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Casino pokies that are made from famous movies are usually very popular. However, those are not the only interesting pokies on the market. People like movies and have many favorite movies. But a movie is usually a 3 to 3 hours event. You can watch it once or twice. Series on the other hand, are as popular as movies but have their own magic. Series usually have seasons of at least 10 episodes. Episodes ten to last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Those are 10 hours that a person spent hooked to the tv. Not to mention that some series show one episode per week. People spend one week thinking what will happen next. Therefore, people get a different connection to tv series than they do to movies. That is why pokies made out from TV series can also be very popular. Vikings is one of the most popular series of the past years and it has its own online casino pokie. 

The Show

The TV show Vikings is one of the most popular of the past few years. The success can be seen in the 6 seasons that the show has. The interesting story of how a Farmer from a small town in Norway traveled by sea in the search for riches and ended up becoming king certainly is amazing. Besides, Knowing that even though it is fiction many of the things depicted in the series were actually true. Learning about the ways of the viking civilization is thrilling and exciting. 

The Game

The NetGen knew exactly what they were doing when they developed this pokie. When you play the game you will be able to see the most epic characters from the show which are Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjon Ironside and Floki. In the background of the game you can see mountains and the sea in a dark blue screen with graphics of snow falling. That seems to be the famous Kattegart which is the heart of the story. 

Normal Screen

The normal game screen has 5 reels and 3 rows. The lower paid symbols in the game are the usual ones that all the games had. The fours movie characters mentioned above and a golden V are the higher paid symbols. The scatter is a viking shield. All the special characters pay the same except for the V which is the highest paid symbol. The payout for the 4 characters is the following:

  • 3 pays 6 
  • 4 pays 10
  • 5 pays 20
  • 6 pays 24
  • 7 pays 28

The Raid Spins

The raid spins take you to a different screen. Depending on how many viking shields you got it will be the amount of spins you will have on the raid. Now this is a completely different screen than the one in the game. In this one you are on a beach with fire which gives you a sense that fighting and war just happened. Besides the screen the game mode also changes. In the raid screen there are 7 reels and 5 rows, this is a massive screen. In contrast to the normal screen that has one special reel in the middle, In this one the middle section is much bigger with 3 reels and 3 rows (the 9 middle figures). 

Hotspot Feature

The middle reel in the normal game and 3 middle reels in the rapid spins are considered the hotspot feature. When 3 of the same special symbols (or a full body one) fall on the hotspot every other of the special symbols in the screen will turn into the one in the hotspot. Now when this happens you don’t need to worry about the paylines anymore. The payout will be just adding how many special symbols you have in total. If you are in the Raid Spins you can potentially get 27 symbols for a payout of 200,000. 

Shield Wall

The shield wall is another special feature of the game. A shield wall randomly appears and changes the signs to a determined movie character. The payout of these screens depends on how many characters you have in the normal payout lines of the game.

In Conclusion

TV shows can create a different attachment with their viewers than movies. Watching a TV series that has 6 seasons makes you get very attached to the characters in the show. Vikings is one of the most popular series of recent years. To make a pokie from this series was an awesome idea. The pokie is interesting and entertaining. It has the 4 main characters of the show. The graphics and colors are vibrating. The game has many special features that are cool and can make you win a lot of money.

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