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Online Gambling Jurisdictions

We all know that the Internet offers loads of gambling opportunities. Nevertheless, one wouldn’t find a universal legal document that regulates all online casinos around the globe. Instead of this, multiple territories pass their own laws and rules to control and regulate gambling. It is no doubt these laws differ from one country to another. It implies that gambling actions allowed or prohibited depend on where you dwell in. To make things even more sophisticated, the majority of territories regularly make amendments to already existing laws.

This piece of the material deals with various regulatory bodies that license online casino operators and laws around different areas in the world. Also, have a look at the major gambling jurisdictions in the online casino industry. Once you find yourself a fervent casino punter, it is imperative for you to keep the following information close to your heart. 

Before we delve into studying the material in greater detail, let’s provide thorough answers to some questions connected with gambling. 

What is a Gambling Jurisdiction?

To set up an online casino venue, an operator must register a company within a territory that allows gambling on the Internet. Thus, such countries authorise providing casino services to overseas punters. A jurisdiction represents a regulatory body responsible for resolving some issues regarding licenses. In other words, these are licensing authorities. In order to serve high-standard casino games online, each operator must hold a corresponding license approved by an appropriate jurisdiction. A casino site has to host some operations in the territory it wants to be licensed. The explanation is that online casinos are located in the territory, where providing Internet gambling services is totally legal. 

How Gambling Rules Affect a Casino Player?

Online casino operators provide their games, bonuses and other services to customers through the Internet. It is highly unusual for a country to ban punters completely from playing any form of online casino games. With keeping this in mind, you should be well aware of legal rules that apply in your country. No one wishes to accidentally break laws. More than just that, we recommend you get acquainted with gambling regulations in various countries. The thing is that some laws could be stringent, whereas others are fairly relaxed. It implies not all operators adhere to the one and only gambling regulation standard. This is what you should learn. Opting for an online casino with strict licensing laws can be a decent advantage. 

Online Casino Regulations in Different Countries 

As it has already been mentioned, each territory has its own sets of laws in regards to gambling and online casinos in particular. We are going to find out what rules governments of the most developed countries implement to regulate the industry of gambling. 

Gambling in New Zealand 

So, this remote country is a brilliant place for tourists to visit. You will hardly discover a territory with such scenic natural landscapes. Prosperous tourism is closely connected with the fact that land-based casinos are legal within the territory of the country. 

As of today, one can find 6 brick-and-mortar casino venues in New Zealand. The very first casino opened its gates more than 25 years ago, in 1994, to be precise. Since that, the role of casinos and the benefits the government reaped have been increasingly amplifying. Punters from across the globe started visiting the country for colourful slots and engaging table games to play. The gambling market was flourishing. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the influx of tourists has diminished. 

To plat legally at brick-and-mortar casinos in NZ, visit these venues:

  • The SkyCity Group: Hamilton, Queenstown, Wharf and Auckland casinos
  • Dunedin Casino, Dunedin
  • Christchurch Casino, Christchurch.

The New Zealand gambling rules that apply to land-based casinos charge venues with a tax. This fee resembles a part of the income an operator generates. The Department of Internal Affairs represents a regulatory authority that licenses internal gambling venues.

Online Regulations 

To be fair, online casino laws in New Zealand are straightforward. Thanks to the Gambling Act that was introduced in 2003, it is simple to grasp what is prohibited and what is legal. It is forbidden for online casino operators to establish a platform in the country. However, New Zealanders can enjoy playing their favourite casino games at overseas venues. 

Gambling in the UK 

It is completely legal to play online casino games if you are a British resident. Moreover, the gambling industry in the country is very well regulated. Having permission from the Gambling Commission, any gambling platform can offer its services to players outside the United Kingdom. The latest amendment to the law took place in 2014. Previously, sites registered in while-listed countries could accept British users. 

On the one hand, strict legislation is what attracts responsible punters. On the other hand, operators need to pay pretty high fees, 15% of all income produced from British customers, and that is a significant downside. 

Let’s name those countries that fall under the category of white-listed jurisdictions:

  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • Tasmania 
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Alderney
  • European Economic Area countries. 

Gambling in Canada

Gambling laws introduced in this particular country are quite perplexing to figure out. On the one hand, it is forbidden to offer online casino services to Canadian residents if you don’t possess a corresponding government license. However, there aren’t any rules taking place that restrict overseas gambling. 

Additionally, the territory is divided into several provinces, each of which regulates gambling on its own. There are local governments that set their own betting venues. 

Gambling in the United States 

It can be definitely concluded that gambling laws in the US are unobvious. Plenty of casino sites have been offering tempting bonuses and absorbing casino games to US punters. However, the 1971 Wire Act didn’t clarify whether depositing at the online casino was legal (it is clear because gambling platforms we know today didn’t exist at that time). Since then, betting on telephones became illegal, but as for online gambling, nothing was certain. 

With the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, things changed a little. This law prohibited banking organisations to process gambling payments between a US punter and an online casino. As a result, casino operators stopped welcoming users from the States. 

Nonetheless, other casino operators carried on taking players from the US. The argument for that was if a casino operates from an overseas country, where gambling and establishing an online casino is allowed, then no laws are broken. Consequently, there were some that rejected the idea of further gambling, whilst others continued making wagers. The universal perception lied in the fact that if a customer uses a gambling website, they don’t act illegally. 

As for now, the tendency has changed. There are states that totally acknowledge betting and gambling legal activities. Some territories within the country are preparing to follow in their footsteps, whereas several states still debating the subject of discussion.

Gambling in Africa 

Different gambling forms are legal throughout the African continent. Some territories host brick-and-mortar casinos. For example, a lot of tourists travel to South Africa to relish playing beloved games at casino venues. Also, South Africa is on the list of African countries that officially allowed online gambling. 

Gambling in South America 

Gambling activities on the continent are legal, but not entirely. For instance, Brazil prohibits every gambling activity apart from lotteries and horse races. There are no boundaries for South American punters to play at foreign online casinos. 

Gambling in Europe 

There are plenty of countries in Europe, and every territory applies their own laws. Rules may differ significantly in various territories. Although the European Commission can impose changes regarding gambling regulation, generally European countries are free to alter gambling laws as they wish. 

Gambling in Asia 

Like in most of the European countries, each territory has its own laws to adhere to. There are no universal regulations, rules can vary dramatically from one nation to another. Some countries have legal land-based casinos, whilst some territories ban gambling venues. 

Online Casino Jurisdictions 

Let’s enumerate some Internet casino jurisdictions that are in high demand among operators.

Antigua and Barbuda

This is a renowned place for offshore gambling. The region was one of the quickest to make online casinos legal. Since 1994, the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling has been issuing licenses to gambling companies.

Costa Rica 

Being home to loads of gambling establishments, only a general business license is obligatory to set up an online casino.


One more pioneer in the online casino market. The Computer Wagering License Act came into force 25 years ago to regulate Internet gambling platforms. Thanks to the reduction of fees necessary to establish a casino, more and more operators tend to choose this country.


One of the most famous and reputable online casino jurisdictions. Having stringent regulations in place, the Alderney Gaming Control Commission guarantees high standards of operations.


It is one of the most popular and acclaimed online casino destinations for operators. Being an EU country, Malta introduced gambling legislation very early. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority represents an authoritative body for resolving gambling issues. Moreover, it governs online casino license approvals.


It happened in 2002 when Panama started the licensing process for online casinos and betting companies. The Panama Gaming Control Board controls all procedures in regard to Internet gambling regulation. The authority also ensures casinos are strongly committed to high gambling standards.


This country has established itself as a leader in online casino regulation. It has been issuing casinos since 1998. From then on, loads of casino operators have opted for the Gibraltar jurisdiction. Strict rules applied to obtain the Gibraltar gambling license also add to the trustworthiness of the jurisdiction. 


Being an Indian reserve located in the Canadian territory, it is one of the initial online casino jurisdictions. The region is home to multiple operators that would like to establish a gambling platform. In 1998 the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was introduced to issue betting and casino licenses. To regulate the gambling industry, the commission has close partnerships with some renowned authoritative bodies across the globe.

Isle of Man  

This is an island near the UK that offers gambling jurisdictions not only for betting but for online casinos as well. The Gambling Supervision Commission deals with license issues and controls the requirements a company needs to get approval. In order to ensure online casinos are compliant with corresponding laws, this commission monitors platforms’ operations. 


The Ministry of Finance has been issuing licenses for gambling companies since 2012. The striking peculiarity of the Cyprus jurisdiction is that bingo operators encompass the majority of licensed establishments. Cyprus allows betting on sports and lottery-based games, so if you are a fervent gambler and have a craving for football, for example, this country is for you. 


The country of Curacao was part of the Netherlands Antilles in the past. Today it is an independent state with gambling jurisdictions being the leading industry. They commenced licensing online casinos and other forms of gambling way back in 1996. The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority, a regulative body that emerged in the same year, is the official organisation that grants licenses to operators.

In Conclusion

Summarising, this is enough useful information for you to understand and form sensible conclusions regarding the safety of playing at an online casino. Nevertheless, don’t rush into reckless decision-making, make sure a gambling platform you are about to play at is legal and trustworthy. That is your key to responsible gambling. 

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