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Online casino slots can be made out of pretty much any theme. It is very common to see slots made based on movies, TV shows and even animals. Those are popular because many players can relate to their favorite things in life and play on such slots. But can the slots be made based on a certain place. If this was the case, the place would need to be somewhere iconic in order to be able to give life to a good and entertaining pokie. Imagine a slot made out of the city of New York. Well, there is really no need to imagine it because there is one already. The New York New York online casino slot is an iconic depiction of the city.

New York

The city of New York is without a doubt one of the most iconic cities in the world. You can easily compare the city to big names like London or Paris. While those other 2 have a lot more his

tory, New York also has a history of its own. The city is highly recognized worldwide because of its tall buildings. They have architecture from different periods including gothic buildings. For that reason the city has been the place where a lot of movies have taken place. “Gotham” the city where batman lives is no other than New York. Let’s not forget that also Spiderman is based on the city. There is no other better city for him to travel with his spider webs than New York and its tall buildings.

The Game

As we said, there are many iconic aspects of New York. So the online slot had a lot from where to choose. One of the icons they used not once but six times is the flag of the United States of America. 2 of these are high pay symbols and the other 4 are low pay symbols. The low pay symbols are the typical ones but with the detail of the flag. Then there is a square fully filled with the flag by itself. And the last one and the highest paid of all the flags is a flag hanging from a Gothic building. Some of the other symbols are the I love New York (I-heart-NY) logo. Another symbol is a yellow cab taxi. Without a doubt the yellow taxis have been an image of New York for many decades and the online slot took advantage of this.

Special Features

As all the online slots do this one also has special symbols. With the game being about New York, the 3 special symbols definitely symbolize something special of the city.

    • Statue of Liberty-The Statue of liberty was built in the 1800 and it represents liberty for the whole country. For the game the Statue is the bonus card.
    • Big Apple-The city has been called the big apple for a long time. There are many theories as to why they started to call it that. In the slot the big apple is the scatter sign.
    • New York Yankees- The New York Yankees is one of the most famous baseball teams in the world. From the times of the iconic Babe Ruth up to date. The Yankees have won more championships than any other baseball team in the league. In the game the Yankees logo is the wild card.

Play Mode

The game has 5 reels and 3 rows. In total there are 25 paylines that run from left to right. Toi get free spins you need to get at least 3 scatters. There are chances to get 5, 15 or 30 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get. If you get 3 of the special bonus symbols you will play a special mode that allows you to pick landmarks of New York to reveal bonus cash.

In conclusion

If you have never visited New York or want to relive the sightings of the city you can play the New York New York online slot. The slot has integrated the most iconic aspects of New York into an entertaining game. Perhaps it will be easier for you to get a yellow taxi in the game than it is in the big apple. The game has rewarding special features that could make you win some serious cash while you enjoy Gotham city.

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