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Gambling in New Zealand and Australia: Essential Peculiarities in Casino Governance

We are all well aware of the truth that each and every country’s government pursues the introduction of gambling regulations to replenish their budgets. It goes without saying the casino and betting industries particularly have marvellously flourished for the last couple of years. This is the essential reasoning why authoritative bodies in different territories charge land-based casinos and other gambling platforms. 

What could be unveiled is that there is no common universal trend for governing the gambling domain. There are multiple states that have relaxed regulations taking place and punters that are residents of such countries can play their beloved casino games comfortably. On the other side of the coin, somewhere in the world, especially in several Asian countries, authorities do establish stringent rules regarding taking part in any sort of gambling activities. So, as you can easily conclude, although gambling exists, it doesn’t necessarily imply every player will have constant access to its precious gifts. 

This article principally revolves around the legalities Australian and New Zealand governments impose both to protect local gamblers from excessive wagering and to offer ways how punters could entertain themselves in this gambling world but responsibly. Additionally, you will look into the exact regulations local government bodies enact and also learn some striking facts about the history of gambling evolution in each country. Let’s just say at the start that once you dwell in either New Zealand or Australia, you are luckier than those living in China, for example. 

We have nothing to hold us here. It is high time to kick things off!

Gambling Background in New Zealand 

The gambling industry of New Zealand has come a tremendously stretched path from private money games of cards to the broad market it provides to its customers today. The country has a hugely astonishing history of betting and gambling. There are multiple hits and misses that fascinated people in the past. Knowing what makes the gambling background in New Zealand will surely help people understand and appreciate what those triggers were that led to the ultimate popularity of wagering money on chance activities in the country. These are spheres of betting and gambling New Zealanders gladly spend their money on:

  • Pokies and lotteries
  • Horse racing
  • Brick-and-mortar casinos
  • Gambling online. 

We are going to begin with the former thing in the list. 

New Zealand: Pokies and Lotteries 

It might sound surprisingly strange, but it wasn’t until 1987 when the country of New Zealand established the first ever national lottery. In the hot summer that year, the New Zealand Lotteries Commission came up with a nationwide system of lotteries. Since the inception of playing lotteries, the Kiwi nation has already purchased millions of tickets in the hope of claiming skyrocketing winnings. Scratch cards, where gamblers’ aim is to scratch the visual to know the outcome, fall under this category as well. 

Just a few more years have passed, and the nation witnessed the establishment of pokies. Slots played at brick-and-mortar venues were made legal to relish in 1991. Following the creation of pokies, this casino sphere has evolved greatly to propose no less than 1,500 various locations gamblers could spin those flamboyant reels at.

Kiwis Betting On Horse Racing 

Gambling was a quite popular activity in the country in the past. Adults began wagering money on gambling only in the 1830s. During that period, horse racing became famous sets of events when plenty of punters bet on outcomes of races both to enjoy their time and make funds. 

Regretfully for those who candidly loved horse racing gambling, soon governments undertook certain regulations prohibiting local players from utilizing bookmakers’ services. It implied that the one and only leeway gamblers had was betting directly from a horse track. Such a situation lasted until 1950 when TAB, Totalisator Agency Board, was created to regulate horse betting throughout the country. 

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos 

Again, local punters had to wait patiently for land-based casinos to emerge. In 1994, the initial land-based casino appeared in the likes of Christchurch Casino. Following its inception, ordinary tourists and fervent punters have a brilliant opportunity to play at casinos. They could come to the country and relish playing slots and other casino games with tasty snacks and wonderfully delicious beverages. This epitomized the growing popularity of such table games as blackjack, baccarat and poker.  

As of now, the New Zealand land-based casino industry features 5 venues:

  • Wharf Casino
  • Skycity Queenstown
  • Dunedin Casino
  • Skycity Hamilton
  • Skycity Auckland.

Gambling Online 

Thanks to a comprehensive array of a game’s selection and the ease of accessing them, the online casino domain has flourished remarkably over the past 10-15 years. Nowadays, every reputable Internet gambling platform proposes a sheer number of various projects for customers. And we don’t mention high-standard services to deposit money and to utilize bonuses. Having been a $20 billion market around the world, the online casino saga commenced in the 1990s with the introduction of the very first online casino. 

As you might have known, online casino platforms allow gamblers to register on their websites and give slots, card games and specialty titles a try. Also, New Zealanders could wager money on sports and on other activities that are legit at land-based counterparts.

Speaking of regulation of online gambling in the country, players have enough space here.  New Zealand authorities don’t penalise residents from spending considerable amounts of time on overseas online casino sites. Every punter that is aged 18 and older has a legal right to gamble at Internet casinos for as long as they are willing to. Once it is an offshore casino, gamblers don’t have to pay out winning fees. 

Current Gambling Laws in New Zealand 

The Department of Internal Affairs oversees all gambling activities in the country. What can truly amaze people is the fact that multiple gambling venues are run by the state. In other words, this serves to be a desirable source of having sizable profits from the industry. 

There are 2 fundamental documents that deal with the regulation of the gambling industry in New Zealand. These are the Gambling and Racing acts from 2003. The latter one features laws on horse racing and sports betting. The former act governs other gambling forms in the territory. 

Finally, the ball is always in the court of punters to decide whether they are keen on playing at casinos. The majority of New Zealand gambling laws cover not just regulations for operators to abide by but outline what gamblers are able to do and what not. Again, before wagering, weigh up all the pros and cons. 

Gambling Background in Australia 

For those who might not know, it is China that represents the motherland for gambling. Frankly, the Chinese residents used to engage in ancient gambling activities for multiple centuries. The visible fact is that the inception of gambling in China has undoubtedly influenced other countries to establish gambling in their territories. 

Here are some milestones regarding how gambling evolved in Australia:

  • In 1810, the first-ever betting event was recorded. People could joyfully bet on an overwhelming horse race that took place in Sydney at Hyde Park
  • 70 years later, Aussies could take part in lotteries
  • Only during the 1950s the first slot machine games came into the light. 

The gambling market in Australia has always been on the stage in various forms. For today, brick-and-mortar casinos in the country are on the great run, having been producing millions of dollars in revenues. More than that, local governments are incentivised to attract more tourists to visit the country to relish casino games. Such land-based gambling venues as Adelaide Casino, Melbourne Crown Casino and The Star Sydney Casino all embody essential Australian culture aspects. 

It makes volumes that the Australian population has been extremely keen on gambling for a long time. And its history tells us that betting on horse racing and gambling at land-based casinos are still flourishing industries in the country. And the perspective is that it will carry on thriving in the near future. 

Casino Regulation and Australia 

As you might have successfully concluded, there is no hardship for Australian residents and overseas tourists to start wagering money on betting events and gambling games. On the one hand, the local government forbids online casino operators from establishing an Internet gambling venue within Australian territory. On the other hand, local governments will not punish Aussies if they decide to sign in to an offshore online casino. But bear in mind that authoritative bodies don’t protect your rights when playing at online casinos. You and only you hold the key to personal casino awareness. And The Gambling Act of 2003 isn’t going to keep you under protection. Once the scales are tipped in the direction of playing at Internet gambling venues, you should play responsibly. 

In Conclusion 

To summarise, you have learned all basic information concerning gambling in Australia and New Zealand. Also, you have discovered the way local authorities govern gambling and its spheres in these territories. The ultimate thing is that the aforementioned laws and regulations have enough relaxations for punters. It means players could immerse themselves into gambling hassle-free. And still, think twice before entering the online casino world. 

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