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National Games of Chance

The today’s world has seen more than enough gambling games across the world. In desperate need for exhilaration and entertainment, people come up with exceptional games of chance mostly influenced by other cultures and ways of life. Cultures mix up and therefore produce unique games of chance people never imagined previously. 

Those casino games represent games of chance, when people bet real money on possible outcomes to either fall from cloud nine or find yourself desperately trying to win it back. Besides, sometimes people don’t know what gambling is all about exactly. Therefore, such players can’t play in a responsible way and they lose their money instantly, as a result. On the other hand, you might represent an experienced gambler with enough knowledge and prowess in casino games. 

Slot machines or blackjack, baccarat or poker – these are major casino games in high demand among players from all over the world. But such games are universal, widely known in the gambling market. Have you ever wondered what other exquisite games of chance the gambling industry has unveiled already? What are those masterpieces natives have a craving for? With this article, you will get to know them in greater detail.

Well, let’s not waste your precious time any more. It is a  right and proper moment to hit the ground running. 

Native Gambling Games 

Here, we are about to present some games of chance that are extremely popular in some countries. You won’t touch upon conventional blackjack, baccarat or roulettes – only unique titles will be displayed. Firstly, take a look at the countries casino games of which we are going to put in this material:

  • Japan
  • Germany
  • South Africa

Japanese Casino Games 

The Japanese nation has enough room for gambling. The gambling market in the country is growing by leaps and bounds, and one could stumble upon loads of sites that are friendly for Japanese punters. 

Of course, the local government imposes stringent rules that forbid local residents from playing at online gambling venues. Nevertheless, both newcomers and avid punters can fully experience the exhilaration of playing online slots and other games on the net on those platforms that operate outside the Japanese jurisdiction. 

Away from traditional slots and table games, we are here to bring more light on the particular native gambling games that are extremely popular among Japanese gamblers. Let’s meet today’s contestants:

  • Pachinko
  • Dragon Tiger.


If you have never visited Japan, it is apparent you have never come across the word ‘Pachinko’. Once you have been to the country of the rising sun, you should know the word for sure. 

Nowadays the pachinko game enriches the local government by no less than $200 each year. The game has become a non-breaking part of Japanese lives. 

The essence of Pachinko is quite plain. By throwing a playing ball, players observe it bumping into obstacles that slightly change the ball’s direction. The target is for the ball to reach particular spots that give rewards. 

The time has passed for Pachinko to be introduced as a digital game presented in special playing rooms. Previously, it was solely a wooden gambling game without pins and metal balls. 

Dragon Tiger 

This game of chance and skill could slightly remind of the traditional baccarat game. Thousands of punters in Japan genuinely relish playing this card game. Having 2 hands, the aim of Dragon Tiger is to make a bet on the one that will win. The winning hand is a hand that features a higher playing card. In certain situations both hands could be of the same value. In such cases, the croupier would pay back half of what you wagered. 

German Games of Luck 

Under this title, you will know more about German native games of chance that have evolved through a considerable amount of time. Once foreign people hear about games and Germany, they think about football right away. Nevertheless, the country has plenty of other games to keep you interested. 

The Skat Game 

It is by far the most popular and famous card game in Germany that was established at the beginning of the 19th century. Being a mix of 2 other card games called Schafkopf and Tarock, Skat originated in the early 1810s near the Altenburg town. Sooner or later, German immigrants brought Skat to the United States. 


In German, the word ‘Doppelkopf’ implies ‘two heads’. Similarly to the Skat game, this one is a derivative from the Shafkopf card game. Having a deck of playing cards and producing tricks, the style of playing can remind of Skat as well. The striking fact about Doppelkopf and Skat is that while Skat is in high demand in the south of the country, the other one is an iconic game in Northern Germany. 

South African Gambling Games 

This hot African country possesses its own native card gambling games too. 


Although the origins of Klaverjas are unknown (some argue this could be a Dutch card game, African communities do like playing this game in Cape Town. On the one hand, this game is very addictive and simple to grasp. On the other hand, it has some complex and deep structure. Although one could bump into various ways to play the game, basic rules are always the same. 


This is predominantly a Jamaican card game, but the one South African residents have their own variations of. Basically, the game is played between 3 and 6 players. Punters use a 108-card pack with 4 jokers and 2 piles of standard 52 cards. The kernel of the game is going out and face up all cards at your disposal. 

In Conclusion 

Summarising, these are the gambling games popular in various countries. Once one of them has caught your eye, feel free to experience it. Of course, it may require buying an airplane ticket, but it could be worth it. 

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