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Effective Keno Winning Strategies

The Keno game represents an occupation with a rich history beginning from the Chinese past to being commonplace at various clubs and other entertainment pubs across the world. The majority of gamblers are still of the opinion keno is mainly for the old. Besides, they also suggest the game has no winning tactics at all as keno is solely based on luck. Nevertheless, these people are completely wrong. This article deals with the winning tips that will certainly help both newcomers and avid gamblers get on in the world of gambling. 

Of course, keno remains one of the most popular casino games among bingo fans and gamblers. Have you ever wondered that lottery-based games have strategies that players could exploit to pave the thorny way to success?

Keno As Means of Joy 

The kernel of keno is a lottery. So, it means punters actually play a lottery game, but it is also a way of socialising as you may enjoy keno together with darling friends over dinner. We also suggest that you might have given the keno game a try previously. In this case, you are well aware of how the game works. And definitely, you are all here for that practical piece of advice increasing your winning chances. 

Frankly, keno is undoubtedly an underrated gambling game. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it is feasible to utilise keno strategies to bolster winning chances. 

You might have learned it before, but these strategies aren’t meant to bring you victories straight away. They are not hacks to an easy jackpot win for sure. Of course, this might sound repulsive, but naturally all sorts of casinos – both land-based and online venues – don’t want punters to be victors. 

Here are 6 essential guidance tips to thrive in the world of keno:

  • Searching for reputable online gambling platforms with the highest paying sums
  • Selecting between 7 and 11 numbers 
  • Don’t disregard a free-play experience
  • Choosing a legit online casino and playing in a legit way
  • Be stubborn and pick the same numbers
  • Having lucky and special numbers. 

Well, we have touched on the major keno tactics to keep your results afloat and don’t go bust. But prior to laying out all the details in regards to these effective strategies, let’s outline what keno is actually as a gambling occupation. 

Playing Keno Is…

Being basically a luck game, keno has been evolving for a long time. Albeit having Chinese origins, the name of the game is deeply rooted in French history. From the French language, this short but charming word means a set of 5 winning numbers. The kernel of keno is closely interconnected with a typical lottery game – players could have extensive winnings placing small wagers. 

Although online gambling platforms can comprise just several variants of keno, the game is still an engaging means of entertaining yourself around the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular lottery-based games in the gambling domain. 

Rules of Keno 

As already been mentioned, keno solely rests on luck. In other words, no player could oversee or moreover affect the game results. 

The game works in the following way:

  • All punters receive a keno card featuring a set of numbers either from 1 to 40 or from 1 to 80
  • If you aren’t willing to pick numbers by yourself, a special algorithm can complete this task for you. And bear in mind such leeway doesn’t ensure you are going to win
  • After the process of selecting numbers is over, the machine generates 20 numbers in an absolutely random way. If the mechanism brings about numbers that also feature in your card, be ready to cross them off
  • Finally, payouts chiefly depend on the amounts of money deposited and how many numbers players have selected. 

As you can see, keno is a quite simple game that doesn’t involve puzzling over winning tactics. Nevertheless, let’s turn our attention to what can potentially help you make the keno playing experience not only productive but exhilarating too. 

Tip 1: Selecting a trustworthy gambling venue with high payouts

The number and excellence of online keno games aren’t enough to fully relish playing this game of chance. Additionally, diligently search for Internet gambling platforms offering decent winnings along the way. Although it is apparently right, this doesn’t work with every player. So, once a gambler has selected an online casino and a keno game, they should go through analysing paytables. 

Frankly speaking, not all keno games have kind of a universal paytable. Be sure you look at every keno game and its paytable. Yes, this may seem a daunting task at first, but reaping the prosperous rewards of high payouts isn’t so fat as you might suggest. 

Tip 2: Right Picks

Sometimes it may seem a bit tricky how many picks players should make. If you don’t learn keno paytables, then you won’t be aware of how many picks to make to break even. Basically, it is wiser and more advantageous to make 3 picks and not one. 

There is a clear example. Choosing in the region of 7 to 11 picks implies you need no more than 3 picks to balance the books. To break even with 7 selected picks, 43% of all numbers chosen need to be right. And if 11 picks are the case, only 27% of all picks need to be correct to have your bankroll even. 

So, selecting 7,8 or 9 picks doesn’t make sense. Having 11 picks grants a 63% chance of returning the money wagered. 

Tip 3: Free-Play Practice 

Again, you wouldn’t find a simpler game than keno. All you execute is choosing numbers and patiently waiting for a final countdown. Knowing what makes a keno winner is important and practice could largely help you in it. 

Don’t immerse yourself into playing keno straight with real funds. Nowadays, loads of online casinos come up with enough free play regimes for inexperienced gamblers to begin their gambling experience. The same applies to keno as well, let alone traditional card table games and slots. 

Tip 4: Playing Legit

We have already covered selecting the right numbers and free-play practices. The next tip lies in opting for a transparent and legal platform.

Although the gambling industry is regulated, there are rogue online casino operators that freeze payments and scam their customers. Every tempting casino bonus is meaningless unless an online casino pays out what it is ought to do. 

Tip 5: Lucky Numbers 

This is a terribly familiar instance. Having lost 4 consecutive keno games with the lucky number 6, you finally decide to neglect it and for the next couple of games make friends with another number in the sequence. And voila – the number you have wholeheartedly stuck with wins the show. This is Murphy’s Law exactly. 

Thus, to make your winnings as high as you aspire for, utilise back-to-back numbers. Stick to that stubborn numbers. 

There were even statistical researches held in the UK and Germany to outline what numbers are usually drawn more frequently than others. In Germany, for instance, the numbers 9 and 50 were drawn five times less often than the numbers 21,35,37,40 and 63. It can make you contemplate whether keno draws numbers that randomly.

Tip 6: Special Lucky Numbers 

You might have heard astonishing stories about players that have been using the same number in keno that actually work. Maybe it is some kind of cliche, but as you see, the principle can be useful. 

Think carefully about certain numbers that have firmly stuck in your mind. You can even choose a number from your anniversary date. Ultimately, each case has its own nature. 

In Conclusion 

To summarise, now you do know for sure these 6 tips for winning at keno. Feel free to exploit these tactics to perform better at this lottery-based game. 

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