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Real Money Casinos for iPhone Users

When mobile devices got the capability to use the internet many businesses benefited from that. One of those benefited was the online casino industry. Playing online casino games from a computer was already comfortable in the sense of playing from home. However, playing on mobile bought a higher level of comfort and availability. Mobile phones are now as strong as computers. A person can pretty much do anything they want from a phone these days. Playing in online casinos is another of the luxuries that mobile technology allows. And when it comes to smartphones perhaps the pioneer and most famous ones are made from Apple. That first iPhone came to revolutionize the mobile technologies. 14 years after that release the world has changed drastically. From the beginning real money casinos benefited from the change. So what is the current impact of Apple in the online casino industry?


IOS is the operating system for all Apple mobile devices. Apple created their own operating system to be used exclusively on their products. This is one of the main flexes apple can presume off. The giant in technology perhaps created one of the first and most innovative cell phones which was the iPhone. The phone began to be developed in secret in 2005 and it was until 2007 when they officially announced and released it. The great Steve Jobs left a legacy that is still standing strong. Almost 14 years after the release of that first iPhone, they are already on the iPhone 12 model. The iPhone 12 broke sales records which means the popularity of the iPhones is still high. It is estimated that there are 1 billion iPhone users with 20 to 30 million new users every year. Every year they add users to the equivalent of Australia’s population.

Iphone for Australian Online Casinos

To speak about the importance of Apple in Australia let’s speak about volume. Australia’s population is about 21 million people. The estimate of iPhone users in Australia is 9 million. So almost half of Australians have iPhones. Now, online applications have become the most popular way to do many things on mobile devices. There are apps for banking, online shopping and of course for online casinos as well. So companies have to develop their business applications. But that is not always an easy task. Each operating system has its requirements and restrictions. For example, In 2019 Apple announced that it would only allow gambling apps that were programmed specifically for Ios operating systems. This forced many online casinos to develop new apps if they wanted to keep presence with iPhone users which of course is worth doing.

There are not many online casino sites that have taken advantage of the popularity of mobile apps. However, most of them do make sure that iPhone users can play on their sites using their browsers. Below we have a short list of casinos that can be played for real money by iPhone users and perhaps maybe you will find one that has a mobile app.

Kings Chance Casino

It has already been more than one decade since this casino was released. And perhaps during that time it has become one of the special ones. This one doesn’t just have one special feature that separates it from the rest. They have 2. First, the casino has a massive welcome bonus option. This something out of the ordinary. They offer the astonishing amount of $10,000 in credit for the first 5 deposits. It is usually rare to see places go above $1,000. These guys decided to add an extra zero to that amount. Moreover, They also have one of the biggest game selections in the market. They offer almost 2,000 games. They still don’t have an app on the IOS app store which is something they should work on. IPhone users can still play for real money from their browser.

Golden Star Casino

This online casino was founded back in 2012. 9 years in business is not a small number. Unfortunately this casino also doesn’t have an app for iPhone users yet. However, it has features that are worth taking a look at. Iphone users can play for real money through their browser. One of the unusual trends that this casino offers is the use of cryptocurrencies as a banking option. The demand of this option keeps increasing and any business that offers it is one step ahead of the competition. Their CoinsPaid service allows players to deposit and withdraw from different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, the 2 most popular ones. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have games that are played specifically with Bitcoin. So your winnings on such games will be paid in bitcoin currency. Not many online casinos have such a feature.

Casino Mate

This one has been in business since 2011. It has mobile capabilities for iPhone users throughout their browsers. They don’t offer a mobile app for any operating system. It is still one of the best online casinos out there though. They have a large selection of games. These games come from some of the most trusted developers in the market like Booming Games and iSoftBet. They also have a bonus for new players that is very tempting. Up to $1400 in deposit matches added to 80 zero wager free spins are a very good incentive. The online casino has a 128-bit SSL security feature.


888 was established in 1997 which makes it the oldest site on the list. But that is not the only thing that makes it special. This online casino already has a mobile app for IOS devices. The app was first launched 6 years ago and then re-launched a better version 3 years ago. The app has a 4.6 rating. Using the app you have access to a $20 welcome bonus with no deposit. But perhaps the regular browser welcome bonus is better. First of all, the no deposit bonus is higher. Moreover, for those ready to spend big they also have an option of up to $1500 in deposit match. Therefore, there is a special for players in any financial situation. Besides the promotions they also have good banking options. They offer PayPal which is the preferred form of payment for many online businesses with millions of users worldwide.

In Conclusion

Iphones came to innovate in the cell phone world. At the time it was crazy to have computer-like capabilities in a cell phone. During the almost 14 years since the release of the first iPhone, cell phones have only gotten more and more powerfull. Today they are faster with more memory. The development of mobile apps has helped businesses stay relevant in this new technological world. Apple was the only cell phone brand to have their own operating system. This meant more work for developers like online casinos. Since 2019 apple only allows online casino apps that were programmed specifically for IOS. And while it is more work for developers it is still worth doing it. There are millions of iPhone users worldwide and the numbers just keep growing every year. Real money casinos need to follow 888’s example and develop their own IOS mobile apps.

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