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Privacy Policy

Here is how you can find us:

Our website – https://casinobestau.com/

What personal information we obtain and why


We gather users data found in the comments section on the website. Also, it is necessary for us to know the IP address and the browser information to detect spam.


When images are uploaded on the website, we extract the location of the object (EXIF GPS). Due to this other visitors can see the location information when downloading images.


We use cookies on this webpage so every time you leave a comment they automatically collect the data you wrote including your name and an email address. You don’t need to be concerned about it since cookies serve to save your time. With them there is no need to fill in the form each time you put some comment.

At the moment of entering your login page our website uses a temporary cookie to find out whether the browser you utilize accepts cookies. Such a type of cookies is not supposed to obtain personal information and will be removed as soon as you finish using the browser.

Also, the cookies work every time you enter your account. This is how we save your name and password, as much as your preferences and what you would like to see. The login information remains for several days while the display settings stay with us during a year. There is an option to save the information for two weeks. For this you’ll need to press the Remember me button. The login cookies are removed after leaving your account.

When you decide to post any comment we use another type of cookies. It doesn’t contain any personal information but the post ID. We keep it for a day.

Embedded content from other websites

Our cookies work in the same manner when you place any kind of embedded content including videos, images or articles from other sources.

Personal information

The moment you signed in the information from your profile is saved. At any moment you can edit or delete it, but the username will remain. Administration of the website is allowed to see the changes.

How you can treat your personal data

After you registered and wrote a comment it is available for you to receive a file containing all the personal details you entered on the website. Also, you may send a request in order to remove any piece of your personal information on the website.

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