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Casino War Game Guide

Every gambler is well aware of the classic games at both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Even a newbie can mention blackjack, baccarat, poker and bridge, the most popular table games with a huge playing audience from all over the world. The roots of these card table games trace back to the 17th and 18th centuries. And modern computer technologies have substantially transformed game types. Nowadays each punter can enjoy those overwhelming playing emotions not only on desktops but on smartphones and tablets as well.

On the one hand, people can have fun relishing video games and slot machines on casino platforms. On the other hand, these kinds of games don’t have decent house edges. Card table games present a brilliant opportunity to claim winnings once a punter knows games’ strategies. If you are fed up with traditional blackjack and baccarat, maybe casino war is a game you will give a shot. It is one of the simplest card games to grasp. More than that, it is entertaining and suits newcomers very much. Fervent gamblers will definitely enjoy casino war as it represents a quick-fire type of joy. 

So, this piece of the material deals with a casino war game, the essence of play and some striking peculiarities. After delving into the information, you will discover the reasons casino war has already become a classic. 

The Origin of Casino War

The casino war game was invented in the city called Carson near Las Vegas, which is the cradle of casinos. The company under the name Bet Technology patented the invention in 1993. By the end of the following year, people could play this game at 5 land-based casinos in the territory of North Nevada. 

10 years later, in 2004, the SHFL Entertainment company (Shuffle Master in the past) acquired the Bet Technology establishment with its technologies. 

Game Overview 

Maybe there were times when you were in despair over the comprehensive rules of baccarat and blackjack. Don’t worry that much, casino war rules are easy to understand. The game presents a fabulous choice for rookies, whereas experienced punters hope to get a win in an instant.

Well, let’s kick things off with bets. Once all the bets are made, there is the dealer who deals a card to every player. These cards are given face up. The highest-ranked card is victorious. Then a casino pays winnings and the game continues. Casino war comes to an end only when a gambler decides to leave the playing table.  Card values are traditional. The lowest value starts with 2 and then piles up to Ace, the highest symbol in the game. 

If you want to make a bet on a tie, nothing will stand in your way. But if results aren’t a tie, you lose the wager. Once cards do tie, a gambler wins the bet. 

Casino War Basics

 So, what are the game’s basics?

  • The game requires six decks of 52 cards each to play. Aces are the highest cards in value, the same tendency can be observed in poker
  • A minimum of two players can take part in casino war. The maximum amount of punters is eight
  • Players and the dealer are given only one card. The kernel of the game is straightforward: your card must be higher than the dealer’s
  • If the other situation occurs, you lose a bet
  • A tie implies the value of cards is equal. Once a tie takes place, each player is to decide what to do next. A punter is faced with 2 possible outcomes – either give up and say goodbye to the initial bet or go to war. The name of the card game originated from this particular moment
  • Since you have decided to go to war, you must place a wager equal to the original one. Then another card is given to the dealer and a player only after the dealer burns the first three cards 
  • This is when the rules slightly differ – you lose a bet only if the card you possess is of lower value than the dealer’s. Otherwise, you win the wager
  • There is also an opportunity to make wagers on the outcome of the tie. Once a punter places a bet and his playing card matches the card of the dealer, the initial bet is amplified 10-to-1 

Casino War from RealTime Gaming 

The Casino War game powered by the RealTime Gaming software company is a card game accessible at every online RTG online casino. This game is played in a similar fashion as at any other gambling platform with other software companies. The only difference lies in the house edge because RTG casino war utilises a single deck. Some players who know the basics of blackjack will find casino war familiar because players face off against the croupier.

In order to begin playing casino war, the first step to take is to find an online casino with RTG games and sign up to the platform. Then a gambler can either play for free to gain experience or hit the ground running and play with real funds like Bitcoin or AUD. Each punter can find the game either in the ‘Specialty Games’ or in the ‘Other Games’ sections. Finally, you press the ‘Play’ button and immerse yourself into the wonderful atmosphere of cards. 

RTG Casino War Lowdown

There is a playing table located in the centre of the screen. The dealer is at the top, whilst the player is at the bottom of the playing table. Right in the middle of the table, you will find three areas for bets: the war, the ante and the tie wagers. The game buttons, as well as players’ chips, are at the bottom of the table too. 

The casino war game starts when a player is ready to place a bet. The ante bet signifies a wager that a punter makes right at the beginning of the game. Like in slot machines, you click the wager button and then place that bet in the special area. Furthermore, a player is entitled to make a tie bet if he thinks that the player’s and dealer’s cards will be identical in value. The payout for the right prediction of the tie is 10:1. 

After the player places both ante and tie bets (it is optional to make the tie wager), the only thing left to complete is to press the deal button. Then the dealer deals a face-up card to the player and himself. A punter wins the ante bet when his card is of higher value than one of the dealer’s. The payout is 1/1. The house wins if your card is lower in value.

Keep in mind that if you start playing casino war at RTG-based online casinos, there is always a chance to grab welcome and no deposit perks. Claim those bonuses and have fun relishing the game on smartphone and tablet gadgets. Also, remember that not every online gambling platform proposes the casino war game. You should seek a casino that not only offers an opportunity to give casino war a try but at the same time rewards punters with tempting promotions. 

In Conclusion 

To sum up, casino war is a popular card game due to the fact that it is extremely easy to play. A barrier to entry into the game is low and it doesn’t require much knowledge. The chances of winning with six decks of cards stand at 46.3%. Any further hesitation is incongruous. The game is waiting for your bets to be made. 

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