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Put aside traditional casino games, let’s try some dice!

It goes without saying dice aren’t the most popular table games at casinos, and it doesn’t really matter whether you play at online venues or brick-and-mortar establishments. Nevertheless, this fascinating kind of game really resonates with many punters from all over the world. Although an amount of dice projects may be limited to very small numbers, gamblers may have an empowering experience playing the game.

The history of the dice game stems back to 600 B.C. when Chinese people created cubed dice with 6 sides. But it wasn’t intended for playing though. The initial purpose lied in telling fortunes. Some time later, dice became a chance game for those who wished to try their luck. 

Novice players may consider dice intimidating due to the fact that these games are rapid and propose plenty of bets. More than that, screaming people sitting around the table add to the turmoil at venues. To be fair, it is a common perception if you are a newcomer. You are not alone here, rest assured.  

In this piece of material, let’s take a closer look at some worldwide dice projects that attract thousands of gamblers as well as unconventional games that you may stumble upon only in several regions.


Craps represents a quite popular game at casinos, if not the most among this category. We don’t yet know the real origins of the game, it remains opaque. There is a common suggestion, however, that it was evolving regardless of a person who could have come up with a breakthrough idea or any particular date. On the one hand, some fans tend to think craps originated from a traditional English game called Hazard. On the other hand, it is Crabes, a game from France, that could be the ancestor of modern dice.


The French politician and nobleman Bernard Phillipe became the very first man to introduce the dice game in the US. It occurred in the 18th century. His variation of the project was subject to multiple issues. Moreover, another dice version came out in the beginning of the 20th century. There was a guy called John Winn that created the exact type of the game we see and play nowadays. However, it wasn’t Craps that people used to call this game in the past. Players had a special title for it. Crapaud means ‘toad’ in French and this name was being used for a reason. Passionate game lovers used to spend countless hours relishing the dice process on streets crouched over a sidewalk, similar to a toad. A curb or a simple wall used to serve as a barrier to roll the dice against.


The game itself may sound and look challenging to newcomers. Don’t worry, because once you have learned the Pass Line Bet rule, there is nothing to question. The kernel of craps is to make wagers on the numbers that pop up on two dice after each throw. There is no need to be the person who throws those dice (sometimes players call him the shooter) in order to place bets. The Come Out Roll represents the first throw in the game, where punters can either lose or win bets and advance into rounds based on points. In the latter stages of craps, punters may hope to get a specific number on dice before landing the Seven combination. When there is a gambler playing, you can wager either against a casino or the player. Craps constitutes a project where all punters can be victorious simultaneously except the casino. When compared to some other games at casinos, craps offer alluring odds. 

Other Variations of Craps

Craps is by far the greatest and most well-liked type of dice at both online and land-based casinos. Online gambling platforms such as Planet 7Oz and Joe Fortune offer a brilliant opportunity to give astonishingly designed craps a shot. From time to time craps can be discovered in live dealer modes, but that is a very rare occasion, to be honest.

Loads of different variations of the game have appeared over the years. There is a list of several craps examples that can be found at some gambling venues.

New York Craps 

Quite similar to the Bank Craps game version. The game is popular among players not only in the Eastern region of the USA but in England and the Bahamas as well. Also, the table itself and layout are distinct from those in Bank Craps

High Point Craps

This variation slightly differs so as not to feature rolls of 2 and 3. The shooter has to roll dice over and over again until another number combination appears. However, once a gambler has 11 or 12 in total, he automatically wins. 

Scarney Craps 

John Scarne was the inventor of the game. The peculiarity of this version is that Don’t Come and Come bets are omitted and the casinos don’t charge players with extra fees on right bets. Scarney Craps was intended to increase the profit of those casino establishments that couldn’t boast of having large audiences like in Vegas. South American casinos were abundant with Scarney Craps. 

Die Rich 

It is a comparatively new title in the craps industry. Only one die is rolled in the game. Dice cups on small tables are the ordinary tools for Die Rich.

The one who throws the die should make a pass-line bet and only then start to roll. The first throw is the come-out roll. If the die shows 6, a player wins. Number 1 leads to a loss. 

Simplified Craps

The essence of this variation is straightforward: once a punter lands 2,3, 4, 10, 11 or 12 in total, it is a win. Other numbers apart from 12 are losing numbers.

Crapless Craps

It is commonly known as Bastard Craps. You may experience Crapless Craps in private conditions as well as in various casinos. In this variation following the come out throw 2,3, 12 and 11, the natural, are point numbers.

Pros and Cons of Online Craps

It has already become a common trend for punters to relish playing casino games online. Away from classic video slots and card table games, there are specialties that can please the eye. Let’s outline the advantages and downfalls of online craps.


  • You could play from the comfort of your home at any given period of time
  • Set personal game speed
  • Wrong betting is not going to affect anyone
  • You can have access to bet and financial statements easily


  • No real atmosphere of throwing physical dice
  • Protracted winnings payouts


Gamblers used to relish playing Hazard in England even 7 centuries ago. That is how deep its roots grow. Some people are of an opinion that goes even further in time. There are Arabic roots connected with the discovery of the game. It was the period between the 17th and 18th centuries when Hazard gained the peak in popularity. More than that, French and US residents started playing the game some time later. Almost every crap title you may come across on online gambling platforms and at brick-and-mortar casinos. Rules of modern dice games are quite identical. Although the popularity of Hazard has diminished a little bit, you can still bump into it at multiple Western casino venues.

Sic Bo

The Sic Bo game is an ancient Chinese version of dice. Originally players used to utilise blocks made of wood that may remind of Mahjong pieces. Millions of Asian gamblers love this kind of dice, and the city of Macau is a real cradle of casino games where punters will be overwhelmed with the comprehensive array not only of craps but other casino games. 

There is a table with possible payouts and odds as well as three dice. Payouts aren’t the same from one casino to another. You can wager on exact numbers, totals and sequences earning both big and small wins. If a player wishes to handle bets easily, Sic Bo is a remedy.


At least, there is a dice game established in Australia, and that’s not certain too. Various people tend to think that the homeland of kangaroos was the country where chuck-a-luck was born. 

Dice are thrown inside a chuck cage in the form of an hourglass. To wager on sequences and totals, dice have corresponding numbers ranging from 1 to 6. The game is quite identical to the game called Crown and Anchor. British soldiers used to play it during World War I. Dice were marked with specific symbols but not numbers.

Banca Francesca

A bit of Portuguese casino vibes here. Including 3 dice on the playing table, you may come across Banca Francesca mostly at Portuguese gambling venues. The game is no different to Baccarat and presents extremely big house edges.


Forget about two or three dice, let’s go on a roll with 5 dice. American players used to play the game at casinos with low budgets. It reminds players of classic poker as there are the same playing combinations. 

Bitcoin Dice

The role of cryptocurrency in casino games has been increasingly amplifying due to untraced and rapid payments. And Bitcoin dice isn’t on the sidelines here. The game is a bit more complicated than Sic Bo or classic craps. This type of dice features Random Number Generators with loads of playing numbers.

The majority of Bitcoin games of dice include wagering on a range of numbers from 1 to 10,000 and even further. Although the exhilaration of the traditional dice playing process cannot be compared with digital numbers, the game offers anonymity. It is better to learn the game’s technology and some remarkable features before kicking things off.

In Conclusion

Summarizing, these are variations of dice you have acquainted with. Some of them are rather obscure and rare and others are played by thousands of fascinated gamblers from all over the globe. The ball is in your court to decide what game suits you most. 

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