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Don’t Confuse Poker with Pokies

It may sound a bit strange, but there are people in the gambling industry who confuse the definition ‘Poker’ with the term ‘Pokies’. Of course, these two words sound similar, but it is a meaning that matters. 

On the one hand, we see a casino game where punters could show off their skills. On the other hand, there is a pure game of luck. Whatever game conditions are, live or online, these are two different games at all. 

Introduction to Poker

The game of poker represents a traditional game, where players compete by playing cards. Poker games don’t have a house edge, and corresponding skills are required to make progress. 

Speaking of the word ‘Poker’, you could stumble upon an astounding array of card projects. The recent years have shown us that a lot of players genuinely relish playing poker variations. 

Each poker game has its own rules. The main differences could lie in the card amount. For example, in the Texas Hold’Em game players are initially being dealt two cards face-down. After that, they reveal five cards placed right in the middle of the playing table. In another poker version, Five Card Draw, the dealer gives three more cards face-down to each player. There are no face-up cards in this type of game. The betting rounds number also varies. The Seven Card Stud poker features 5 betting sessions, whilst Five Card Draw only 2 rounds. 

Although the differences are fundamental, all poker games have some similarities. First and foremost, the action kicks off from the left side of the croupier. Several participants have to make an initial wager irrespective of the desire to take part in playing with the dealt cards. Sometimes it happens when a punter sitting to the left of the dealer has no choice but to make a small bet, whilst a gambler to the left of this blind is forced to make a big bet. Or it may be that each player places an ante (an initial bet). Following the wager process, each action depends on the punter’s persona choice. Unlike lottery-based bingo and keno, you can come with various playing strategies in order to increase winning chances. 

Common Characteristics

There are multiple decisions a player can make during every betting round. 

  • Check. It presents a situation when a punter refuses to wager any sum of money and passes his turn to the next gambler. The check feature could be claimed only when no bets are made before. An exception occurs when a gambler is in the big blind’s position
  • The Bet option. Once you begin the round or in case all participants check, feel free to bet money or chips
  • Time to Raise. There is an opportunity to ramp up the bet that is placed before
  • Let’s Call. The Call feature equals the betting amount. Once all punters call, the round comes to an end
  • Fold. An extreme option, to be fair. Since a punter has no interest in playing with cards, he can always throw them away and give up the hand. 

What About Pokies 

It is an Australian slang used to describe slot machines. So, the term is used in informal speech. A real slot game at land-based venues operates with a token or a coin. An online type is just the digital variation. 

Original slot machines were invented late in the 1800s. At that time it presented a means to play poker on a special device. The creation in the view of the machine could be placed in bars and restaurants. 50 out of 52 cards were contained in the game. The sequence of actions goes as follows: you pay a nickel or a penny and then spin the reels by pulling a lever. If a hand was successful, gamblers received a drink from a patron. Being based solely on luck, bars laid down a house advantage by excluding 2 cards from a deck. 

Game Symbols 

As the evolution of gambling was amplifying, slot inventors designed some other playing symbols like sevens, fruits and bars. The kernel of these new icons lied in the fact that it was less obvious to calculate the house edge. 

As a result, the machine’s popularity began growing by leaps and bounds. Consequently, people started to name these games. Have you ever heard the term ‘one-armed bandit’? We are sure you have. This name refers to the gambling nature of the game. In addition, several countries use nicknames to make things easier. For example, American players refer to the game as a slot, whereas Scottish punters name them puggies. Sometimes you may bump into the name fruities in Britain. As for New Zealanders and Australians, residents of these territories call them pokies or poker machines. And although other symbols prevail over traditional icons, the nickname is still here. 

Know the Difference

Casino aficionados are well aware of the differences between poker and pokies. The card game offers no house edges, participants compete against each other. The set of skills like bluffing and odds calculation may gain an advantage over other players. Poker is a game of skill, and that’s great news. Nevertheless, when Aussies carry on using the term ‘pokies’ while referring to slots, this difference becomes opaque. 

Such names as ‘Poker Machines’ and ‘Pokies’ are interchangeable meanings with slots and slot machines. And that is why pokies and actual poker are difficult to distinguish.

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