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Pokies can be made of so many topics. The most popular ones tend to be made from TV series or movies. These are really a no brainer as it is obvious they will have a fan base already. But those companies that think outside the box perhaps are the ones that can become the most successful. Because there are many developers and only so many movies the need to innovate is essential. For instance, NetEnt decided to make a pokie based on flowers. And if you think about it, it is smart. We can say that most people like flowers. Flowers remind people of many things like nature, beauty and love. The pokie Flowers from NetEnt is very original and has many chances for real money earnings.

Graphics and Sound

This game is eye catching and entertaining. The game has bright colors that will take to a summer vibe. In the background of the game you can see green grass and a sunny blue sky. The game itself is filled with colorful accents. The symbols have different bright colors that communicate happiness. The flowers and the sun have faces. While some are happy there are some that look like hungry carnivore flowers. Besides the graphics the sounds also play an important part in the summer mood. The sounds are those you would hear in an open field where you can only hear nature. You can hear many birds singing and the sounds of other animals as well. Sothe game has everything to connect the players with nature.


The game was developed by NetEnt who has been in business since 1996. This is a sign that the game is good. NetEnt has proven to be one of the best at what they do. They have a wide portfolio. In their portfolio you can find hits like Jumanji and Narcos. Both very original games with great graphics and sound effects. They also have many pokies with jackpots up to the millions of dollars. Therefore you are not just in it for a fun time but also for the chance to win some real money.

Game Play

The game has 5 reels and 3 rows with a total of 30 paylines. The paylines are paid from left to right. In total the game has 17 different symbols. There are 4 low pay symbols and 5 high paid symbols. Besides that there is one wild and one scatter. As it is usual the wild card can replace any symbol except for the scatter. Now, why did we say there were 17symbols but only spoke about 11? That is because this game has an unusual trend. The 5 high pay symbols and the Scatter have a double feature. So for example, the Sun which is the scatter has one card with one sun and there is a double version with 2 suns. This is a big win for players in many ways. Unlike regular games where players win when they get 3,4 and 5 of the same card, in these games players win from 3 to 10! yes that is 5 more potential prizes on each high paid symbol.

Special Features

Every game has a special feature. This is the most interesting part of the game and it is also where players can make more money. Flowers are not the exception. The game has a free spins feature perhaps different from the usual games. The normal thing is for players to be able to get free spins when they get 3 to 5 scatter symbols. In this game players get free spins when they get 4 to 8 scatter symbols. Even though you need to get 4 instead of 3 like most other games, this doesn’t mean you need more cards, on the contrary you need less. Remember we spoke about the double cards feature? Well the scatter has a double card as well. That means that if you get 2 doubles you can already get free spins. So free spins by matching 2 cards. Isn’t that great?

In Conclusion

The game flowers is an original one with many good features. For starters, the game was developed by NetEnt which is a guarantee of good quality. The graphics of the game are eye catching and the sounds connect players with nature. The game has features that are not commonly seen in other pokies. The high paid symbols and the scatter have double versions. This allows players to win big by matching just 2 symbols. Moreover, the free spins feature can also be triggered by getting only 2 scatters if you get 2 double suns. Therefore the chances to get real money begin with matching just 2 symbols. The game is definitely a must play one if you like flowers, nature and of course real money.

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