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Stock Market vs Online Casinos

Many consider that investing in the stock market is something people should only get into if they are educated. In contrast, many also consider that online casino games are for the uneducated people. But in reality, which one of the 2 have more risks? Recently we saw the rare story about the GameStop stock price rocketing to the moon. There are many versions as to what was the reason for the out of the ordinary increase. Many consider that it was market manipulation by a group of amateur investors who decided to buy the stock at the same time. However, a group of rich companies had also previously manipulated the price of the stock to make it drop. The reality is that the move left both many winners and many losers on both sides. So for those who lost, would they have had more chances to win in an online casino rather than betting on the stock market?

Betting in the stock market

Putting your money in the stock market should be an investment rather than a bet. While you are risking your money the same way you do in gambling, on the stock market it should be more clear what affects your chances of winning. If a company is doing good financially or develops new products the stock price should go up and you should make money. If the company has issues like a lawsuit or goes bankrupt the stock price will decrease and you will lose money. This is how the stock market should work in a perfect world. However, in real life things are not so easy. There are many other aspects that can affect the price of the stock. Below we will discuss a few:


Shorting is a practice that for some reason is allowed in the US stock market. It consists of companies who bet that the price of a stock will go down. They rent the shares available in the market. Since they usually hold most of the shares of a company they can manipulate the price by putting low sell orders. They basically don’t allow the price to go up. There are many solid companies in the stock market because they are heavily shorted. If you put your money on a company that is being shorted you will unfortunately see your money decrease without being able to do anything about it.


When a stock is set to release news there is doubt about what will happen to the company. This will affect the stock price. Many times before a conference the price of a certain stock will skyrocket as investors speculate that there should be good news. And also in most cases once the news is released the price goes back down. In a lot of cases this is risky. It is hard to tell when the hype created by the speculators will end. If you put your money in the stock before the hype begins and sell at the peak you will for sure make money. However, it is impossible to know when it’s the peak of the hype since it is mere speculation. In contrast, if you go in when the stock is at the peak of the hype and the stock price drops, you are in to lose some money. In some cases the stock prices don’t ever go back to the price it reached during a hype.

Betting in Online Casinos

Any type of gambling is risky. However, gambling in an online casino is not only about making money but also about entertainment. At an online casino you choose to play the game that you consider fun. You have a broad selection of games that you can play in many different categories. Moreover, in an online casino you could get a higher return for the amount you bet. What could be the most important fact is that while you are playing your game won’t be manipulated by rich people. Your odds to win are always the same. So in detail the benefits would be:

Amount you Bet

When you bet in an online casino you decide how much money you play per game. And if you get lucky with just a small amount of money you can hit the jackpot. Compare putting $1 in the stock market against betting $1 in a pokie. The possibilities of one share of stock worth $1 to go to $1000 are pretty much impossible. On the other hand, when you play on a pokie you have chances of hitting the jackpot and winning perhaps thousands of dollars and not just $1,000.


To place your money in the stock market is definitely not an entertainment. It is not fun to sit and watch the chart of your stock for hours move a few cents up and a few cents down for no reason. When you play online casino games you are excited waiting for the combination you need to win. All the games have fun and entertainment aspects. If you are playing blackjack there is nothing more exciting than getting a 10 and an ace. When you play in pokies you are waiting for that combination of special characters to show up and give you the jackpot. There is no doubt that online casinos will provide an entertainment the stock market will never do.

In conclusion

The stock market and an online casino are similar in some ways. In both of them people risk their money. There are some differences among them. One can be heavily manipulated by rich people. While the other one shows you your chances of winning up front. One can make you lose your money without you understanding what happened, on the other one you know when you didn’t get the combination you needed to win. One is boring, while the other one is entertaining. There are many reasons for which the stock market is not such a good choice to lose your money. At an online casino like Mate Casino you have the chance to win money while playing fun and entertaining games.

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