On the one hand, it is no hardship to enter a site by making clicks manually. Contrarily, some punters have got used to using voice control. 

Voice Search Engine 

The next feature of voice assistants lies in searching. If a gambler has a voice search engine, it will be much simpler to search for the right online casino games. For instance, you have a name of the game but you can’t find it in a casino lobby. This is when voice search gives you a helping hand. Another example is when don’t know exactly what type of game you want to play. And thanks to voice technology, you may shout at a smartphone device, and it will do the rest. No scrolling at all! The major explanation players stick to voice search is that it saves precious time.

Withdrawals and Deposits 

Cashing real money in and out of an online casino is one more benefit of a voice engine. Unfortunately, due to several security issues, this process is cumbersome. But no one would argue it is very convenient to withdraw all your winnings by just saying several words. Of course, it is a utopia as safety measures should be put in place to protect players’ banking data from third-party leakages. 

Customer Support 

Another area of voice search expertise is the support of casino users. It could take ages for a customer to find a support service to address a question. We hope in the near future nothing will stand in gamblers’ way to get in touch with support agents with the help of voice assistants. You will be put directly to customer support staff to tackle perplexing casino issues. This is what the future holds for online gambling platforms and voice recognition. 

The Control of Gestures 

The development of gesture technologies in the gambling industry cannot be underestimated. Results of the previous year showed gesture control games were worth more than $17 billion. And if a majority of these titles can be found in the computer gaming domain, online casinos have begun to introduce GR projects like table games and dice. 

Thanks to gesture technology advancements, players could play 3D games using body movements like nodding their heads or waving hands. It implies punters can interact with casinos in a more personalised way. With gesture control online casinos introduced everywhere, the gambling market will definitely thrive.

Recognising Faces 

It goes without saying that facial recognition technologies modernise our society and spheres of life. The ever-growing influence and popularity of online gambling platforms have led to sensible questions concerning the safety and transparency of such venues. Punters and casinos exchange enormous amounts of money each day, so it is imperative for gambling platforms to keep players’ banking and personal information on lock.

The truth is land-based casinos have benefited the most from the establishment of facial recognition. With much improved CCTV and systems of surveillance, brick-and-mortar venues can swiftly identify concerns and fraudulent players. 

As for recognising faces at Internet casinos, the situation is not that straightforward. On the one hand, it helps reveal rogue punters, and that stands platforms in good stead. On the other hand, every online casino player is entitled to keep personal information secured. It is essential for gambling venues to collaborate with other businesses in order to introduce these technologies legally and without any civil rights violations.

Another part of the technology consists of making lifelike animations. Due to facial recognition, gamblers can devise a custom character pretty similar to a real person. Games utilise scanning features that capture various face points to come up with a digital avatar. 

High-Definition Graphics 

The majority of online casino games support at least HD visuals. In the past, games looked too unattractive and conventional to play. What is brilliant and engaging in spinning simple 3-reel slot machines with basic card symbols? Sooner or later, software developers came to a conclusion punters really appreciate casino games with astonishing design. 

To hook more players into playing Internet casino projects, online venues should pay attention to enhancing visuals. Once a game is astonishing in terms of graphics, then more gamblers would give it a shot. It is of utmost importance for providers to devise a new generation of slots and table games. 

The trend in creating 4K online casino games has already prevailed over 1080p titles. With 4,000 pixels on a screen, playing Full HD games seems to look a bit outdated. That is why platforms invest huge chunks of money into making fully-fledged games that will certainly appeal to an ordinary player.

Mobile Gambling 

Although this isn’t a modern advancement, the mobile gambling domain has amplified significantly over the past years. With brand new smartphone gadgets and increased capacities, these devices can be as productive as desktops. The configuration of mobile phones means punters are no longer bound to a room sitting on a swivel chair in front of a computer screen. 

The truth is you can relish playing enthralling casino games on the go from every place on the planet as long as your Internet bandwidth is strong enough. Take your smartphone, iPad and give new game projects a try. 

Thanks to the HTML5 technology, there are no boundaries standing in your way to taste casino games on mobile devices. Prior to the introduction of HTML5, a special app or software was necessary to play games on each mobile gadget. In the past, online gambling platforms couldn’t offer game projects for all devices. Once HTML5 came onto the gambling scene, operators could provide slots, video poker and specialty games to more players and more platforms. It means both iOS, Android and Windows Phone users can enter a casino website to play their favourite games under the same software. 

More than that, HTML5 has been largely improved in terms of overall graphics. The player experience is undoubtedly enhanced thanks to consuming animations. Additionally, software providers can provide a bigger number of projects to customers as HTML5 has given more scope for improvement. 

Cloud Gaming

During the past, hardware limitations regarding memory were a stumbling block for newly released games. And with cloud technologies taking place, this is no longer an issue. There is no need for punters to purchase overpriced consoles and computers or upgrade already existing hardware to relish favourite slots or baccarat. 

The cloud gaming technology represents an on-demand service, with which gamblers are able to have gaming sessions on any device available. You may even play casino games on television. The process of gaming runs through a casino server, the only step a player takes is accessing the server. No game uploads, only a mobile device or a controller to immerse yourself into the gambling atmosphere. 

However, you need a strong Internet connection to experience cloud gaming. And with the 5G technology, cloud gaming has become more accessible. Gamblers can relish this form of gaming hassle-free.

The cloud gaming feature benefits those punters who live in restricted gambling areas. By playing casino games or making bets via remote servers, any hesitation regarding the legality of these activities is incongruous. There are no official laws issued that regulate cloud gambling. 

So, software development companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and others put huge efforts into creating casino games for cloud gaming. With cloud technology, it is possible to stretch the limits of a server and display large images via the net. The only object you need is a gadget that can show crisp images. 

Wearable Gambling

What do you imagine once you hear the term ‘Wearable Device’? Yes, it is an electronic gadget, which can be put either on a wrist, head or eyes. Basically, these devices represent smaller variations of smartphones. With such a device, one can do plenty of things, and playing casino games isn’t an exception. There is no need to use hands to experience life-like gambling. Such devices include:

  • Smartwatches. Connect a smartwatch to a device and relish playing online slots, poker and other projects
  • Smartglasses. With a modern interface and GPS access, these devices allow punters to use mobile applications 
  • Smart rings. Once a smart ring is on a finger, you can not only send email letters but use it while playing Internet gambling games.

Portable games are the future of online gambling. It is no doubt wearables will be in high demand sometime later. 

In Conclusion 

To summarise, all the technologies presented above are factors that drive the gambling industry. It is no surprise players will experience brand new technological advancements in the future. 

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