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Monopoly Live

The world of online gambling is abundant with various online casinos catering for all whims and tastes of players. And there are plenty of casino games that hinge solely on films and TV series. Obviously, such theme-based games generate great income for operators. 

But what if we put aside the topic of soap operas and blockbusters and immerse ourselves in the board games. Have you ever taken part in board games like Alias or Monopoly? They are both very entertaining games for big companies. We devote today’s material is devoted to the latter board activity. 

Monopoly Game

It happened in 1933 when an American inventor Charles Darrow devised the game called Monopoly. The famous board game we know today was based on the Landlord’s Game from Elizabeth Magie. Unfortunately, the patent on Monopoly was at first rejected because of being too sophisticated. Three years later, the game appeared in the United Kingdom under the Waddingtons license. 

At long last, Charles Darrow together with Parker Brothers patented the Monopoly board game in 1935. Initially, Elizabeth J.Magie became a proponent of the Single Tax game. This board was originally designed to display the evils of earning cash from land rent. As a result, the game became unprofitable, and Elizabeth lost any interest. Single Tax game variations became common not only in Texas but in other states as well. In the end, Charles Darrow gave the game a shot and shortly introduced his version.

Game Theme 

The kernel of the Monopoly board game lies in taking part as land owners. Players should purchase property and then develop it. You can make income when other participants visit your property. Participants lose funds when they have a visit to lands that belong to others. Once you become on the brink of financial jeopardy, you can mortgage lands to raise some cash for taxes and fines.

Monopoly Gameplay 

When it’s your time to shine, you roll two dice and move your playing figure around the board. Once a player stops at a property that is unowned, he is entitled to purchase the land or give a bank a right to auction the place. The highest bidder wins. Since you are an owner of all properties within a group, the game allows you to construct hotels and houses on the space available to generate more revenue from those who visit your lands. The value of buildings is included in the rent charged from other participants. However, not all places on the playing board can be bought. There are some that require you to take a special card and perform an action like paying taxes or going to prison. 

Monopoly Slot Overview

Monopoly Live is a slot machine game that hinges on Dream Catcher, the previous version. Well, it isn’t the same casino slot game compared to traditional video machines with reels, wilds and free coins. Thanks to the fact that the action is streamed from a studio, the overall quality of the picture is fabulous and smoothing. So, in the centre of the room, there is a wheel consisting of 54 sectors that punters are able to wager on. Once you bet on the bonus 2 and 4 sections, the game triggers special features. The minimum amount of funds wagered stands at €0.10 for each spin. You may ramp up the wager to €2,500 per spin. The Return-to-Player ratio stands at 96.23%, which is an average percentage for a slot game. The game has licenses from three independent bodies. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission together with the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are regulatory authorities for the game.  

To set things straight, the rights to utilise the Mr Monopoly name and character, 4 corner squares together with distinctive elements of the board belong to the Hasbro company. The Monopoly city, as well as playing pieces, are trademarks of Hasbro too. 

Software Provider 

The Evolution Gaming software company represents one of the most acclaimed operators in the gambling industry. If you love playing live casino games, then you might have come across the company’s products. 

The company originated in 2006, and it has managed to ramp up empowering experience since its establishment. The provider has close relationships not only with online venues but with land-based casinos as well to provide platforms with astonishing game titles. 

The evolution of the software company dovetailed with the introduction of live gambling on the Internet. Evolution Gaming has been in the limelight of the live casino market since. Now every player can relish playing computer-based live games from a comfortable swivel chair sipping delicious beverages. 

When a punter uses a live video connection, he is virtually transferred to a land-based establishment with the real croupier behind the playing table. You can either play with sound and video accompaniment or dictate the process via a live chat option. Every playing action like a card draw in blackjack or betting on a specific number happens in front of you. It reminds punters of the brick-and-mortar casino experience. 

Live dealer casino games are what the software provider focuses on. The company produces a live variation on every table game available. It won’t surprise you that such major card games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack. The catalogue of some unconventional games powered by Evolution includes Dream Catcher, Sic Bo and Deal or No Deal. 

How to Play the Slot

First and foremost, every player needs to set up bets. This can be done by altering the value of coins and placing these coins in six-board tiles. In the game, punters bet on specific numbers that may appear on the wheel. The more the number is in value, the less likely it will pop up. 

Following a wager setting, the host spins the wheel. There are 48 numbers the wheel can land on plus sectors with extra features. Each round comes to an end once the arrow shows a number. If you are lucky enough to guess the number correctly, a prize is awarded. Sometimes the wheel can land on the special Chance sector. Once it occurs, each punter playing the round claims a mysterious chance card reward.

As for the remaining four segments of the game, these are one 4 roll and three 2 rolls. Gamblers are entitled to have a winning only if they wagered on the sectors previously. It is surely worth checking because winnings can be really high. 

There is a brief outline of how the slot game operates. 

  • Enter a casino lobby and choose Monopoly Live Slot
  • There are 4 various numbers (1,2,5 and 10) to wager on and 2 bonus games
  • You have 12 seconds to place a bet before the wheel stops
  • Once the wheel finishes its movement and the special flipper points out the number you made a bet on, your initial wager gets multiplied by that number (1x, 2x, 5x and 10x). The game pays out the initial wager as well. 

Bonus Features

There are two segments that offer Chance to players. Once the flipper stops at these signs, punters will be given either a multiplier or a cash win. The latter always comes at random. But if you pick a multiplier, it is going to be used in the next rounds. It is feasible to draw multiple Chance symbols and claim multipliers. Since you have several Chance icons at hand, the game multiplies multipliers to boost a bankroll. 

The Monopoly Board Bonus

To boost your luck, the wheel features dice rounds that are being played on the board. The exact number of rounds depends on what sector the flipper stops at during the base game. There are three 2 rolls sectors and only one 4 rolls segment. After you luckily trigger the Monopoly Board game, a presenter takes dice and rolls them. A special playing board appears on the screen together with Mr Monopoly himself. The hero sets up multipliers along the way. The number on the dice moves the character across the playing table. Once a double number pops up on the dice, punters receive an extra round. 

In the Monopoly Board bonus game, the figure of Mr Monopoly can stop at different symbols like properties that gamblers will definitely see in the classic versions of the board game. For example, you have to roll a double combination to get out of jail. The bonus session from Evolution Gaming is abundant with some perplexing rules at first. But it is no hardship to figure them out. 

Monopoly Slot Backdrop

Thanks to the Monopoly Live slot game, every Australian can not only recollect some childhood days but win a decent prize as well. The Evolution Gaming software company served as a provider of the game. The action is broadcast from a semi-circular office of the software developer building. The background reminds players of the real game setting. There is the Monopoly Wheel placed right in the middle, and we can observe a host to its right. More than that, a special gold structure contains a device that rolls dice.

These are attributes on our right side, but what about the other part of the room? Fortunately for many Monopoly fans, there is Mr Monopoly with a newspaper in a chair. Of course, it’s not a live character but this visualisation undoubtedly brings pleasant vibes and adds to the visual game pleasure. The cheerful music and some funny moves from a host create an engaging atmosphere while spinning the wheel. 

The Monopoly Live slot game represents the balance if we speak about the live and digital versions. The game’s terms and conditions explain the playing rules quite well. 


Speaking of winning ways, once a host lands a simple number, the prize is multiplied by the exact denomination to earn monopoly bucks. For instance, you may have a 2/1 payout or 10/1 the wager. It is complicated to foresee the potential bonus payout because of the multiplier’s frequency. $500,000 is the highest-winning sum in the game. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Since being a live online casino game, Monopoly Live has its own set of pros and cons. 


  • The hybrid of the live casino experience and Random Number Generator
  • The game is based on the famous Monopoly board game
  • $500,000 as an amazing jackpot prize
  • The Monopoly Board bonus game with special features available 


  • Rather small payouts if ordinary numbers appear on the wheel

In Conclusion 

On balance, the Monopoly world with its land, jail and other board segments is a brilliant place to be. And adding some enticing bonuses to the game makes it even more attractive to players. Enjoy the Monopoly Live casino game in the top-notch HD quality right from a desktop or mobile gadget. 

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