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Mobile Casino Apps for Australia

The times and technology keep changing at an incredible rapid speed. It was not too long ago when people would only have one television for the whole house. Now there are TVs in every room of the house and sometimes even in the kitchen. Computers at some point were also a rare commodity in most households. And while unlike TVs, today there are not computers in every room of the house, there are computers on every hand in the house. Technology has allowed mobile devices to have most of the capabilities of a computer. Mainly, people can access the internet from mobile devices. That is why, for online casinos it has been very important to be present in mobile apps. Cell phone users are a market mobile casinos need to target. In March Android will allow mobile casino apps for the Australian Market.

Cell Phones.

When cell phones first appeared they were a luxury that not many would be able to afford. They were big like bricks and they served only for making calls to other cell phones or to landlines. Today, cell phones are rarely used to make calls, not to mention that telephone land lines are not used that much anymore. The features that were added to cell phones increased at an incredible speed. For some time sending messages was the coolest thing. Then they added cameras to them. Then someone decided to make cell phones with the capability of accessing the internet. This changed the game forever. Now most businesses have to make sure that they have websites and applications that can be accessed on mobile devices. Just to see why this is so important, in 2017 18.6 million people owned a cell phone in Australia. In 2017 the population of Australia was 24.6 million. Therefore, 75% of Australians own a cell phone.

Mobile Apps

While accessing the internet from a cell phone is great, companies have made things even easier. The creation of mobile apps came to add easier access to your favorite websites. The usual way to access a webpage was to open a browser then search your page in google, open the page, and login. Mobile apps came to provide a shortcut to such a lengthy process. All you have to do is search for the app once on your mobile device store and download it. Then you just login. Depending on your cell phone you could get the chance to sign in with your fingerprint or face recognition. Therefore accessing your favorite apps is super easy and convenient.

Importance for Online Casinos

As I explained above, it is much easier to access any website from a mobile app. This can be an important feature for online casinos. For players to be able to just open the app, be signed in already to their account or sign in in 5 seconds makes playing more convenient. If someone wants to play a quick game during their lunch break they won’t waste time on searching for the website and logging in. If they have the app though, they might even be able to play a couple games before it’s time to go back to work. Moreover, mobile apps have proven to be a good source to make money from advertising. Online casinos can take advantage of this and make money advertising other products or services that they might offer.

The Android Release.

The only problem is that not all the operating systems allowed mobile casino apps. This would have different restrictions depending on the country. For Australians though, this will be a matter of the past soon. On March 1 Android will lift the ban on mobile casino apps for the Australian territory. These are huge news for online casinos. Australians are big about gambling. About 7 million of Australians are gamblers. Now considering that 18 million of Australians have cell phones, it is highly possible that all gamblers will have a cell phone. When it comes to the operating system, Android is the second most popular in the country. About 45% of the cell phone users have Android devices. So all of those who gamble and have android they will love the new mobile casino apps.

Online Casinos.

Online casinos are only going to benefit from the Android release of mobile casino apps. There are already hundreds of online casinos available in Australia. The fact that the mobile casino apps were not allowed in Australia doesn’t mean that the online casinos don’t have an app already. A lot of online casinos already have them as they were allowed in the following countries already:

  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • France
  • United Kingdom

However, perhaps now all the online casinos that don’t have a mobile application should put their IT team to work 24/7 on developing one. That is because besides Australia, there are other 14 countries to which Android is allowing mobile casino apps. Among those countries are:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • United States

In conclusion

The technology has allowed people to access the internet from their mobile devices. But since having to access websites from the browser can be a time consuming task, many companies have developed their own mobile apps. These mobile apps allow for easy access to the account and features of a normal website but from an exclusive app made only for your business. Some online casinos already had mobile apps. However, since only 4 countries actually allowed the download of mobile apps, not all of them did. On March 1st Android is allowing the download of casino mobile apps in 15 countries. And some of these countries are big clients in the online casino market like Australia for instance. Therefore, online casinos that don’t have a mobile app yet better start working overtime to get one out ASAP.

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