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Countries Famous For Gambling

It speaks volumes that brick-and-mortar casino establishments have been famous among both novice players and fervent gamblers for a long time now. In the past, people used to spend their leisure time in pubs and restaurants sipping favourite drinks and setting slot reels in motion. The current state of affairs doesn’t differ drastically as there are still a lot of casino aficionados that are keen on playing various gambling games like baccarat or roulette. 

However, computer technology advancements have taken the lead in the casino domain. With the introduction of instant-play online casinos available on smartphones and other portable devices, a player doesn’t have to grab their belongings and go to a city to relish playing slots and keno, for instance. Software developers together with casino operators do their job to provide customers with astonishing and fully-fledged casino projects. Time goes by as the role of online gambling in our lives is amplifying. The ongoing evolution of the casino market has influenced the way venues operate dramatically. 

To be fair, in terms of finances and public appeal casinos that have transferred operations to the virtual world are flourishing now. Once you enter a casino website, you will be overwhelmed with a comprehensive array of diverse game headings catering for every punter. Swift payments together with high-standard security measures and diligent customer support agents add to the overall quality and reputation of a gambling platform.

Gambling Policy in Different Countries

As for gambling in different territories, the situation is not that straightforward. On the one hand, there are plenty of countries that prohibit players from any sort of gambling activities not only within borders but online as well. For example, it applies to the majority of Islamic countries like Qatar and Lebanon. Betting on sports events and playing lotteries is forbidden although some punters don’t miss an opportunity to have fun playing casino games on the Internet. On the other hand, one can detect countries that thrive from both domestic and online casinos. And experiencing such distressing circumstances as the Covid outbreak, having playing sessions online on a casino website makes sense. 

So, there is a list of several territories where the online gambling sphere is not only allowed but is developing by leaps and bounds. Take a seat and find out countries that will undoubtedly be a destination for tourists once the pandemic comes to an end. 

Gambling in Canada

The industry of gambling online in this particular region is flourishing. The future of Internet casinos is bright and untarnished. The statistics tell us no less than ⅘ of Canadian residents are avid casino punters. Almost 77% of people are sure that playing casino games online and offline represents an activity prescribed for entertainment and fun only. Only 3% of gamblers acknowledge that they can’t live without spending several hours a day in front of a computer or telephone screen playing slots or card games. 

For those who aren’t that aware of the history of gambling in Canada, the country has had close relationships with casinos and betting for a very long time. One of the earliest gambling forms was devised in America’s Hat. 

When it comes to gambling and its legislation in the country, it was the year 1969 when the very first legal gambling form sprang up. During the following years, the territory has been enriched with casino venues where players can have an empowering gaming experience. 

Canadian Criminal Code

The Canadian Criminal Code was the initial official document regulating gambling activities in the territory of Canada. It originated two centuries ago and according to the information presented there, it was totally illegal to provide any form of gambling. 

Up until 1969, those regulations were active. Sooner or later, regulatory bodies came to a conclusion that their countrymen really enjoyed casino games. That is why it was decided to alter some laws in the Criminal Code. Once the new regulation came into force, playing lotteries and gambling became legal. Since then, the gambling industry has been thriving. During the 1990s, the evolution in Internet technologies resulted in the introduction of the first online casinos. That changed everything upside down. A new era in the casino market has begun. 

First Online Casinos in Canada

Once playing at casinos became legal, there was no need to set up clandestine establishments. Of course, technological breakthroughs weren’t so rapid, consequently, online casino websites proposed few game projects to enjoy. Poker, as well as baccarat, roulette and blackjack, were common games at that time. And still, it was quite revolutionary for the ’90s to offer such games online but not at brick-and-mortar venues. Furthermore, the lack of computers stressed the comprehensive potential for the industry to evolve. Not every resident owned a personal computer 20 years ago. That implied only a limited amount of people were able to get access to casino games on the Internet. Finally, vague regulation rules presented another major problem. There weren’t any kind of laws regulating casino business online. 

Casino Regulation Nowadays 

Even though it has been over two decades since the introduction of online casinos in Canada, the country still has troubles with the regulation of online gambling platforms. As for now, every Canadian citizen is entitled to enter an offshore online casino website and give some games a try. Although there are rules prohibiting domestic operators from offering their services to local players, punters can still relish top-notch game projects at any given time. If you are a slot lover, set colourful reels in motion whenever you wish. Card game aficionados may play video poker, baccarat, blackjack and their live dealer alternatives. 

Therefore, those Canadians who opt for any online casino game don’t break any sort of regulations, there is nothing illegal in enjoying gambling online. The thing is that punters should find a decent offshore gambling platform that offers overwhelming projects satisfying players’ whims and tastes. A reputable online casino proposes enticing welcome bonuses as well as swift deposits and withdrawals. Everyone is hoping that the Canadian laws regarding gambling in the country will be reviewed in the foreseeable future. 

Online Gambling in Germany 

Germany is one of the most developed European countries. It is estimated that the German nation spends on gambling activities roughly €5.7 billion every year. There are stringent gambling rules so that every German resident could play responsibly. 

To start with, it is striking that the very first land-based casino in the country opened its doors more than two centuries ago. This casino venue is located in Wiesbaden, which is the western region of Germany. The ‘Casino Wiesbaden’ is not only one of the oldest establishments within the German territory but also at the top of the European casinos rating. Nowadays it is a common thing for punters to give slots, baccarat, blackjack and some other casino games a shot. 

It goes without saying that there are more men than women that play casino games and gamble on sports events. Nearly 5 million Germans don’t miss a day enjoying flamboyant slots and cards. More than 12% of the whole German population, in one way or another, play gambling games on the net. 

Looking at the financial point of view, the overall turnover of the German casino market stood at approximately €12 million. Citizens may choose one out of more than 300,000 vending machines throughout the country. 

There was an interesting survey conducted in Germany several years ago. The study clarifies that out of more than 1,500 contestants, roughly 55% stressed they were already hooked into playing casino games. Nearly 50% of all women interviewed said that they had never experienced playing slots. Half of the respondents gamble to win money, a quarter relishes claiming free spins and other tempting bonuses. Some people find social contacts important while others enjoy playing just for fun. 

Gambling Regulations 

The New Treaty on Gambling will come into force on July 1. This presents a transition period for the industry. Laws will prevent illegal platforms from emerging in the casino market. 

First and foremost, from the aforementioned date onwards casino operators don’t have to be located within the borders of Germany. It will be more than enough to present some documents like registration as well as to name a person authorized to govern an online casino. 

New amendments will control individual protection measures. 

  • You won’t be able to place bets on different websites simultaneously
  • The limitation of free spins
  • The limit for deposits per one player is going to be at €1,000
  • The German language is obligatory for slot and video poker games 

Away from that, there will be certain restrictions regarding sports and gambling ads. If you are a casino operator catering for the Germans, bear in mind a television ban on advertising from the very morning (6 am) to 9 pm. 

Italian Gambling 

Almost every person is well aware of the Italian mafia. It is no surprise that players and gambling had a close connection with the Mafia during those times. Without a doubt, it is the one and only reason why gambling has got a bad reputation. But the tendency of casino perception is changing.

Speaking of today, nearly 80% of Italians play casino games actively, namely poker as the country has one of the strongest poker teams. On the contrary, Italian punters don’t waste too much money on gambling. The average sum of money an ordinary player deposits stands at no less than $510 a year. 

As for online gambling activities, they are completely legal. Gambling in Italy became officially legal 14 years ago when the government passed the article 38 of the Decree on Liberation. Nowadays players can play online casino games on more than 200 various platforms. The vast majority of sources represent casinos, while the rest offers lottery-based bingo and poker. 

Gambling Laws in Italy 

The law introduced in 2010 bound foreign casino operators to set up a domestic casino, in other words, acquire a special gambling license from Italian authoritative bodies. In order to obtain that license, casino owners needed to provide evidence to meet certain requirements imposed by regulatory organisations. After the intervention of the European Commission, the regulatory body forced Italy to grant access to offshore online casinos. Italian punters can enjoy playing casinos from Canada, the US, the UK and some other territories. However, every offshore operator must get a corresponding gambling permission from local bodies. 

Italy has been one of the most playing nations when it comes to casino games presented both at brick-and-mortar and online venues. Over the past several years, the gambling regulation in the country has seen substantial alterations. That has led to the legislation of most forms of gambling. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a fervent player. The only thing that really matters is discovering a trustworthy establishment offering staggering bonuses for players. The country hosts well enough legit operators that propose all kinds of projects. 

Gambling in Spain 

Let’s present some facts about gambling in Spain. With the emergence of online casinos, the country began to seek regulations to give a right for adult punters to play casino games. Fortunately, a casino operator can effortlessly register a venue dealing directly with the Spanish government. Playing online casinos is completely legal throughout the territory of the country. As in Italy, Spanish residents don’t tend to spend much money both on casinos and betting. The sum bearly exceeds $420 per year for an average player. 

Australia, The US, The UK

Aussies are avid gamblers, and that is true. Australians love playing online casino games the most. More than that, the country holds the record for spending and loss per player.

As for United States residents, they encompass more than 70% of the players’ base. Renowned casino crowns like Las Vegas keep attracting thousands of tourists every year. The country has some issues regarding online gambling, but limitations are decreasing. It is worth mentioning that Americans spend no less than $35 million on casinos each year. 

To be honest, Brits have a craving for gambling, be it just betting on sports events or spinning slot reels. The local government has to provide strict measures to regulate the industry. The creation of the UK Gambling Commission implies the compliance of responsible gambling principles. It means British punters don’t expose themselves to the danger of playing on rogue casino platforms. 

In Conclusion 

To summarize, the gambling industry is a place where every casino operator can get rich. Knowing market peculiarities from country to country is important to outline key trends that will help guide a business in the right direction. 

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