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Do SmartWatch Casinos Present a Gambling Future?

Can you imagine in your mind that sooner or later there will be ideas on how to play online casinos on your wrist? Yes, not on desktops, not even on overpriced smartphones but directly on watches. The initial reference to gambling on a watch originates from the Mobile World Congress, which took place 7 years ago. Since then, wrist gambling has established itself as the next big thing in the industry of virtual online casino venues. 

It speaks volumes that playing casino games via phone gadgets represents a brilliant alternative to desktops and laptops. Nevertheless, such renowned software companies as Microgaming and Playtech have turned their attention to the trends and decided to devise gambling smartwatch apps. Popular brands of smartwatches like AppleWatch, Android-based Pebble and Moto360 have already released fascinating applications for the entertaining gambling process. They are looking straight into what the future holds. 

So, let’s find out what the benefits and drawbacks of smartwatch gambling are and why it will have a soaraway success in the near future.

What is a Smartwatch? 

To put it precisely, a smartwatch presents a portable gadget that people wear on their wrists. Such devices use special touchscreens, like iOS and Android smartphones. Speaking of functions, such watches can record people’s heart rate, answer telephone calls and make other signs.  

The original versions of smartphones in the form of the Apple Watch and Android Wear encouraged smartphone users to value the benefits of exploiting a mini-computer on their hands. There are special smartwatches designed for activities happening outdoors. 

The Background of Smartwatches

Conventional digital watches have been around for some time now. Unfortunately, they could only calculate and convert units. Mobile companies commenced the launch of watches with smartphone functions only 10 years ago. 

Nowadays one may stumble upon smartwatches of various brands. The major companies on the mobile industry scene are Apple, Sony and Samsung. More than that, the smartwatch market has made a tremendous step forward with the introduction of Garmin and Suunto devices. Garmin watches are suitable for expeditions as devices are full of different trackers and sensors. Suunto watches can withstand a significant amount of time underwater. They were invented for scuba diving. 

What Do Usually Smartwatches Do?

The vast majority of smartwatches are intended for a standard set of features:

  • One of the simplest functions on watches – sending notifications. If a watch is synchronized with a smartphone, it will mirror notifications that appear on a phone. Other smartwatches can display alerts on their own
  • Supporting smartphone apps. Ecosystems vart (Google and Apple), so every watch is bound to either an iOS or Google ecosystem. Basically, smartwatches support an app that is open on phone devices
  • Smartphones are usually paired with watches so as to manage media straight from a wrist. For example, a user is able to stop playing music on a phone from a watch
  • GPS tracking. Multiple smartwatch devices can track locations and receive notifications regarding locations
  • Answering messages with your voice. Smartwatches on iOS and Wear systems support this unconventional feature
  • Tracking your fitness achievements. Keep an eye on your heart rate thanks to the tracking function.

Online Slots on Smartwatches 

Modern smartwatches are well protected against falling on a hard surface, so it is an astonishing variant for those gamblers who tend to relish playing casino games while on the go. The only drawback lies in the fact that smartwatch screens aren’t big enough to spin 5-reel slot machines. This is the challenge software companies and developers are putting their effort in. It is highly inconvenient to play slot games on tiny screens of 1.4”.

Speaking of slots, the popularity of the Thunderstruck game is increasingly amplifying among Aussie punters. You may alter your bets and set reels in motion on your smartwatch and use a compatible gadget to address issues to customer support service or to confirm money transactions. Gamblers can enjoy this engaging slot game on Samsung Gear, ZenWatch or LG Watch. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphone Online Casinos

So, what about the pros and cons of online casino games on smartwatches? 


  • No distractions. There are no intrusive ads on smartwatches. That is great because while you are playing a casino game on a smartphone, plenty of irritating ads can pop up on the screen. Therefore, the gameplay process is interrupted, and that doesn’t stand a player in good stead
  • Instant access. The interface of smartwatches is more straightforward for a casino gambler
  • Multitasking. A player can combine several activities on smartwatches and still cherish those exhilarating playing moments. Doing exercises at the gym while counting your calorie burn and spinning some reels? It is no hardship for a smartwatch to fit all those actions together
  • Convenience. Smartwatches are very light and comfortable to use, they dovetail neatly with various clothing styles. Engage in ordinary activities and practice gambling games at the same time through a smartwatch device hassle-free.


  • Tiny touchscreens could potentially discourage users at first. Some time needed to adjust to small scale
  • With various operating systems and sophisticated designs, app development can be slowed down. 

In Conclusion 

With the use of smartphones, players can monitor casino game releases and gameplay information. Smartwatches should represent a smooth transition for gamblers. The demand for slot games isn’t diminishing. Conversely, we should expect a boom in the development of smartwatch casino games on iOS and Android devices. Smartwatch casinos will surely lead the way in the future. 

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