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Betway Casino

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The online casino market is a money making machine that has reached billions of dollars in profits. The websites are only getting more popular and the competition getting rougher. Every site is trying to innovate and create something unique to attract more players. Betway casino is definitely among the Innovators. The casino is not a newbie since it has been around since 2004. However, they have made sure to get features that differentiates them from the competition. They have used technology to their advantage in many ways. Technology constantly keeps changing not only the websites but the way people bet. You will see that this casino offers things a few years before we wouldn’t even imagine could exist. Betway casino has become one of the big names in the online casino industry through innovation.


The game portfolio can be the strength or the weakness of an online casino. Players like to find a good variety of games from where to choose from so that they don’t get bored of always playing the same. Betway casino really has something for every kind of gambler there is. They don’t only offer pokies or poker tables, they also offer sports bets which is something not all online casinos have.

Casino games

For regular casino games they offer more than 500 pokies. Pokies are always on high demand and having 500 of them is already a number to respect. Moreover, they also have tables with classic casino games like poker, roulette or blackjack. As if that wasn’t enough, add up that they have live tables for texas holdem, roulette among others.

Sports Bets

There are not a lot of online casinos that offer sport bets. Usually there are websites that work exclusively with sports bets. Betway also has sport bets. There are hundreds of options every day for players to bet on in different sports like:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Tenis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • NFL
  • MMA

Esports bets

Esports is the future of bets. This category gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic due to the professional sports being cancelled for a while. Esports are basically people playing video games competing against each other. Who would have imagined that something that video games mostly created for kids would end up in the betting market one day. There are several reports in which players can bet like:

  • Fifa21
  • Free Fire
  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow 6
  • PUBG


The welcome bonus is a 100% deposit match. The bonus has a limit of $200. The wagering requirement for this bonus is perhaps low compared to others. Players need to bet their bonus amount 10 times. They have something perhaps very unusual called free bets. These allow players to bet on the game of their choice. If they win they will be able to withdraw their winning minus the original bet amount.


For security purposes it is always good to check the license of casino websites. Some licenses are issued in countries where it would be impossible to recover your money in case of an issue. Betway casino is licensed in both Malta and the UK gambling commissions. These can definitely bring a sense of peace to the players. European comissions have very good regulatory practices. Therefore, you can be assured Betway will pay you whenever you win and also that their games won’t be rigged.


In case of an issue it is important for players to be able to reach someone as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be wandering around while a game has a malfunction or they have a simple doubt. Betway casino offers different customer service options. The oldie but always reliable phone call is available. But since nobody has time to wait on the line anymore, they also offer players the option to email them. Perhaps the most modern option they offer is to use their live chat. This option is very popular because you don’t wait that long and you can actually message a live representative and not a robot. As a source of solution for easy problems they have a frequently asked questions section.


Even though the casino has been in business for a long time their website is dynamic. Because of the massive amount of playing options the development of the website must have not been easy. However, it is extremely easy to find your way around and navigate from each category. But today having a nice website is not enough. The future of the online casino industry is in mobile devices. And for such reasons, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular. Betway casino has mobile apps for both Android and IOs operating systems. Therefore, they are ready to serve pretty much all the mobile users of the world.


It is always important to know your banking options when spending money online. You have to make sure there is an option that will be fast and easy for you. Betway has 16 banking options. Among them they offer Visa, Mastercard and a long list of different web wallets. You can also do wire transfers directly to your bank account.

In conclusion

Betway casino is a big name in the online casino industry. They have innovated to bring an entertaining experience to players. For starters, they brought together 3 different gambling genres. Besides the normal casino games like slots or tables, they also offer sports bets and Esport bets. Usually both of those categories have their own websites dedicated only to that. Therefore, there are thousands of options for players to bet on everyday. Moreover, the online casino already has mobile applications for both Android and IOs devices. The future is now and Betway knows it very well. The casino is licensed in Europe which means it is trustworthy. Add the secure banking options and the 24/7 customer service and you have the best gaming experience you can possibly find.

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