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Creating online casino games from popular movies is a common practice. And while any developer can do this, things might not be as easy as they seem. In order for a developer to be able to make a movie based on a movie or tv show they have to first purchase the rights from the movie studio. Otherwise, the developers would be looking at a serious lawsuit. So being the one who purchases those rights is important. With so many game developers out there the competition is tough. Microgaming was able to purchase the rights to the 90’s hit Jurassic Park. Without a doubt the game was also a hit. With the movie sequel being released in 2015 it was only natural for Microgaming to attempt to keep the whole franchise to themselves. And so they did, they also purchased the rights to the new release. In 2017 Microgaming released their Jurassic World pokie. 

The movie

A lot of times the second parts are not as good as the originals. However, the release of the Jurassic World saga was a complete success. They took the original movie to a new level with original ideas. For instance, the fact that a human was able to create a bond with dinosaurs and control them to a certain extent was creative and exciting. As usual though, the movie ends with pretty much the same lesson that humans should not try to control nature. After the modified Indominus rex goes out of control and pretty much destroys the park it was clear that in reality humans would not be able to control dinosaurs.  

The Visuals

Same way the release of the new sequel is in many ways better than the original, the sequel pokie is also better. The new pokie has much better graphics. In the background of the game players can see the amazing green mountain and below the marvelous park. On the fame mode the dinosaurs look a lot more real than the ones in the previous pokie.

The Game

The game has 5 reels and 3 rows with 243 paylines. The wild card in this game is a lightning blue Jurassic World logo. The scatter is an amber fly. During the base game 2 scatters would turn into wild cards. Same as the Jurassic Park Pokie, this one also has dinosaurs as the lower pay symbols and movie characters as the high pay symbols. Since dinosaurs are the true heart of the game this one doesn’t have 4 or 5 but 6 lower pay symbols.  

Low Pay

  1. Indominus Rex-$3.60-$36
  2. T-Rex-$3.60-$33
  3. Velociraptor-$1.80-$30
  4. Stegosaurus-$1.80-$27
  5. Pteranodon-$1.20-$24
  6. Ankylosaurus-$1.20-$21

High Pay 

  1. Owen- $15-$120
  2. Claire- $12-$105
  3. Simon-$9-$90
  4. Vic- $9-$75

Special Features

The special features are the must get during any pokie. That is because this is where wins can multiply. This game has a feature called “Indominus Feature.” During the base game the indominus rex can randomly appear and multiply your winnings up top 1000 times. This game feature is not available during the free spins though. As most of the games do, Jurassic World also has a free spin feature. Same as in the Jurassic Park pokie, here it is also the amber fly that triggers the feature. When you get 3 or more amber flies you will be sent to a second screen in which one of the following 3 free spins mode will be randomly selected:

  • Gyrosphere Valley
  • Creation Lab
  • Raptor Den

In Conclusion

The same as the movie, the Jurassic World pokie is a more advanced version than the Jurassic Park. The graphics of this pokie are much better than the ones in the previous version. The background has a marvelous view of the park. This game has more dinosaurs which is only natural since they are the heart of the game. Of course the movie characters could not be left behind and they are the higher paid symbols. With entertaining special features and free spins this game is a must play for all the Jurassic franchise fans and for all players in general.

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