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Online Casino Games Real Money

It goes without saying that gambling obsession has been going hand in hand with our lifestyle for a very long time. In the past spectators were making bets on gladiators, for instance, and nowadays we place our hard-earned money on casino games and other forms of gambling. The evolution of the gambling industry throughout all these centuries of the past has formed the market we observe today. Whether it is roulette or blackjack, we have a tremendous opportunity to experience the process of gaming both at land-based and online casinos.

Online gambling platforms have been in the limelight for some time now. With the introduction of first-ever online casino in the middle 90s, the industry started to evolve by leaps and bounds. Casino owners register their enterprises in offshore territories with relaxed legislation rules. Software companies spend countless hours and lots of funds to develop technological and user-friendly games. Finally, avid online casino players don’t regret their free time to be fulfilled with an atmosphere of entertainment and pleasant nervousness. And we don’t even refer to enormous amounts of money players cash in with the hope of winning progressive jackpots.

To be fair, modern online casino gaming incorporates technological progress of play as well as a new frontier of exhilarating emotions. Land-based casinos still haven’t lost its polish, but they have paled into insignificance for sure.

Before we plunge into the history and overview of online casino game types, let’s stumble upon the list of games, slots in particular, that you could opt for to gain basic playing experience.

Online Casino Slot Machines

Software companies develop and operate slots according to various trends in the society. It can be either a raucous TV series or a worldwide film. On the contrary, developers create games to suit basic preferences like food or holidays. It is of a paramount importance for online casinos to make high-quality games so that people could take the bait and begin playing.

So, we would like to present you the range of diverse slots that could suit all tastes. From sushi vibes to well-known film characters, everyone would come across the game that satisfies personal tastes.

Gladiator Slot Game

Imagine remote times of Ancient Rome. General Maximus is leading his army to a battle against Germanic tribes. After a bitter loss, the emperor’s son, Commodus, a deceitful and insidious person, destroys the general’s family and tries to arrest the commander. Soon after that, Maximus finds himself as a gladiator fighting for freedom in the famous Colosseum. Driven by the sense of revenge, Maximus will stop at nothing to pay for what Commodus has done to his family and reputation.

But let’s draw a line under it as we are talking about a slot game, not a film. Those players who cherish those tragic moments of the movie would definitely enjoy playing the slot game based on Gladiator.

The Microgaming software company is responsible for the development of this slot. In the background there is a flamboyant Colosseum under the blazing sun with Maximus standing on the left side of the screen. The slot machine comprises 5 basic playing signs from 10 to Ace as well as thematic characters. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a clue who Proximo or Juba is, watch the movie first and only then enter the game. 


It is a classic slot game consisting of 3 rows and 5 reels with 25 paylines. The Return-to-Player ratio sets at 91.5% which is not that low to be honest. However, there are online games with higher RTP. It is no hardship to work out that special symbols carry bigger payouts with them. The main character is Maximus so it is no secret that the General represents a wild card. The scatter card of the slots is Coliseum.

Once you place a bet, reels start spinning. If you manage to get at least three 3 symbols on a payline, you claim a prize according to the amount of money deposited. The multiplier feature enables players to make their wins 5,75 or 5,000 times higher than the initial bet. Bets start from $1 and rack up to $250.

Sushi Slots

Apart from watching fascinating movies, food falls into the category of our everyday activities. We have breakfast before going to work; we are having lunch in the middle of an intense day and finally settle for a little dinner before sleep. Confess, what is your favourite guilty pleasure when it comes to food? Chips or maybe popcorn? Well, developers of a Sushi slot focus on those who can’t imagine their lives without a spring roll and wasabi.

The game is played on a makisu, a Japanese bamboo woven mat, where sushi comes up. It reminds players of visiting a traditional Japanese restaurant. And make sure your stomach is full because it can rumble during such a delicious slot game with the corresponding music.

The Game

As for gameplay, 3 reels and 3 rows are displayed in front of a player. Paylines go from the left side to the right and there are 5 of them. Rules are pretty straightforward: a player wins once he claims a minimum of 3 similar sushi rolls. For example, the Avocado Tabiko will bring you $100, whereas the Ikura roll would make you $2,500 richer. All in all, the collection of rolls includes 6 various types of sushi plus 2 additional symbols. There is also a scatter symbol in the game in the form of a VIP card.

Of course, a true casino game is not a masterpiece without special bonuses and features. The first one, players could enjoy spinning the reels 20 more times without any deposit. Once you have claimed VIP cards, Free Spins pop up to make your game more enthralling. In addition, risky players have a chance of trying their luck in the all or nothing type of bet. After a win a gambler is offered to take one of 5 classic cards. To be precise, a dealer flips the first card and there is an option of selecting only out of 4 possible variants. If the value of your card is higher that of the dealer’s, your winnings are doubled. You are free to repeat this operation up to 10 times. Regretfully, all winnings vanish if you lose the mini-game.

Holiday Season Slot

Our lives are impossible without celebrating shining holidays surrounded by friends. A special place among the celebrations is occupied by Christmas and the New Year. Fond memories take us back to a sweet childhood, when we used to spend hours biting our nails looking forward to unwrapping cherished presents. Wish to reminisce about those pages again? Then the Holiday Season slot is for you.

Holiday Season is a classic reel slot consisting of 10 paylines and 5 spinning reels. First of all, the game proposes to manage the betting size. The value of coins differs, starting from 0.01 and up to 2.

As every online casino slot game, there are standard cards with the value of 10 to A. Besides, special symbols of Holiday Season contain a tasty turkey as well as a delicious pudding, a lady with the outfit of Santa Claus and a chap. 96.51% is the RTP number, it means that the game pays back quite enough money from what was initially wagered. 100 coins is the highest bet in Holiday Season. If you represent a reckless type of player (in a nice way, of course), then take the challenge.

Game Features

Wild and Scatter symbols represent an integral part of every online casino game. Holiday Season is not an exception here. A bottle of champagne and a Christmas present are the scatter and the wild respectively. 3 winning Scatters on the reels generate 5 Free Spins. In case you grab another scatter, 2 more Free Spins pop up. More than that, determined players could strive for a 500,000 coin non-progressive jackpot.

As it has already been mentioned before, the game has two impersonated symbols: a lady and a chap. Since a player spins 5 chaps in total, he claims 750 coins. It is 500 coins for the lady that players could win.

Finally, a Gamble option makes the game more engaging to the audience. Each combination of winnings leads you to the image of a playing card face down. Your task is to guess what colour a card is. A miss and winnings simply vanish, leaving you with a void in the heart and a casino account. In case of a correct guess, the amount of funds doubles or triples until you play the all-or-nothing mini-game for the fifth time.

Vikings Slot Game

A TV series is fundamentally different from movies. Films often last up to 2-3 hours, whereas TV shows comprise 6-7 seasons, each season includes 8-10 episodes, every episode contains 45-60 minutes of action. That’s a different scale, to be honest. People easily become couch potatoes with crazy series addiction. For some people, soap operas replace food, sleep and even life.

‘Vikings’ is the TV series that burst onto the scene several years ago. The series is a six-season journey; diehard followers of ‘Vikings’ have certainly watched every episode to death. The plot concentrates on a farmer from Norway who goes on a journey by sea to search for a better life. Through the actions of the protagonist and the overall picture of the film, viewers could explore the history of Viking culture and customs.

Characters and Special Features

The main characters of the series include Ragnar Lothbrok, Floki, Bjorn Ironside and Lagertha. The charming views of local nature decorate the game brilliantly. ‘Vikings’ is a slot machine with 3 rows and 5 reels. The lowest paid symbols don’t differ from the majority of other casino games, they are 10,J,Q,K and the Ace. The aforementioned special symbols could bring more winnings than just simple cards, but that winnings are identical. A viking shield is the scatter in the game, and it is the highest symbol in terms of payouts.

Apart from traditional spins, there is a game inside the game. ‘The Raid Spins’ show up after a player gets viking shield. More than that, the number of spins accessible depends on the amount of scatters a player won before. In contrast to the original slots, raid spins are of 5 rows and 7 reels. The maximum payout sum could reach as high as 200,000 coins.

The Terminator 2 Slot Game

Online casino slot games comprise the wide range of themed reels. It could be both old school or trend topics. There is a growing tendency of developing slots founded on popular movies. As a rule, worldwide films are commercially successful, while brand new ones are only on their way to greatness.

Without hesitation, Arnold Schwarznegger has been a major figure in the film industry for many years. And the Terminator saga established him as a Hollywood superstar. Although the Austrian actor took part in various other well-known films, viewers all over the world would certainly remember him as the Terminator.

The very first part of the saga came out more than 35 years ago, but still up to this day people consider the second film to be an absolute hit. Skynet, an artificial intelligence program, is going to gather control over the US. In order to accomplish the goal, Skynet sends T-1000, a liquid metal robot, to eliminate John Connor, the future resistance leader. As always, Arnold appears as a 101 Terminator to protect John and save the world.

The Terminator 2 represents a basic set of elements, including 243 paylines, 3 rows and 5 reels. The RTP ratio is 96.62%, and it is a pretty decent result compared to other slots. The game doesn’t utilise classic cards like 10 or pictures. Instead, 4 suits are applied: spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs. As for the special symbols, the lowest payout is for getting a T-800 icon ($10), whilst the image of Terminator enables you to grab $800.

Like in most games, Terminator 2 has wild and scatter symbols. The wild one is the flaming Terminator, while T-800 coming out of the electromagnetic circle is the scatter. Once you have claimed 3 scatters, you can expect to trigger some free spins.

Feel free to examine each casino slot game described on the site. Besides, there are other absorbing slots for you to opt for. Come to a conclusion what your game preferences are and act accordingly.

Wagering Requirements 

Are you familiar with requirements that online casinos charge players with when gamblers wish to withdraw winnings? Experienced casino game players will definitely raise their hands. Restrictions on bonuses have become a crucial part of every online gambling platform. Casinos wouldn’t even encourage players if wagering requirements were omitted. 

There are almost no perks at online casinos that don’t require wagering limitations. As the term tells us, players must wager the bonus amount specified number of times before withdrawing sums. For instance, a 40x wagering requirement forces players to wager this or that bonus 40 times, and only after that gamblers are right to cash out winnings.

What happens if you play without those limits? You simply claim a fat bonus and withdraw enormous amounts of money. That doesn’t stand in good stead for casinos. By introducing wagering requirements, online casinos protect themselves from excessive money leaks. Limits begin to take action once you have wagered bonuses on games. The greatest combination is slots together with requirements, it is a recurring story. On the other hand, table games like blackjack or poker may charge less than slots. There are examples in live dealer games when wagering requirements aren’t taken into account.

Nevertheless, some online casinos don’t require such limits at all. It usually happens with a very small amount of money. More than that, loyal players are removed from wagering requirements.

Banking Methods

The very first thing that springs to mind once you reflect on playing for real money is transaction security. Advanced hackers on the other side of the net could effortlessly snatch personal details, including credit card accounts. Besides, it takes an eternity for bank cards to make a transaction. In order to not display bank information across various casinos, open an e-wallet account. An electronic wallet company serves as an intermediary between you and a casino. In addition, you save time and nerves while using e-wallets as deposits and withdrawals are made in an instant.

There are only two bank card providers and almost all casinos accept them. We are talking about Visa and MasterCard cards. On the other side of the coin, the diversity of e-wallets strikes the mind. The most noticeable and commonly used wallets are Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz.


Neteller is without any doubt one of the most broadly accepted ways of depositing and withdrawing money by casinos, if not the most one. Yes, there is PayPal on the one side of the ring, but online casinos tend to operate with this e-wallet due to exceptional security and rapid transactions.


Skrill is one more rival of PayPal and Neteller. And although Neteller overtakes Skrill in terms of usage frequency, more casinos make the platform accessible in relation to PayPal. The e-wallet operates in more than 200 countries and boasts of having quick transactions as well. If your choice turns to Skrill, then it is a great option.


The EcoPayz (EcoCard previously) originated in 1999 and a sizeable portion of online gaming platforms deal with this e-wallet. One of particular attributes EcoPayz lies in the fact that players are able to cash out money to a financial facility and after that to a bank card.

Mobile Friendliness

A person without a smartphone is like a lost man in the woods. Nowadays people spend up to 5 hours every day holding a mobile gadget in a hand. We watch fascinating films, listen to melodic music and carry out operations like money transactions. That is why every company must consider mobile service development to become a vital part of everyday business.

This trend spares no online casino at all. Casino software developers create apps that are both simple to grasp and engaging to play. Due to the evolution of mobile technologies, people tend to spend more time on their phones than in front of computer screens.

If you open an online casino website, you would certainly discover that a casino accepts mobile versions of its games, both on iOS and Android. It means that every person is able to download an app and relish playing games on the go. Today budget versions of mobile gadgets are available in great demand, so there is no real hardship to purchase a smartphone, connect to the Internet and spin the reels almost everywhere on the planet. Of course, if you go on an adventure to some remote place, there are fewer chances that Internet connection is available.

According to the statistics, more than 55% of the population are able to use the benefits of the Internet. However, those who instantly play online games suffer from bad internet connection. An online casino should be well aware of the 5G technology and how it operates. The establishment of 5G is going to make mobile casinos work faster and allow players to immerse into real gaming experience.

In Conclusion

Summarizing, more and more colourful and consuming online casino games will emerge over time. It will be a nice headache for players though, as the more options you face, the broader your choice is. Stick to your personal preferences and pick out casino games that will definitely satisfy your tastes.

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