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Put your cloth wallet down, an era of e-wallets begins!

Could you tell us how often you take a wallet to pay for different services, like buying food or paying taxes? Not that often, do you? Nowadays in the times of technological progress there is an effective tool enabling you to lose your money in a simple and quick way. E-wallets, that is definitely right. It is highly noticeable how frequently Australians take a telephone and not a credit card whilst having a McDonald’s order, for instance. And there is one-upmanship over those who tended to play casino games at the establishments some time ago. Just pour your most favourite beverage in the cup, take a seat in front of the screen and give it a go!

In this particular article we are going to touch upon the most famous and commonly used e-wallets for online casinos in Australia. More than that, we will evaluate the essence of web wallets in gambling as well as explain how to withdraw your wins from the casino to the wallet account. And it would not take you that long to read the piece of information, so relax and go with the flow.

What is an e-wallet?

Can you name the very first thing that springs to mind when visualising an e-wallet? Well, as the letter e tells you, it is a service on the Internet. E, or digital means electronic (it is kind of obvious, isn’t it?). An e-wallet gives an opportunity to make transactions online via your smartphone or computer. Electronic wallets function in the same way as our traditional credit cards. If a user has to save money there, it is no hardship to implement such a process.
Conventionally a digital wallet comprises user’s info and software. People type in their personal details such as names, amounts of money to be paid or details of other debit cards. The software part deals with security, keeps sensitive information and encrypts it so no third parties could steal important data.
Anyone who wants to start using an e-wallet should firstly sign up to an account and provide the site with personal details including login and password. But before a smartphone app should be installed. Suffice it to say, every digital wallet has its own purposes and is deployed in various circumstances.

E-wallets in the casino industry

Electronic wallets and online casinos both came through more or less at the same time. Nowadays you just can’t imagine a player withdrawing or depositing money without the help of digital technologies. But why have e-wallets already become an ordinary thing for users? What is it that seduces gamblers to opt for wallets and not credit or debit cards?

  • Exceeding quickness. There is no need to say that each player aspires to play online casino games straight away and without any sort of delays. E-wallet transactions are faster and far more flexible than credit cards.
  • Access to international casinos. Reputable and popular online casinos operate all over the world, and e-wallets should keep up the mark. The international aspect of gambling cannot be underestimated.
  • Hard to navigate? It is a piece of cake! Technologies available today must provide simplicity of e-wallet usage.
  • Supported devices. The only thing that is a must-have is your phone or computer. Easily made payments right from a device don’t pose any problems for players.

Well-known e-wallets for online casinos in Australia

Now let’s proceed to the brands of electronic wallets that are in high demand in the country. Every wallet has its peculiarities, advantages and drawbacks. Your only task is to choose the one that fits all the claims.


Neteller goes as an online e-wallet platform that permits cash transfers and online purchases. Originally the wallet came up more than 20 years ago and it set up the process of online gambling transactions in 2000. It is absolutely free to sign up and safe to deposit and withdraw money. Besides, there are some decent loyalty programs for those who always pay on the Internet. The more Internet purchases you make, the more points you get. VIP programs are available, too. Neteller has established itself as one of the most transparent e-wallets in online casino transactions.


Skrill is mostly famous for its wide operational geography of up to 120 countries. More than that, it enables you to pay in various currencies. Providing an extra protection layer, Google Authenticator, the company stresses that security is their top priority. Users from different parts of the planet fully trust Skrill, and it is not just big talk!


The EcoPayz establishment became recognisable not long ago, although it was created in the beginning of the 21st century. It has to be mentioned that EcoPayz has a significant milestone of developing an application for iOS users back in 2009 earlier than their rivals. Overall, it is a reputable company with multilingual support working around the clock.


Ladies and gentleman, the PayPal e-wallet is on the stage. Let’s give it a wave of applause! PayPal is without any doubt the most noticeable and commonly exploited apps online. It serves no less than 200 countries and approves 20 currencies. On the other hand, most of sensible users accuse PayPal of letting problem gamblers spend up to $150,000 dollars. Nevertheless, everyone is aware of PayPal, so it makes them #1 e-wallet in the list.

In conclusion

Only your personal choice identifies a suitable e-wallet platform. In today’s world of severe rivalry, every digital money platform is striving for user success by implementing engaging features. Feel free to utilise the wallet and open up the door to technological and consuming online casino play.

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