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Better Risk Your Bets rather than Private Information

Nowadays there are plenty of online casinos players can relish their favourite games at. Some of the Internet gambling platforms are completely reputable and propose high-standard services to their customers. On the other hand, we wish you don’t stumble upon a rogue operator that freezes payments and doesn’t provide customer support feedback. More than that, such fraudulent casinos can’t guarantee the safety of banking information. Subsequently, multiple third parties could potentially steal punters’ personal and payment data to illegally capitalise on. 

It goes without saying that all gambling activities are connected with a sense of risk. To be fair, this risk should be reasonable and not reckless. When a gambler plays casino games on the Internet, they shouldn’t risk the safety of sensitive information. For as long as rogue gambling platforms exist and emerge, it is imperative for players to keep private data on lock. No one will argue with the fact that a punter doesn’t want to waste precious time and money gambling at untrustworthy online venues. 

Sometimes it is rather complicated to outline what casinos are well-secured. Nonetheless, there are methods to distinguish a reputable gambling platform from a fraudulent one. It is high time we delve into studying major ways of how to identify a fully-fledged Internet casino.

Encrypting Data

Once you have decided to opt for an online casino game, be it a slot machine or a table project, you have to ensure a platform utilises encryption measures. Basically, every reputable casino offers the Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology. It serves as a special protocol between a punter and the casino server. Similarly, banks often exploit such technological advancement. Let’s enumerate several SSL encryption methods:

  • 128-bit SSL protocol. This term explains that there are special keys consisting of 128 ones and zeros. In order to have access to your personal and banking data, a hacker needs to crack such a key. And with a number of different combinations of 128-bit encryption, it would take hundreds of years to hack a key
  • 256-bit SSL encryption. It uses the same technology as the previous method. The only difference lies in the bigger number of involved symbol combos. The 256-bit protocol is stronger and is harder to hack. Once the 128-bit SSL becomes ineffective, the 256-bit SSL will be the universe safety solution
  • TLS security. The Transport Layer Security encryption protocol is one more method of securing personal and banking information. It was created and established after the SSL technology. There are different TSL levels, for example, TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Although these levels are identically strong, every method has its own features online casinos select specifically.

So, irrespective of the encryption methods outlined above, when a gambler connects with an online casino server and sends data, a safety protocol is put in place. 

Random Number Generator

If a punter has decided to finish playing demo casino games and begin real money gambling, they want to be sure operators provide principles of fair play. The Random Number Generator is a technological algorithm that generates absolutely random outcomes. So, how is this method designed?

In general, RNG represents a computer program with complex features which aim lies in generating random numbers. Due to the technology, one can simulate a spin session or a process of card shuffling. To generate such numbers, an algorithm is used. In other words, a game produces results according to a set of programmed rules.

To clarify, you can find several diverse RNG methods. As for online gambling venues, they utilise the Pseudo RNG. This system operates within a defined algorithm and a seed number. The major difference of Pseudo RNG from other algorithms lies in the needlessness of additional data to operate. It produces outcomes without interruptions. Numbers produced turn into playing symbols, cards, etc. 

RNG Design in Table Games

As has been already mentioned, the RNG technology creates different numbers without a specific pattern. These results are totally random and vary from one gambling platform to another. 

For example, we have European Roulette to play. RNG produces playing numbers randomly from 0 to 36. As for card games, let’s take one-deck card variations, the technology chooses a number from 1 to 52. It implies that RNG doesn’t actually shuffle cards but generates a bunch of numbers in accordance with a defined card. In multi-hand games, the process is more sophisticated. 

Overall, RNG utilises an algorithm that can’t fail the procedure of matching numbers to corresponding cards. 

RNG and Auditing Bodies 

There are third-party independent organisations that test the system for fair results. The Technical Systems Testing company is the most renowned regulative body on the market. The seal of approval from TST, which represents part of Gaming Laboratories International, is significant for online casinos. Without proper information concerning RNG fairness, no player will trust an online casino. 

The TST body verifies that all necessary requirements are met while playing single- and multi-player casino projects. It is a must to comply with TST regulations if a gambling platform wishes to offer its services to customers. Away from the traditional RNG testing, TST also provides compliance for lottery and live dealer evaluations. 

Online Casino Licenses

Online casinos offer their games and bonuses according to various territories punters dwell in. Some countries forbid any sort of gambling activities for their citizens, whilst there are multiple countries with relaxed gambling laws. That is why you should opt for an offshore online casino that is reputable and has all the necessary licenses to operate. Bear in mind gambling platforms require age verification in order to start playing casino games. Online casinos prohibit punters under the age of 18 from playing and depositing real money.

Transparency Issues 

Game transparency is what gambling venues value the most. The most trustworthy platforms have an eCOGRA certification. eCOGRA stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance. This seal of approval ensures online casinos meet standards for fairness and security. If you bump into the eCOGRA logo on the casino website you are about to play, rest assured that the platform is a reliable gambling source.

Identity Protection 

Multiple criminals on the net can pretend to be you so as to steal sensitive information and banking details. It often occurs that payment options are mostly exposed to be stolen. Nowadays, high-standard online casinos ask their players to provide extensive information to prove who they actually are. 

So, it is important to check out the privacy policy that should be displaced on a casino website. Otherwise, address the issue to customer support. You need to make sure that a gambling venue will not share your personal info with third parties.

Terms and Conditions 

Learning the terms and conditions of an online casino is what matters as well. In this particular section, a gambling platform explains how it operates and manages its games. More than that, it outlines basic casino rules. Usually, terms and conditions are located at the bottom of a casino page. Rogue operators could change their rules and conditions on the fly without notifying customers. The most effective way of protecting yourself is to take a photo of those terms that you observe before playing. 

In Conclusion

To summarise, every casino player should be well aware of potential circumstances that fraudulent gambling operators present. It is of paramount importance to distinguish a reputable casino venue from rogue ones. We hope the information provided above will stand you in good stead while searching for a fully-fledged casino.  

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