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Online casino slots have so many variations. It is common to see many slots themed on popular sports or movies. It seems like those are the easiest to make and the ones that have more chances of being liked by players. But there are only so many sports and so many movies. There are so many developers out there and they need to be original in the games they create. While the following pokie can be considered original, could it also be obvious? There are few activities that every person on the planet has to do. Breathing, blinking drinking water are all necessary to survive. But also, eating will fall in this category. So, it comes to no surprise that some developers have decided to make online casino pokies with food themes. Sushi is a popular Japanese dish that has been used to make pokies.

The Graphics

The game is played over a makisu where different rolls of sushi and some special characters will appear. This will make you feel in a Japanese restaurant and there are serious risks of getting hungry during the game. The game also has traditional Japanese music when you spin and when you win. Also, the rolls of sushi look very real. Be careful and don’t try to take a bit from the screen. 

Game Specifics

The game has 3 reels and 3 rows. There are 5 pay lines that go from left to right. In order to win you need to get at least 3 of the same sushi rolls. There are 6 different sushi rolls and 2 extra symbols with different payouts:

  • Hotatekai tabiko-$50
  • Abokado tabiko- $100
  • Manguro tabiko- $200
  • Tabiko Shake- $1000
  • Ikura- $2500
  • Wasabi Shoga- $5000

The game also has a scatter. The scatter is a golden VIP card that resembles a membership card. The card shows a 20% writing. This can be related to the reward you can get from it.

Game Special Features

Every game has a special twist to make it unique and to add excitement to the game experience. The sushi game does this as well. There are 2 special features that the game has including one that is somehow unique.

  • Free Spins- Free spins are present on pretty much every online casino slot out there. Sushi is not an exception. When you get 3 scatters there are 20 free spins where you can win big. As we said above the golden card had a 20% message which can be related to the 20 free spins you get from them.
  • Take Risk- This option offers an exciting sense of real Vegas gambling to this game. When a player wins during any spin including the free spins, the game offers the option to take win or take risk. The first option is obviously to keep whatever amount you won. But the second option will take you to a second screen. In this second screen, there will be 5 cards (traditional poker cards) and the dealer will flip the first one. Then you get to pick one of the remaining 4 cards. IF you get a higher card than the dealer you will double your win! You can keep doing this up to 10 times! The 4 cards remaining can be either higher or lower than the dealer’s card. However, if you lose you will lose the amount you bet. You have the option to go to the take risk screen and see the dealer’s card. If you decide you can still take your win and go back to the normal game. 

In Conclusion

The Sushi game is an original game where you can entertain yourself and also figure out what you will eat after. The game has very realistic sushi rolls on the 3×3 game screens. While there are only 5 pay lines in the game, that doesn’t mean there are few chances to win. The game has the usual free spins when you get 3 scatters. Moreover, players have the chance to double up their winnings up to 10 times when they use the “take risk” special feature.  This feature gives you a sense of real card gambling with zero confusing rules. All you need to do is get a higher card than the dealer. So, if you are feeling hungry for some real money, go ahead and play this original and interesting online casino slot.

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