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Slot Symbols on the Gambling Scene: History and Present Days

Each year brings in modern casino games in the gambling industry. We play immersive slot machines, absorbing table games and enthralling live dealer projects. But with technological advancements taking place, everything evolves: rules, strategies, playing symbols, etc.

Contemporary slot products, in particular, should hook players into spinning reels to boost their bankrolls with gorgeous multipliers. Although the majority of slot software providers try to keep up with the latest trends, there are some traditional games with the same symbols that have been on the casino scene for a long long period of time.

Of course, we are talking about well-known 7s, cherries, bells and some other fruit icons. What lies behind these simple but yet famous playing symbols? Let’s delve into the history of casino icons. 

It All Started With…

It is worth mentioning the very first slot machine was invented by an American engineer Charles Fey at the end of the 19th century. He named this masterpiece the Liberty Bell. The 3-reel slot had 5 different playing symbols. What strikes the playing audience is that these icons are still used today. Of course, Fey wanted people to remember the first slot machine. That is why he portrayed the Bell and utilised it as one of the playing symbols. Card suits – spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs – represented remaining icons as well as the horseshoe. The reason behind this is that people tend to believe horseshoes bring luck.

Number 7

The number 7 has been a lucky number for quite a long time. More than that, this tendency remained when the first online slots evolved in the middle of the previous century. Another striking thing is that the introduction of online slot machines was the catalyst for the spike in the popularity of number 7s. So, when the gambling industry was transferred to the virtual world, number 7s symbols replaced traditional horseshoe icons. 

Fruits on Reels 

We guess there aren’t so many players that know the reason behind fruits appearing on slot reels. Basically, punters were rewarded with some tasty perks straight after they had landed a winning combination. Fruits emblazoned on the reels indicated a type of sweet form you were about to get. Although many years have gone by since that wonderful bar and pub times in the United Kingdom and America, casino software providers concluded to keep those icons. Generally, players would stumble upon watermelons, cherries, apples, plums and lemons on the reels. As a result, every fruit has popped up in various modern slot games. Of course, modern gamblers don’t imagine delicious desserts as a winning prize, but overall, it was quite interesting to study the history behind fruit symbols in slot games. 

Speaking of Today 

As of today, you may still observe the traditional playing icons in various video slot games, especially the picture card symbols from Jack and up to Ace as well as 9s and 10s. To be fair, it isn’t that entertaining anymore to spin 3-reel slots and land cherries, lemons and other fruits. With sophisticated graphics and more theme-oriented slot games, people tend to choose these titles rather than old-fashioned fruit slots. For example, it could be slot games based on soap operas or acclaimed films. 

There are plenty of new kinds of symbols that could bring decent rewards:

  • Wilds. These playing icons substitute other symbols except for the scatter. The symbol is fruitful because it helps form winning combinations on the reels
  • Scatters. Basically, scatter icons trigger free spin sessions. Once a punter has managed to land at least 3-of-a-kind (in a majority of games), they are entitled to play free spin rounds. Scatters can pop up during free spins as well
  • Bonus icons. These are particular symbols appearing as a perk to incentivise a player
  • Sticky symbols. Such icons could remain for more than one round 
  • Multipliers. As the name suggests, your bets are multiplied
  • Stacked symbols. These icons pop up in stacks. Usually, they contain from 2 to 10 symbols. 

How Many Symbols in Slots 

Some players wonder how many playing symbols are there on slot reels. Bear in mind it is complicated to count the exact number of icons in modern slot games. As for the Fay’s one, it had exactly 20 icons per reel. And being a 3-reel slot game, it was a total of 60 icons. This is more than 8,000 various combinations and only one of those is a jackpot.

For a prolonged period of time, it was the symbol number that limited the jackpot amount. It goes without saying that if slots paid more money than they generate, their business would go bust. 

Nowadays, the situation has changed. The number of icons on the reels doesn’t influence the jackpot amount and its probability anymore. Newcomers to the online casino industry tend to cling to a view that the composition of reels influenced the game’s outcome. On the contrary, with computer technologies taking place, complex Random Number Generators rule the world. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Slots 

Every slot game has its weaknesses. 

Benefits of Traditional Slot Games 

  • Well-known fruit symbols at hand
  • Simple rules

Drawbacks of Traditional Slot Games 

  • Ancient graphics

In Conclusion 

Summarising, you have learnt what symbols started the casino market and what icons are still used up to this day. It would be astonishing to come back in time, gather with your companions in a cosy bar and spin those old-fashioned reels for tasty fruit prizes. 

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