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Booming Games Releases Sphinx Fortune

The online casino business depends in big part on the developers. The creation of new and innovative games is what keeps the interest of the players. So if you are interested in online casinos you need to also take a look at what the developers are up to. Developers just like musicians need to keep coming up with new songs in order to remain relevant, developers also need to make new games as often as possible. That is why when a developer acknowledges the launch of a new game it is worth taking a look at it. Booming games is one of the main developers in the game and they are always working on staying there. Even though we are barely getting into the third month of the year they already released 3 new games. Booming games latest release of Sphinx Fortune.

Booming Games

This developer is not part of the considered old school in the game. It has been 7 years since they were established which can make them considered a fairly young company. However, during these 7 years they have already developed their own identity. They are known for creating fresh and innovative games with very unique themes. Their gaming license is from Malta. It is always good when online casinos have licenses from Europe because they have more regulations and it makes it a more secure place for players. They have offices in the following cities:

  • Malta

Most of their games are programmed in HTML5 which means that they can be accessed from any device and all operating systems on mobile. This is one of the benefits of being a young company that they have the latest technology. In their portfolio they have more than 60 games. They got a reward on the International Gaming Awards as the rising start of 2020.

The Partners

For a developer it is very important to have important partners. It is easier for players to reach your games if the best casinos have them. This might be something hard to do when you are a new developer. However, despite the short history of Booming games they are already present at some of the best online casinos. For example, LeoVegas and Casino Chan are 2 of the big names where players can find Sphinx Fortune. Both casinos have some of the best promotions and of course some of the best games.

Sphinx Fortune

The game theme is about ancient Egyptian civilization. The game has bright golden accents like those that are typically found on the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It is well known that such royal people were always dressed with a lot of gold. The background of the game is some Egyptian palace with statues of black cats with golden accents. The symbols are also filled with golden accents. The music also makes you take a trip to Egypt and actually feel like you are inside a pyramid.

Set Up

The layout of the game is not like most games. The game has 5 reels. On the rows however it is 2 different numbers. The 2 outer reels have 3 rows and the 3 middle reels have 4 rows. This makes the winning combinations very dynamic. That is why there are 576 different ways to play. These are not pay-lines like in other games. Simply matching symbols on adjacent reels is the way to win. The minimum bet on the game is only 10 cents and the highest is $50. The 4 high pay symbols are 3 animal gods and one Egyptian queen. The Egyptian queen pays the highest with a total of 5x your initial bet.

Special Features

There is a free spin symbol that will appear on the middle reels. When a player gets 3 of them it will trigger 8 free spins. These can keep happening during the free spins and keep awarding more free spins. There is another special feature known as Pyramid hold. This gets triggered when 2 pyramid symbols fall on reels 1 and 5 (they can only show up in these 2 reels). What will happen then is that reels 1 and 5 will be removed from the game and only the middle 3 rows will play. What will happen is that the game will spin 3 times and every time a symbol lands on your reels the count goes back to 3. This feature can’t be triggered during the free spins rounds.

In Conclusion

Online casino games need to be new and innovative. Developers need to use imagination to continue creating content that attracts players to them. Booming games is an award winning developer that wants to keep doing great things. This year they have already released 3 games and the most recent one is Sphinx Fortune. This game is based on ancient Egyptian culture. The game has great graphics and music that relates to such culture. It is a great theme for an online pokie because obviously that civilization is highly related to money and so is gold. People play to try to get their own gold. And the game has 576 different ways to make players win this gold. The special features of the game give more and more chances to win. Whether you play in Casino Chan or LeoVegas have some fun and search for that real money.

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