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Prominent Films About Gambling and Casinos

Everyone is well aware of the commonly accepted fact gambling and betting has been an inseparable domain of our playing experience even since ancient civilisation times. Consequently, this doesn’t come as a revelation that the filming industry has produced enough films on the particular topic. Sumptuous Hollywood is undoubtedly a mecca for the most overpriced and nevertheless exquisite films not only about casinos and gambling itself but on autobiographies, adventures and other genres. 

There is an abundance of movies and films nowadays in the market catering for true gambling lovers, even so many it couldn’t be accurately counted. Other fascinating masterpieces notwithstanding, the following movies are chiefly based on a sheer range of topics related to gambling. This encompasses such immersive and, albeit much associated with risk, themes as different engaging casino games, online casino platforms and loads of more. Essentially, these are just absorbing films to enjoy watching. 

The movies defined in this piece comprise almost all kinds of locations and periods of time that an imaginative mind of a person can possibly fantasize. Unquestionably, multiple movies carry us over to such acclaimed places as the city of Las Vegas or opulent Monte Carlo with marvelous casino rooms for the richest. What is more important, these movies pay close attention to perplexing and enthralling poker hand scenes.  

Our adventure transcends the boundaries of conventional action movies: we will be overwhelmed by mafia rows on the one hand and we will laugh out loud while watching enjoyable comedies on the other. By the time the article comes to a logical conclusion, readers will have a complete assortment of the most renowned icons of the cinematographic world. Once you are a fervent casino player, you should start watching these movies forthwith.

List of Gambling-Related Films 

Below, you could discover a broad selection of worldwide movies on the gambling topic. We didn’t break down the list according to specific categories like the release date or particular actors starring. This is solely the collection of movies that have got tremendous public appeal over the years. Don’t hesitate anymore and opt for a fascinating cinematography gift out of the following titles:

  • The Cincinnati Kid
  • Molly’s Game
  • Casino Royale
  • 21
  • Ocean’s 11. 

With no more time to spare, let’s delve straight into the kernel of our discussion. We shall commence displaying those films with the latter heading. 

Ocean’s 11

Apparently, the Ocean’s 11 film serves as the most iconic movie among the non-gambling audience. Holders of several prestigious film awards, the plot of the movie predominantly hinges on heists executed by ingenious minds of thieves. If you are a casino aficionado, you just can’t afford to go walking instead of relishing the film directed by an American specialist Steven Soderbergh. 

The leading starring actors in this exhilarating movie are George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. Although it is a heist film, the plot happens in Las Vegas alone. The main character, Danny Ocean, and his talented crew of burglars are patiently planning a startling heist operation. Thus, you will be packed with a range of action scenes across the entire movie. 

Frankly speaking, there is something unique about Ocean’s 11. Film characters don’t simply carry out a theft. This is a large-scale robbery pulled off in a spectacular way. Throughout the action, heroes are trying to demonstrate how a brilliant and flawless heist should be performed. That is why the movie with a two-decade history of both criticism and praise has got several honour awards.

Casino Royale 

Although having 2 variations of the prominent detective story devised by Ian Fleming, the Casino Royale film with Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig as the director and the leading actor respectively is assuredly the most accomplished one. The kernel of the plot covers the famous James Bond that withstands a villain and fervent poker player called Le Chiffre.

One of the monumental scenes in the movie focuses on the epic poker showdown in the city of Monte Carlo. Of course, every gentleman and a poker player should have a female companion. Fortunately, Eva Green, a French actress, represents such an attribute. Overall, the whole film is utterly magnificent. 


The 21 famous movie starring Kevin Spacey depicts the story about a prolific team of blackjack players. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing drama featuring inquisitive minds from the acclaimed MIT university.

The film depicts a close-knit team of intelligent and talented students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Ben as the leader of the group. One of the university teachers gathers a group and eventually sends them to Atlantic City to beat the casino system and obtain an enormous jackpot exploiting card counting skills.

However, things aren’t so straightforward, and there are multiple stumbling blocks along the way. Bad luck, security guards and furious counterparts complicate matters.

Overall, the film is extremely addictive and you might not want to interrupt watching it after 30 or 40 minutes of play. Most gamblers have a craving for the movie due to its quick pace and a real event plot. But it could also occur when young students concentrate on their studies instead of building up a career in gambling instead. 

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid film follows the immersive story of the future casino player called Lancey Howard. She proves to be a brilliant card player. A fascinating range of unrelated activities hinder the young player. All characters playing over the poker table are extremely confident in their prowess. Gamblers are so sure they are keen on raising their bets significantly in order to grab the largest profit in life. 

Molly’s Game 

This is another marvelous casino movie based on a real sequence of events. The movie features the intriguing Molly Bloom story on previously having a declining career in skiing. Now the time has come to change business and strive for gambling success.

The plot begins with Molly being injured and a subsequent withdrawal from a tournament. This obstacle led her into the gambling universe. Jessica Chastain is the starring actress that plays the leading hero in a brilliant way. A young and attractive woman, Molly is well aware how to deal with the nitty-gritty of casinos and the essence of men. 

For a start, Molly runs a casino venue for her rich boss. Ultimately, she ends up as the sole owner of a casino room. Unsurprisingly, any casino business activity forces authoritative bodies to take part. It is a remarkable journey of the smart woman. The film would certainly keep the eyes of the audience on the screen. 

In Conclusion 

Once you are a casino movie fan or just keen on playing any casino game you bump into, feel the thrill of the dedicated movies without spending personal funds. Cinematography presents such an opportunity. 

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