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Honest Real Money Online Casino

When there is a conversation about the industry of casinos, we mention land-based casino business far less than that of online establishments. Why has it happened in this way? The evaluation is kind of obvious one.

Our beloved world is constantly evolving, the technologies are increasingly amplifying day by day, and the market of gambling is not an exception. Software organisations develop fabulous and up-to-date casino games, creators provide flamboyant design and businessmen set up online casino enterprises. Eventually land-based casinos have taken a back seat.

The year of 1996 became a milestone in the online casino business. At that exact time the first Internet establishment came into stage. Since then millions of gamblers have started their fascinating adventure of online casinos, and nowadays fewer players opt for booking an expensive plane ticket to come to Vegas, the cradle of casino gambling.

There is an enormous variety of online casinos nowadays. The essence of the gambling industry let alone casinos is the same: to grab as much money from players as possible. Reputable online casinos propose a wide range of absorbing games with transparent opportunities of winning real money, whereas scams and rogue casinos take gamblers for fools and deceive players. 

Sensible players do think twice before depositing their hard-earned money while others take a hard road. When it comes to recognising legit online casinos, are players aware of casino peculiarities? In this piece we will provide clarification, but first let’s take a look at the list of noticeable and well respected Australian casinos for the Aussie audience first.

Australian Legit Online Casinos

How do Australians spend their leisure time? Lying on a sofa in front of a TV screen? Playing engaging computer games? Well, Aussie do play games, but not at that point. It is gambling that has become one of the most preferred ways of relaxation. Besides, the Australian gambling laws are flexible enough to play casino games.

Apart from a quantity of licensed land-based casinos in the country, online casinos possess gambling licenses, too. The statistics come up with a fascinating fact that almost 80% of local residents play casino games in some way or another. It has become no secret that the casino industry in Australia is flourishing. Commonplace slots and table games generate loads of cash every day, as gamblers don’t hesitate to cash in another bunch of money in a game.

Below is a range of Australian online casinos that are fully legit and that offer players both enjoyable casino games and convenience of the gaming process.

Spinland Online Casino

The casino burst on the stage not long ago, in 2017. Although its popularity is not comparable to some of the more experienced rivals, casino developers utilised their time well enough to present enthralling casino games to users. There are hundreds and hundreds of slot machine games that Australians extremely favor as well as other gamblers around the world where gambling activities are allowed. The casino has been collaborating with trademark software developers like NetEnt and Microgaming for some time now. Though the withdrawal procedure takes rather long time, the establishment does care about player security implementing SSL protocols to encrypt sensitive information.

Kings Chance Casino

A royal online casino, Kings Chance has a Curacao gambling jurisdiction and provides different games for all tastes. The casino could boast of having a wide selection of table games as Deuces Wild or Aces&Faces that are totally safe to play. Being a real money online casino, Kings Chance utilises 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption when data is transmitted. Besides, auditing firms have been investigating Rival Gaming, the casino software organisation, and there is no dissatisfaction regarding the fair gambling aspect.

CasinoChan Online Casino

The casino was specifically established for the Australian audience, and that is number one attraction. CasinoChan covers both absorbing slots, fancy table games with a Live Dealer feature. As for the player protection, the casino encrypts credit card data with the SSL technology.. The company is under the Curacao jurisdiction, so it is a trustworthy and secure location for both newbies and avid gamblers.

Red Dog Online Casino

The Red Dog Casino originated in 2019, so it makes them newcomers to the casino market. The collection of table games and slots exceed 200 projects and the number of fans is increasing as well. Compared to other online casinos, the RTP factor of Red Dog stands out. The return-to-player ratio is 98.56% which gives players well enough chances of winning.

The casino is licensed by the Curacao government and equipped with high standard secure measures. For instance, 256-bit SSL encryption Red Dog operates with is much stronger that of 128-bit safety protocols. Besides, the casino’s software is being constantly inspected by Technical Systems Testing (CDS), an auditing firm regulating fair casino play. The organisation evaluates the functioning of RNG (Random Number Generators) to make sure that the system operates without bugs and cheating.

7 Reels Online Casino

7 Reels entertains players by offering luxurious online games. Microgaming a with some other respected software developers have been producing hundreds of trustworthy and exhilarating games from commonplace slot machines to blackjack and other range of table games.

The casino has a license of the Costa Rica jurisdiction. Security protocols comprise 128-bit SSL protection and the policy of privacy safeguards sensitive data from third party interference. 

How Online Casinos Cheat Players

Nowadays players could relish an engaging atmosphere of play through online casinos even without leaving home. At the same time, online casino industry represents a brand new lock pick for scams and hackers to flourish. It goes without saying that online gambling is much safer than land-based casinos, but there have been cases of fraud on the net.

Methods of traditional fraud wouldn’t work out at online casinos, that is a fact. There are no cards under sleeves or card marking. The one and only way how players could trick casino games is by modifying the random number generator (RNG). It happens that players could also utilize a software bug in a game. Online casinos are well aware of such an issue, and that is why establishments are attempting to avert the problem by checking that RNG is operating only after players have made their bets.

It is player’s fault there are no winnings

Usually people complain about casino game setbacks just because they didn’t earn any winnings and lost hard-earned money. That is a typical tendency. Nonetheless, rogue online casinos quickly pop up on the stage, snatch loads of cash, and then they are just as rapid to vanish. If you are a newbie to the industry, don’t rush and make silly decisions which would cost you funds. Check out casino reviews first to ensure yourself that the casino you wish to play at is utterly legit and provides fair gambling. Though casino newcomers with second-rate software developers tend to pull the wool over players’ eyes.

It is not a rare occasion to deal with cheating at online casinos. When online poker was only on the opening stage of evolution, professional players with great gambling prowess puzzled out the fact that at one online poker casino the RNG technology wasn’t operating completely randomly. People twigged the trend in an instant and remembered flop scripts in advance.

Fraud Precedents At Online Casinos

Modern times have shown that players with administrative power could gain access to the players’ hands in the blink of an eye. The ‘Superuser’ scandal has served as a learning example that online casinos have adopted in order to sustain reputation consistency. Let’s wrap this noteworthy precedent and examine it more thoroughly.

‘Superuser’ have undoubtedly been recorded in the online casino history annals. Even various media sources covered the issue on TV and the Internet. But we move back to the tale.

Absolute Poker Scandal

The Absolute Poker establishment is an online poker room offering various types of table games. It originates way back in 2003, when a group of students from the University of Montana came to a decision to set up an online casino. It was clear that fraternity brothers had no gambling experience at all. There were no massive issues with the license, as the organisation was given the right to provide casino game business in exchange for services to some local companies.

There were no scandals or accusations between the year of 2007. Sooner or later, experienced players started to notice that Absolute Poker was double-crossing its users. Internet forums were awash with irate messages of scammed players. The plot of complaints was the same: there is a suspicious account that is able to see cards of other participants during poker sessions. After an investigation it was proven that ‘Potripper’, utilizing an account under the name ‘User 363’, had an opportunity to witness hole cards.

The player with the nickname ‘CrazyMarco’ requested the poker room to examine his personal card history after one of the tournaments. But accidentally he received a master history of play instead. There was a player called ‘Potripper’ whose location was in Costa Rica. The winnings this particular player had got were not possible without insiders.

Finally, the Absolute Poker casino agreed to plead guilty, but they never disclosed whether it was an internal leak.  

Ultimate Bet Scandal

One year later, the organisation named Ultimate Bet was also convicted of fraud actions similar to that of Absolute Poker. It strikes imagination that the same person owned these two online poker rooms that were using the same software programme at the same time.

Ultimate Bet cheated the same way as Absolute Poker. A suspicious account ‘NioNio’ showed up that was winning enormous amounts of money. More than that, six more scam accounts were found fraudulent down the line. The thing is that all these players exploited one rogue account to observe players’ hole cards.

‘Auditmonster2’, the guilty account the crooks were exploiting, informed when to bluff and when to lose deliberately in order to divert attention. In the same year the online poker room came out with a statement confirming that the company was cheating its players in the period from March 2006 and to the last winter month of 2007. Finally, auditing commissions collected approximately $1.5 million, and Ultimate Bet resumed operating. 

Trends at Online Casinos

The previous year has definitely left an incredible mark on the online casino industry, especially land-based casinos. A recession has taken place since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Some casinos became bankrupts, while others had to make ends meet.

But online casinos have flourished tremendously, as people were too preoccupied sitting at home because of quarantine measures. And there is growing evidence that online establishments will attract even more players.

So, here are trends that have a high likelihood to convert into reality in the nearest future.

Market Growth

It was estimated that from 2019 to 2020 the online casino net income spiked to $67,5 billion, which is almost a 13% rise. It will take two or three years more until the economy goes back to normality. Due to extensive mobile gambling and legislation rule relaxation in the US and New Zealand, the role of the online casino industry will amplify by leaps and bounds.

Cryptocurrency Trend

Nowadays there is a growing tendency in accepting crypto withdrawals and deposits promoted by online casinos. There even could be situations when some casinos would not welcome other forms of payment. One more benefit for users of blockchain technologies lies in the fact that casino sites offer gorgeous bonuses to players who don’t utilize credit cards as a payment method but exactly cryptocurrency.

More than that, knowledgeable gamers predict that there will be far less banking issues between casinos and users. Blockchain can save the records of the playing process so that every player would be able to track the history of transactions to notice something abnormal.

Responsible Gaming Promotion

Issues with mental wellness and drug addiction have forced online casinos to promote the responsible gaming strategy.

Such countries as Sweden and the United Kingdom required gambling establishments to follow the principles of responsible gambling. For example, it consists in diminishing welcome perks and setting up age limitations.

Virtual Reality Rules

The introduction of virtual and augmented reality has already made an erasable effect on the gambling market. Due to VR players from around the world have an overwhelming opportunity to immerse themselves into the new universe of gameplay. That is a fresh step forward. You don’t have to buy a ticket to fly to Vegas as VR online casinos would enable you to visit a poker room from a swivel chair inside your room. 

Superior promotions

It is worth stressing that there is a fierce competition between casino operators that will only intensify in the coming years. The rivalry compels casinos to pay higher bonuses to entice new armies of players. Even newbies have already noted that the majority of online casinos propose perks with no deposits. It means that players may enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of play without looking in their wallets.

Live Casino Games

Players are always striving for new emotions to relish playing. With the help of a professional camera, a dealer and a land-based casino players could come across gaming action stretching out on the couch with a cup of flavoured tea and a plate of delicious cookies. In table card games live dealers interact with players through a video connection. 

Brand New Upgrades

Mobile devices have conquered the world. You wouldn’t imagine a person without a smartphone. Even elderly people have a decent knowledge of how to operate gadgets. It is no doubt that online casinos release games aimed at a younger generation. User-friendly tutorials allow newcomers to grasp table game rules in no time.

Current year is just a transitional phase in recovering from the pandemic. Nevertheless, it is high time for online casinos to make profits.

Principles of Fair Casinos

Let’s briefly revise what makes a legit and reputable online casino.

  • License. Find out the jurisdiction of what country regulates the casino business. Trust only those states that promise high standards of transparent gaming. For instance, online casinos licensed by Gibraltar or Malta jurisdictions have little risk of being a scam enterprise.
  • Reputation. Newly based casinos have low levels of trust and therefore could deceive players. Skim the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘About Us’ sections on the site of the casino you have opted for to learn about significant milestones in the company’s background.
  • Software developers. Opt for a reputable software company with auditing company certificates. For example, it could be either an eCOGRA sign of approval or a Technical System Testing certificate.
  • Banking options. The wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods is what distinguishes a noticeable online casino with a strong reputation. The most commonly used methods are debit/credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency payment methods.
  • Customer Service. Customer support agents at a respected online establishment are eager to deal with customer complaints and requests around the clock. Look for a live chat section at the bottom of the screen.

In Conclusion

Now you have found out what a legitimate and trustworthy casino looks like. Play responsible, thoroughly read all the necessary rules and recommendations and don’t get caught by scammers. And may fortune be with you.

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