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There is no doubt that some of the best movies were filmed in the 90’s. Titanic, Jurassic Park and many other movies made history. Many of these hits from the 90’s have passed to become hits again but now in the slot machine industry. Pokies can be made pretty much of any theme or topic you can imagine. But it is also true that usually movies are one of the categories where pokies are most popular. In 1995 a movie was released which was one of the most popular of all time, Jumanji. The story and the actors involved made this movie so good that it already got 2 sequels made recently. It is not a surprise that a pokie was released from this movie. Let’s look at the features of the Jumanji online slot. 


Unlike other pokies that are also based in movies, the Jumanji pokie does not include any of the cast members. The main theme of the game is a green jungle. The wild animals are the ones that come to be the main symbols of the game as they are also the main characters in the movie and any jungle. So it makes sense that in this case such wild animals get the spotlight. The payout when you get 3,4 or 5 of the main symbols is as follows:

  • Pelican- Pays 3, 8 or 25 
  • Crocodile- Pays 4, 10, 30
  • Rhino- Pays 5, 15, 50
  • Lion- Pays 6, 20, 140


Another thing that is not usual is the layout of the game. The game has 5 reels but it doesn’t have normal rows. Instead, the 2 outer reels have 3 rows, the next 2 reels have 4 and the middle reel 5. With this setup the game has 36 paylines that run from left to right on the reels. You can bet as little as .10 and as much as 200. The game has a RTP of 96.33% which is very good.   

The Special Bonus

The scatter in the game is the Jumanji board game. When you get at least 3 scatters a new game mode is started which is the Jumanji game board. you get to roll the dice and go across the game earning different rewards.  The rewards can either be free coins, more dice rolls or free spins. Now there are 3 different scenarios for the free spins:

  • Monkeys: During this mode after every spin you will get the reward you won and also the monkeys will change the other of the symbols you got to a random order. Therefore on the random order you have the option to win (if you had not won) or win again. 
  • Vines: during this free spins rounds the vines will hold the wild symbols that appear on your screen for the following free spins. At times it will also hold other symbols along with the wilds which allows more chances for you to win if such symbols come out next. 
  • Rhinos: On the rhino free spins there will be a stampede of rhinos running across the reels. The stampede will turn some of the squares into wilds. This will happen on every free spin turn. There can be a few or many squares turned into wilds. 
  • Crocodiles. During this round of free spins there will be one or 2 crocodiles jumping on the reels every time there is a free spin. The reel where the crocodile falls will completely turn into wilds.  When 2 crocodiles jump on the reels there will be 2 reels filled with wilds which will highly increase your chances of winning big. 

In Conclusion

The Jumanji Pokie is a very entertaining one. It has different game modes. Even though there are no movie characters in the pokie, you still feel like you are actually playing Jumanji. The pokie has a game mode where you roll the dice and besides this mode being very profitable it is also very fun and exciting. If you are a fan of the movie you should definitely give this game a try.

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