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Aussies and their Favourite Online Casino Games

It goes without saying that Australians are one of the most gambling nations when it comes to playing at online casinos. Aussies are undoubtedly fervent gamers. This trait stems from their avid competitiveness in sports. 

Being a huge part of that tradition, Australian residents spend countless hours playing casino games not only just for personal entertainment but for having a brilliant opportunity of winning real money.

Before delving into what favourite online casino games are for Aussies, let’s display some striking statistics regarding Australian playing habits.

Australian Online Gambling Stats

Citizens from different countries enjoy spinning slot reels and playing table games on the net. So, here are several intriguing statistical facts about Aussies’ passion for online casino gaming. 

  • The sector of online gambling in the country is the fastest in terms of growth
  • The role of mobile casinos is increasingly amplifying. More than 75% of players make bets via portable gadgets 
  • International charts show that Australia is the leader in wagering. More than ¾ of the Australian population take part in gambling activities 
  • Some studies outline that during 2017-2018 Aussies spent an enormous $242bn on gambling
  • Approximately 39% of Aussies make bets on a regular basis. Casinos are the most popular form of wagering

As you can see, online gambling in Australia has been evolving for some time now. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, brick-and-mortar casino venues have lost a decent amount of players. This could become an irreversible process. 

Popular Online Casino Games for Aussies

 There are well enough casino games for Australians. A comprehensive array of diverse gambling projects means punters can select a game that satisfies players’ whims and tastes. But what are the most beloved games? Let’s find this out. 

Online Slot Machines 

Australians will stumble upon thousands and thousands of online slot games to play. Software developers don’t stop and keep producing brand new slots with sophisticated visuals. Also, slots can boost your bankroll thanks to bonus offers. The majority of software companies combine classic one-armed bandit games with innovative projects. Advanced technologies are used to provide unconventional features. 

Remember that every slot machine has an RTP ratio. This rate means an advantage that a casino gets in the long term. For example, a 96% Return-to-Player figure implies a gambler receives back in winnings $96 out of every $100 wagered. So, if you play long enough and eventually become an addictive gambler, you are going to lose all your money. 

To be fair, only jackpot and short-term lucky winners are those who can reap the rewards of an online casino provided they will never play again. Otherwise, players’ funds will vanish in an instant. 

Apart from that, bear in mind each spin you make is totally random. Every new spin doesn’t hinge on the previous motions. And with a system of progressive jackpots in slots, each spin of reels can enrich your wallet. 

Favourite Online Slots for Australians

Arguably, enormous jackpots represent the greatest attraction for Aussies. Punters could grab huge real money prizes if Lady Luck doesn’t turn its back to players. What are the most beloved slots Aussies have a craving for?

  • Terminator 2. It is a 5-reel and 243 ways to win slot machine based on the renowned movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a leading actor. The game offers smooth gameplay and astonishing graphics as well as bonus games and free spins
  • Where’s the Gold. Being originally a game for land-based gambling establishments, the slot is now accessible on the Internet. There are 25 paying combinations in the slot with wild and scatter symbols. Spin reels for free with funny images of shovels and miners
  • Jurassic Park. The eponymous Steven Spielberg film plot serves as a theme for this slot game. Claim random T-Rex bonuses with free spin rounds
  • Game of Thrones. The Microgaming software company has developed this online slot machine. Being a 5-reel video slot, the slot features wilds, scatters and a multiway mode
  • Aliens. The kernel of this slot is based on the famous sci-fi movie. It is a 5-reel game with 15 winning combos. Being one of the most popular games among Australians, the slot offers fabulous 3D graphics and more nice features


Baccarat online represents one of the most popular games for Aussies. Any punter can give this card game a shot. You don’t have to study the game’s specifics that thorough, the growing demand for the game rests on the fact baccarat provides the most profitable odds for players. This is the major reason why baccarat is in the limelight nowadays. 

The essence of the game is to make a guess whose hand will win: the croupier’s or the punter’s hand. Before each playing round, a gambler makes a bet on either a player’s hand is victorious or the banker wins or on a tie. 

Baccarat has 4 variations: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, European Baccarat and Baccarat Banque. The first version is really close to the classic baccarat game. The banker deals one card to a player and then one card to the bank. Then the banker assesses the values of the cards dealt. In Chemin de Fer, gamblers compete against each other but not against the banker. The peculiarity of the European Baccarat variation is that a gambler can either draw or claim another card if his hand is a 5. The banker in Baccarat Banque deals 3 cards instead of two. 


It speaks volumes that online casino games are popular with different audiences. They offer convenience, and that is what really matters for a player. Online poker is in demand with Australian gamblers. 

It is no surprise punters tend to opt for online poker games rather than brick-and-mortar tables. That is because a majority of renowned poker tournaments are held in the virtual world. The game garners millions of players not only from Australia but from other territories as well.

If you have a chance of participating in poker tournaments, you may become a holder of huge jackpots. Such tremendous wins can make a person famous among experienced poker gamblers. 

One can note online poker has become an interesting domain due to technological advancements like Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality. Sooner or later, groundbreaking discoveries regarding online pokies will emerge. 


Roulettes present another type of casino game. Several stats show that more than 20% of players prefer playing the ‘Devil’s Wheel’ game. And it shouldn’t amaze people because punters could get plenty of incredible emotions. 

This game heavily relies on your intuition. Luck helps gamblers pick the right numbers on the wheel to win real money. This is what captures players across the globe. 


The Bingo game is one more casino project really worth having a look at. While playing the game, gamblers select numbers and then fill their cards. What’s more, each playing card includes a special 5×5 field with every column has its own letter from B to O to form BINGO. The winner is a player who fills a certain pattern and after that shouts the word BINGO. 

In Conclusion 

Summarising, every Australian player can certainly find an engaging online casino game. Be it baccarat or video poker, punters always have great chances of winning big. Don’t miss your chance and hit the ground running. 

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