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Relax Gaming Releases 2 New Games

The pandemic put a lot of people off work and sent millions of people home. But there were several companies that still continued working. Specifically, those companies that could offer services that were necessary during the pandemic. For the most part, online businesses flourished as there was no other way for people to shop, order food among other things. Online casinos were one of those businesses that highly benefited from the pandemic. All those people that were sent home had too much time on their hands and too little to do. Therefore, anyone that could provide entertainment was golden. Relax Gaming took advantage of the situation and kept developing games. This 2021 Relax Gaming has already released 2 games, Multipliers and Megaclusters.

Relax Gaming

Relax gaming can be considered one of the new game developers in the market. The company was founded in 2010. They have offices in England, Finland, Malta, Serbia, Sweden and Estonia. The company has grown to the point where they have over 100 employees. They work with 25 partners to provide innovative games. Among those partners you will find both online casinos like Casino Mate, Royal Panda and also other game developers like Silverback Gaming and SoftGamings. Their first branded game was called “Let’s get ready to Rumble” in which the famous boxing presenter Michael Buffer. It is worth mentioning that Michael Buffer made up the phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” and became so popular that he trademarked it in the 1990’s. Daniel Eskola the Chief Commercial Officer of the company said they are currently focusing on mobile-friendly games. That is completely a smart move considering that mobile devices are the present and future of technology.

Multiplier Odyssey

Multipliers Odyssey is a game about a fight for outer space. With our planet on lockdown it is not a bad idea to take a trip to space. The game has a purple background that depicts outer space. The low paying symbols of the game are the 4 original card deck suits (clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades). For the higher paid symbols the game has 4 space fighters of which 3 are human and one is an extraterrestrial. The following are the basic features of the game:

  • 5 Reels and 3 rows
  • 15 paylines
  • 50,000x max win
  • $.10 minimum bet to $20 maximum bet
  • High Volatility

As most of the online casinos do, Multiplier has some special features. On most games when a player gets 3 scatters they earn free spins. In this game, they changed the dynamic by giving players free lives. During the spins of these free lives the table will show several multipliers that will be used until they are finished. With a game called multiplier it was necessary to have such features.

Kluster Krystals MegaClusters

This was the first game that Relax gaming released this year. It is also the first game where they used a Mega cluster mechanism. A cluster is no other thing than a group of things or people. So you can imply that the point of the game is to make groups of something. The following are the basic features of the game:

  • 5 reels, 5 rows
  • Not specified
  • 49% RTP
  • Unlisted max win
  • $0.10 min bet – $100 max bet
  • High volatility

This game doesn’t follow the regular structure of traditional pokies. In a way it resembles playing tetris or candy crush. There are 5 symbols in the game which are presented in 4 different ways (single, double, triple, quad). These symbols resemble krystals in different shapes and colors. In order for a player to get paid they need at least 8 of each symbol which is what would be considered the cluster. The game also has multipliers of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 100 times. There is also a free spin feature that will get triggered when the bonus symbol is fully upgraded. There are a total of 7 free spins with the possibility of getting an extra 4 during the free spins.

Future Work

These 2 games are the first releases of the year for Relax gaming but they will definitely not be the last. They have many more games on the way. For instance, They already have a pirate game named “The Golden Sail.” The game will feature golden chests, free bonuses and many multipliers. The RTP of the game will be 95%. It has 5 reels and four rows and it is played in the back of a pirate ship. Compatibility with mobile devices will be also available. This game is actually a collaboration with Silverback Gaming. These types of games are the benefit of partnering with other game developers and not only with online casinos.

In Conclusion

Relax Gaming has grown rapidly to become a strong competitor in the market. They have offices in several countries and partner with more than 25 companies. As operator partners they have big online casino names like Casino Mate, Royal Panda and Heroes Casino. For 2021 the company wants to focus on working on their mobile casino capabilities. With the popularity of mobile devices it is definitely a smart move to make. The 2 games that they have released at the beginning of this year (Multiplier Odyssey and Kluster Krystals Megacluster) show you the type of work they do. Both games have great graphics and original ideas. They are both fun to play and surely players will have a chance to make some real money on them as well.

To play this and other hits from Relax Gaming and other great developers visit our Casinos section.

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