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Online Casinos with Unusual Trends

There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of online casino pages out there. All of them seem to offer pretty much the same things. So what difference does it make to players in which online casino they play? Shouldn’t I just pick the first one that appears on my google search? Perhaps there are reasons to take a look at the differences. There are some online casinos that offer different features than the others. Some of these features can be related to promotions. Others can have different banking options. The game variety is also for the most part different among the online casinos. So depending on your main interests, there will for sure be at least one that will have the features you need. We are going to show you some Australian online casinos with the most unusual trends in the market.


So at the ends what are the most important features that players should be on the look for:

  • Theme and Design- Perhaps the first thing that will catch your eye when you enter a website is the design. If the page has brilliant accents and exhilarating graphics you are likely to keep scrolling. Moreover, if the page has a theme that is of your interest you might be already hooked to stay there and play.
  • Banking option- The banking options can be a savior or a pain. In order to play you need to deposit money to your casino account and if you win you then need to take that money home. This should be an easy task but if online casinos don’t offer reliable banking options it can turn into a nightmare.
  • Games- It is obvious that games are key. It is normal that people like the option of choice. Online casinos with small game portfolios can turn boring pretty fast. For that reason those that offer many games and also innovative games are ahead of the competition.
  • Promotions- All the online casinos are going to offer different promotions. Perhaps they might all look similar but they are not. It is important to read the details and make sure the promotions are actually worth it. Along this process you will notice that there are some that offer promotions that are really extraordinary and much better than the ones the competition offers.

Zodiac Casino

This is one of those that have an innovative theme and design. Many people are fans of horoscopes and go about life depending on what they see on them. Well Zodiac is the place to love horoscopes and also gambling. The site has a horoscope section with the weekly horoscopes for every zodiac sign. They also have a list of famous people who have every zodiac sign. This way you can see if by any chance Brad Pitt is also a Virgo and he is destined to suffer your pain this week. The section also shows you the lucky numbers for the week. So players can enjoy their horoscope, write down their lucky numbers and head on to play some online casino games.

Aussie Casino

This is another one that has an innovative design. The casino was founded only 2 years ago. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why they have a fresh design. Their webpage is very dynamic with many eye catching accents. Moreover, the theme of the casino is an extraterrestrial from another gambling galaxy. All their information on the website is related to how this foreign gambler is bringing a new gambling experience to us on earth and specifically Australia. Another special trend they have is that they allow Bitcoin as a baking option. This is an online casino of the future and it allows the currency of the future on it. Bitcoin is one of the most secure forms of payment in the world.

Golden Star Casino

This online casino was founded back in 2012. 9 years in business is not a small number. One of the unusual trends that this casino offers is the use of cryptocurrencies as a banking option. The demand of this option keeps increasing and any business that offers it is one step ahead of the competition. The popularity of the currency comes from the security features that makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit them. Their CoinsPaid service allows players to deposit and withdraw from different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, the 2 most popular ones. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have games that are played specifically with Bitcoin. So your winnings on such games will be paid in bitcoin currency. Not many online casinos have such a feature.

Kings Chance Casino

It has already been more than one decade since this casino was released. And perhaps during that time it has become one of the special ones. This one doesn’t just have one special feature that separates it from the rest. They have 2. First, the casino has a massive welcome bonus option. This something out of the ordinary. They offer the astonishing amount of $10,000 in credit for the first 5 deposits. It is usually rare to see places go above $1,000. These guys decided to add an extra zero to that amount. Moreover, They also have one of the biggest game selections in the market. They offer almost 2,000 games. For the most part the average online casino has around 500 games. This one has 4 times that. For sure there is a game for every player in this casino.


This one has different things that make it rare. 1997 was the year when 888 began serving players. This makes it the oldest casino on the list. Moreover, they also have a welcome bonus that you don’t see very often. For starters they have the option of a bonus with no deposit. Not many casinos give credit to people for free. Moreover, for those ready to go big they also have an option of up to $1500 in deposit match. Therefore, every kind of player will be able to find a promotion that fits their financial situation. Besides the promotions they also have good banking options. They offer PayPal as one of their options and perhaps that is more than enough. PayPal is the most used electronic form of payment in the world. They currently have more than 280 million users around the world.

In Conclusion

As in every decision in life every head is a world. We all have different mentalities, needs and desires. For that reason, there are online casinos that offer different options to try to fit into a specific market of people. When they care about their money there has to be good banking options. If they like to try new things, the creation of innovative themes and designs is required. For those that like to choose, having a wide game portfolio is needed. And for those that like to get something in return, promotions have to be good. All of these aspects need to be included in a successful online casino. And while perhaps every casino website out there will have all of them, we have shown you the ones that have out of the ordinary ones.

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