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There is no other name that brings gambling to mind like Las Vegas. Without a doubt Las Vegas is the capital of gambling regardless of the fact that gambling was not invented there. The amount of casinos that a person can see just on the Las Vegas Strip is unbelievable. But those are not just casinos, they are astonishing centers of entertainment. They have hotels, pools, concert halls, night clubs, shopping centers. Pretty much each casino is its own city. When it comes to online casinos, any casino that has Vegas as part of its name is getting into a dilemma. For once, they will most likely attract more players just based on the name. But in contrast, this also comes with the responsibility of creating an online casino that fulfills the expectations. LeoVegas casino has really worked to own that name.

The Concept

LeoVegas was founded in 2011. The name LeoVegas was not just putting together two random words. There was an ideal behind the name. The Leo part does not reflect the name Leo (Leonardo). It is actually referring to a Lion. Lion is written Leon in some languages and it is also a zodiac sign which depicts a lion as well. And well a Lion can definitely express a lot of things. The lion is the king of the jungle, the most feared beast. And the Vegas part of the name is self explanatory. As was mentioned above, Las Vegas is without a doubt the capital of gambling. There are 136 casinos in Las Vegas. Some countries don’t have that many casinos in their whole territory. So it’s LeoVegas the king of online casinos? Can it actually live up to the responsibility of holding the Vegas name?


Las Vegas is known for having a great variety of casinos. From the Ceasar’s Palace to the Bellagio, the 136 casinos that Las Vegas has are unique. You will not find 2 casinos that are the same. They all have different themes and architecture. LeoVegas also has a big variety of games to offer players. The portfolio of LeoVegas is 840 games long. Same way you can’t visit all the Las Vegas casinos in one day, you also wouldn’t be able to play all the games that LeoVegas offers. Moreover, just like different companies own the Las Vegas Casinos, LeoVegas’ games also come from different developers. Some of the biggest developers in the market supply LeoVegas with high end games. NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming are among 47 other providers. The main categories of the games are:

  • Slots
  • Tables
  • Roulette
  • Bingo
  • Live Games


Every casino in Las Vegas will offer you some kind of promotion so that you can play there. Most of them give you free credit if you register as a member of their casino. LeoVegas, like most online casinos, has taken that strategy. The welcoming bonus is by far the most effective way to bring in new customers. The welcome bonus of LeoVegas is up to $1000 in deposit match plus 200 cash free spins. That is up to $1200 credit when you deposit $1000. There are very few online casinos that offer such a high bonus. The other major promotion is the loyalty program. As you play you accumulate points that make you go up in the loyalty program tiers. Each tear offers different benefits and rewards. You can get better customer service, faster deposits and even free credit.


Technology is the source of the online casino business. And as technology develops so does the business as well. LeoVegas casino is one of the few casinos that offers a mobile app. The mobile app is compatible with both Android and IOs operating systems. While most online casinos can be played from the browser of mobile devices, having a mobile app goes a step forward. A huge percentage of people own mobile devices. And it is more comfortable for them to use mobile apps than the browser. On the mobile app you can login easier with your fingerprint or face recognition (depending on the capabilities of your mobile device). This saves time and effort for players. If a player has 10 minutes and wishes to take a couple spins on his favorite casino game, having the mobile app is the easiest way to do so.


You can tell a lot about an online casino by the banking options that it has. A lot of online casinos offer only a few options for deposits and withdrawals. Other than the common way of using a credit card or debit card, some online casinos also offer some web wallets. However, sometimes these web wallets are not very popular. Also, many players don’t trust random apps to give them their credit card information. LeoVegas can brag about not having that issue. They offer the most trusted web wallet in the world, PayPal. Without a doubt PayPal is the most famous form of payment all over the internet. Besides being a pioneer in the business, it was also founded by one of the most successful men in the world, Elon Musk. So players can feel safe that their money is in good hands.

In Conclusion

LeoVegas is a medium age casino that has become well known in the online casino world. Without a doubt the simple fact of having “Vegas” as part of their name already gives them free advertising. When someone sees Vegas gambling immediately comes to mind. But is LeoVegas the king of online casinos? We can say it is definitely competing for the title. They have more than 840 games from 47 different providers. They for sure have variety for the most demanding player. Moreover, they have one of the best welcome bonuses in the market. Up to $1200 in playing credit is an amount that very few online casinos offer. The fact that Paypal is partnered with LeoVegas for both deposits and withdrawals is also another aspect that brings a sense of security. With all that being said, we highly recommend LeoVegas as your playing destination.

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